2 Die in Separate Fatal Accidents in Mpongwe

Two people have died in two separate fatal road traffic accidents in Mpongwe district on the Copperbelt.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has said that the first accident occurred on Wednesday at Kaloko area along the Mpongwe-Luansobe road involving a Hino truck registration number BAL 1781 and a Toyota Corolla registration ABK 233.

She stated that the accident occurred when driver of the Toyota Corolla failed to keep to his lane and collided with the Hino truck coming from the opposite direction.

Katanga further disclosed that one of the passengers in the Toyota Corolla identified as Jonah Mwiinga, 55, sustained head injuries and died on the spot.

She stated that another fatal road traffic accident occurred at Kaloko area in Mpongwe involving a Zhong Tong bus registration number AIB 5614 and a pedestrian.

Katanga stated that the accident occurred when the pedestrian identified as Convax Kakolombanya, 33, of Kaloko area was crossing from South to North of the road when he was hit by the oncoming vehicle.


  1. Rj

    First mistake by drive and then mistake by pedestrian. Where are we going?

  2. muntungwa

    What is happening in this country. No day passes without an accident. RTSA where the hell are you. ZP Traffic just busy extorting money at useless road blocks.

  3. Joshua

    hi I am Joshua and I live in mpongwe, I think the main problem is that the road is a 2 lane (1 for going, 1 for coming )and its dangerous for a highway to have roads like that and its more dangerous at night
    The solution I might suggest is to have at least a four way lane (2 for going , 2 for coming)

  4. Bruno


  5. professor Clerk

    drivers why do you take advantage of the road? Were you not taught where you did your driving lessons that even a pedestrian is entitled to use the road?

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