2 Kasempa Juveniles Die in Bushfire While on Mouse-Hunting Expedition

Two female juveniles aged two have died after they were caught up in a bush fire in Kasempa district of North Western Province.

The incident happened when the two, while in the company of their elderly friends, went hunting rats but were caught up in a bush fire just near their village.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila has confirmed the development, stating that the two sustained severe burns and died upon reaching the hospital.

He stated that the older ones managed to escape the fire while the youngest two could not manage and ended up being burnt.

Namachila said the two were then rushed to Kankolonkolo Rural Health Centre where they died a few hours later.

The bodies of the two have since been taken to Mukinge Mission Hospital Mortuary.


  1. AK

    Too bad

  2. professor Clerk

    too bad! Life can be hard at times…

  3. Couragiously

    Too bad for the loss of lives.

  4. Escape from Sobibor

    Aged 2??? Some parents are very careless,,, RIP

  5. Man chilu

    2 years in the bush come on…

  6. Moses Phiri

    There’s no one on earth who is aged 2. People are aged 2 years or 2 months. Which age is that? maybe I have missed it. Anyway, too bad. And, don’t say life can be hard at times, hunting roddents is not due to poverty. Roddents are good for food, they are animals.

  7. Mercy k

    Kyatama yaya kineee. May there soul Rest in Peace

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