Christopher Shakafuswa Elected Deputy Mayor of Lusaka

Mpulungu Ward 23 councillor Christopher Shakafuswa has been elected as Lusaka Deputy Mayor.

During elections held at the Lusaka Civic Centre this morning, Shakafuswa polled 16 votes ahead incumbent Chilando Chitangala who polled nine votes.

Shakafuswa will now deputize Miles Sampa.

Four candidates contested the deputy mayoral position with the other two being Munkolo Ward 12 councillor Bupe Mulenga and Annie Chinyanta of Matero Ward 28.

Mulenga received six votes while Chinyanta only got one.


  1. moyo m

    congratulations honorable shakafuswa

  2. Chris banda

    Were tried of seeing the Same people who can’t deliver what people want

  3. Me

    Chinyata one (1) vote. Did she vote for herself? Just asking

  4. RB

    You deserve it my dear and congratulations.

  5. James

    Congrats Mwe bantu, don’t forget to remind the mayor himself Mr Sampa about the free Wi-fi promise we haven’t forgotten till 2021.

  6. Bashikulu Em2a

    Good,but mulemoneka ku bantu not ati am busy,in a meeting etc.Am not educated,finito.

  7. TK Zambia

    congratulations honorable C . shakafuswa

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