Judge Yangailo Discharges Ex Parte Leave Granted to 2 Fired Sesheke Cops

High Court judge Pixie Yangailo has discharged the ex parte leave she had granted to two Sesheke police officers who wanted to challenge the State’s decision to retire them in national interest.

This follows the State’s objection of the leave on grounds that the applicants did not appeal the decision to retire them to the Police Service Commission.

In her ruling, judge Yangailo agreed with the State’s argument that the matter was not amenable by Judicial Review because it relates to private contractual matters emanating from the contract of employment between the Zambia Police Service Commission and the applicants.

In this matter, Shapa Wakunguma, a senior superintendent officer commanding in Sesheke and Flemming Chilongo, second officer commanding of the same station, had sought leave to commence Judicial Review proceedings in the Lusaka High Court after they were retired in national interest for allegedly beating up PF cadres during the parliamentary by-elections in Sesheke last year.


  1. Dog bite

    You have the right to appeal to hakainde whom you were supporting

    • Fonko fonko

      Or alternatively, let him hire you as his vice president.

    • Zega

      Are they not Zambian citizens with the right to justice don’t bring your mediocrity here you are stupid

  2. King cool

    Yayaya bwafya Sana nomba kukosafye nge button lyapali overall,, so you mean these police officers were UPND cadres,,, sivintu!!!? What next? Is UPND leader supporting them, or he is on the run or no were to be seen…

  3. Mpundu Thinkwell

    sivintu .com

  4. puzzled

    @ dog bite u are an idiot so just bcoz ther pf cadres even if they do sumtin stupid shud not b taught a leson? sembe ni upnd sembe niku jele,lets c if ka pf wil stay in power 4reva

  5. The Seeker

    @Dog bite,Zambi


    Shapa, you look sharp and fit. Your premature retirement is a divine inconvenience meant to prepare you for greater things. Reflect on who you are and thank God for all things. Remember the darkest hour occurs just before dawn.

  7. Billy Billy

    Politics administration dichotomy.if you want to join politics just resign.y do u support a Facebook president?

  8. Mukanwa mukikopo

    My brother Shapa, worry not coz man’s judgment is always not permanent. Look to God for has better things comimng up prepared for only you.

  9. Mabwe Chisamu

    PF Cadres are always protected like an egg even when they are wrong. All the way from Lusaka they went to Shesheke to cause confusion and later made civil workers losing there Jobs. Sometimes we need to show seriousness when riding authority. What will PF do if the next government decide to reemploy those fired Officers.

  10. Lisa

    He is well built to join the ‘slapping’ squad. Erring,silly & corrupt officials like Dog bite need a few slaps to correct their bizarre thinking.

  11. Fisunge

    To everything there rules to follow if you don’t follow the rules you dig your own grave these officers knew what they were on the plate but decided to ignore who ever fired them knows the offence they committed so who ever is feeling bad let them wait and see

  12. Kings

    God has eyes to see with, what you are doing to these people today, tomorrow it is your sons or daughters who will suffer in the same way. you are mistreating them because you are in power today, God will one day slap you a strange disease to chasten you and your children for your deeds. how i wish you officers had the faith like mine, to depend on the God of heaven to intervene in such matters. look to God now so that he can show you the way to go for survival. ati zambia is a christian nation, nonsanse.

  13. tryme kolwe

    don’t worry brothers 2morrow is another day. it’s not that pf wil be in power for good.things wil never be the same.politics have ruined our country. y is it that pipo are losing jobs just becoz of foolish irresponsible cadres.from lsk to l/stone. y zed

  14. t no that.

    can we for once not be lovers of one another dispite the differences in political standings?

    democracy is not violence but dialogue.

    thank you.

  15. T. Botha

    can we for once not be lovers of one another dispite the differences in political standings?

    democracy is not violence but dialogue.

    thank you.

  16. Boot


  17. Suge

    God is listening he’s not sleeping.

  18. Nyeeeeeeleti ๐Ÿฆ‰ you


  19. zega

    too bad,

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