Lungu Dates Copperbelt Again

President Edgar Lungu is today expected on the Copperbelt on a two day working visit.

The visit is his second in the province in the two weeks.

Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe has confirmed President Lungu’s visit saying the Head of State will commission various projects.

Nundwe said the Head of State will land at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport at around 16:00, before proceeding to Kitwe.

He has stated that President Lungu is expected to officiate at a church programme.

Nundwe added that the Head of State will on Saturday officiate at the fundraising activity which has been organised by Partners in Mission Works at Edgar Lungu Mall in Kitwe at 19:00.

President Lungu will also lead the corporate world in aerobics at 07:00 and later hold a meeting with captains of industries in the area.

The Head of State will also join congregants at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Parklands in Kitwe.


  1. Ck

    Copperbelt Again Something Is Fishy Here.

  2. Mwape

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  3. Finthu niweka

    That’s it my President,but try to visit places like mbala next time u ar welcome to copper built sir.

  4. Gangsta grabs

    Mwati uyu chikala ali na skopo.ndalama amwela manje he is going ku kopala to sell scrap copper at kcm.Just because of tv you cant allow someone else to commision.Koma imbwa zina zilibe michila kaili sembe zifyantilako.

  5. Lisa

    ‘I smell a rat’ PF on the C/B rapidly dwindling. With continued CBU closure, it is salt on an injury. Even if he made hourly visits, the country has lost interest in Pf. Majority zambians are failing to make ends meet and no longer get raised heart beats for his visits.

  6. Christopher M.Mutambo

    Please also tackle the CBU issue.

  7. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Faka pressure imbwili and NDC until the state house move to copper belt

  8. Bashikulu Em2a

    Yes,he has to travel!Am not educated,finito.

  9. SEE MIND ( Mwampo)


  10. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Ba mfumu ke bomvwe moyo mambo ‘mba Kisumpa pano chinye Kumi Kochi. Onkao mambo nachi… Kkkkkk, ololwa.

  11. Sylvester Moomba

    These monotonous trips to one area every week require investigation. It is unfortunate that Zambians are forced to be controlled by pure comedians as the advisors to the most important office. Surely speaking, why not combine all the commissions to a single day and how come all commissions leaving other areas.

  12. Joseph

    Mr President! You are wasting your time. Copperbelt is for C.K now, Just put your money you are wasting in your POCKET, so that you remain with something in 2021, Twafilwa ne mitekele yenu! Every after 2 days niku copperbelt, icalo tacilechinja, cost of living is going up everyday economy yalilubana, Ka tomato kamo K3 na K5, Ubunga K120 and we are living in the Jobless country – ZAMBIA.

  13. Joseph

    I think, mwaleta indalama sha kukulika Kapalala makert.

  14. James

    Enjoy you visit Mr president see you 2021.

  15. one dimas

    wish he is bringing solutions to high unemployment n economic hardships ala tafiweme the poor are now poorer in copperbelt and expertraites are everywer as if zambians are not educated sure, every company you go to ma k2500-k3500 how can a country develop sure. ninshi our schools are so useless such that these conpanies of today they cant even follow the labour laws of zambia?!!! it hurts

  16. cage man

    insansa kuchinjana natuchule lelo come 2021 RB wept he knows zambians best…….naba tandale umutende ba president

  17. yokosa

    mind your language guys,the person you are insulting is the head of state. People are watching

  18. Joseph Mwenya

    R.B cryd in 2011, some 1 w’ll Oso cry in 2021.Ala ba KOPALA natwisuka imitwe na menso, Apa nomba ni CHANGE, Koswe ngakokola nififine kupenya ifintu mu ng’anda.We hv reduced de numbr of de PF membrz on de copprblt. Viva CK 2 reduce more, Viva DUNDUMWEZI 2 add more votes in 2021. Ku Dundumwezi kwena tabaleyako? Go even Kudundumwezi 3 times a week!!!!!

    • Joseph Mwenya

      Yokosa! Ubebe bakayeko na Ku Dundumwezi!!kkkkkkkkk nangu 50 times before 2021

  19. James

    Mr president why are you not saying anything about CBU issue?
    Anyway my vote is secret see you 2021.

  20. One love

    Sometimes you visits to juck compound at the round about to the price of tomato and meal meal how people are living .people eats one meal a day but you people you are there watching. Women moved in town without cloths due to happiness we should think of that day ,poor people first .

  21. Abel Philips

    Let Chishimba Kambwili hold rallies peacefully in kitwe…

  22. Abel Philips

    Let Chishimba Kambwili hold campaign rallies peacefully in kitwe…

  23. Martin mwewa

    2021 wether we like or not Kambwili and hh that’s so we are tired of this government

  24. P.M

    He is just going there to make sure his share of kcm looting is secured in comfort.

  25. Sirwilliams


  26. Kays Mayo

    Congreganting with seventh day Adventist church today why ?lost son!anyway, God is everywhere but,? Chitukuko chifunika ba mdala!

  27. Kays Mayo

    Ask RB he will explain everything about Zambians!

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