Lungu Fires Mawere in Cabinet Re-shuffle

Sports minister Moses Mawere has been fired while higher education minister Professor Nkandu Luo has been moved to Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries.

Dr Brian Mushimba, who was transport and communications minister, becomes higher education minister.

Mawere has been replaced by Ndola Central member of parliament Emmauel Mulenga.

Others are Minister in the office of the Vice President Sylvia Chalikosa who moves to works and supply while housing and infrastructure minister Ronald Chitotela moves to Ministry of Tourism.

Vincent Mwale takes over from Chitotela as housing and infrastructure minister while Charles Banda becomes the new Local Government minister.

Works and supply minister Mutotwe Kafwaya moves to Ministry of Transport and Communication.

Fisheries and livestock minister Kampamba Mulenga moves to Ministry of Community Development while Olipa Phiri moves to the office of the Vice President.


The changes made by President Edgar Lungu are with immediate effect.


  1. Sichimata

    The ministry of higher education became too big for my sister NKANDU LUO the professor.

  2. ibra moudinho

    ummm wth diz changes awe mwandi paipa pano, i hope these ministries wl work extra hard xo dat dey wont gt fired lyk dis.. i rest ma case nt palimailo namazo awe..

  3. Joseph Mwenya

    Some ministers it’s good to be droped, Labour also must be droped.

  4. Nyeeeeeeleti 🐸🐸

    Mawere? Kalu and mpondela have you seen what you caused.presdo is always excersing

  5. Gershom Ingwe

    Thanks very much your Excllency Dr Lungu job well done this is the best way so that they concentret there constituency’s

  6. Nyeeeeeeleti 🐸🐸

    Mawere? Kalu and mpondela have you seen what you caused.presdo is always excersing and when we emmulate him mpondela wants to regulate us.mpondela why don’t you regulate his excellence presdo chagwa lungu when he is exersing.your excellence they are many others think that you fear them because you have too much uluse,from now onwards remove umutima waufyashi.treat them as they deserve.

  7. Hev rena

    Why spare Chitotela who has a criminal dent than this young man Mawere.Luo is also tired ,retire her!

  8. Martin mwewa

    Remove chitotela

    • MUZO


  9. Powder Chinena

    Shuffling the same pack of Rotten Cards! Ain’t nothing doing! Just a bunch of losers!
    Nothing has changed really! They are all scum!

    • PercyMC

      Well said. Well meanings Zambians know that nothing has changed

  10. King

    Good work your excellency Dr. Edgar C Lungu, especially on the minister of higher education.

  11. The Taliban

    Bravo Mr President….. Now Chitotela and Luo where supose to be retired there are dropping you down sir.

  12. The Artillery

    Mr President sir,please I suggest Bowman Lusambo or Anthony Mumba to take the position of ministry of housing and infrastructure.

  13. mumbwa rep

    Luo, chitotela are now useless and deserves a red card! Don’t Swapp everything some to be dismissed Allah;

  14. Brian Inambao

    sorry for wat has happened to mr mawere

  15. Maybin

    But ba Luo Bena awe she has to pave way for others

  16. mulilomulilo

    Well done Mr president for dropping high ministry of Education

  17. Umutuntulu

    Luo and Chitotela are supposed to go,Nibakabwalala.

  18. Musonda

    Well done mr President, especially nkandu luo and chitotela.please look after simukoko she is doing nothing people will die. no sarally increment in private companies please.

  19. Elephants

    Let chitotela take a leave not Mr mawere awe.

    • mwansa john

      mawere took a side in kamanga -kalu issue which was immature for a minister,he deserves to pack up and move

  20. Tim

    chitotela will now sell all the wildlife and musonda falls

  21. Gershom Ingwe chipata city

    Awe naimwe kuribe sibasebenza bapite chabe uko bayifya zina la president bamambara bachabe chabe

  22. Gershom Ingwe chipata city

    Nabweraso again let them go rest in peace and we love our might patriotic front PF mwachidule we don’t want people to sale the party no

  23. Lihanga king

    I think 💭 the changes are good but they must ensure that they put a right ✔️ person for that particular ministry and also those who are choosen should be accountable

  24. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Exercising the duties of Presidency!!!!·Let these reshuffles work in the betterment of PF Government!!!! Otherwise, most of these Ministers are corrupt and they are thieves, hence turnishing the image of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Thanks, let them work well in their respective new positions!!!!!


    What about the labour ministor she is just holding a position of ministry for nothing, those are the people to be fired.How can someone pump huge sums of money in private company while the salary is K800 and she kept on sleeping in public office for nothing.Mr President Sir, if today u go round in different companies people are suffering just to get some penut, find someone who will understand people’s lives she is doing nothing out of all the ministors.

  26. Unknown person

    @concerned: you are ringht very munch

  27. Maybin Mwelwa

    Mr President, Congratulations! You Are In The Right Direction By Making Those Changes. But
    Mr President…Sorry Maybe You Are Mistaken By Giving Us Prof.Nkandu Luo Has Minister Of Livestock And Fisheries. Do You Want Her To Close Fishing Forever Like She Did To CBU? No…No…No, Just Retire Her Before She Make Things Evening More Worse.

    Cries From Luapula Province.

  28. chichi

    nizako izo nanga wechitako chani from 2o16 until date

  29. samuel masozi

    Well done mr presido

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