State Witness Tells Court Lungu Applied to Have ‘Chagwa’ on NRC

A State witness has told the Lusaka Magistrates Court that President Edgar Lungu added the name Chagwa to his details on his original National Registration card (NRC) bearing the number 216992/67/1.

Agness Musonda, a registrar at the Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship, was giving testimony in the case in which Labour Party president Fresher Siwale is facing charges of defamation of the President.

He is alleged to have defamed the President when he stated that President Edgar Lungu’s real name is Jonathan Mutaware and not Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Musonda testified that NRC number 216992/67/1 was in the name Edgar Lungu and in 1986, there was an application to add a name after which “Chagwa” was added on November 18, 1986.

She further testified that she received a letter from the Inspector General of Police requesting verification of two National Registration Card (NRC) numbers.

She said the first one was 216992/67/1 and the second one was NRC number 652489/11/1

Musonda told magistrate Alice Walusiku that after checking the records, she informed police that the first NRC number was issued to Edgar Lungu born on November 11, 1956, Ndola and that at the time he was getting his NRC, he was residing in Kitwe’s Chimwemwe area.

“I provided this information to the Zambia Police through the office of the Inspector General…on November, 18 1986 Lungu Edgar added Chagwa to the name and the changes were recorded at the back of the records as is the case when someone changes, or loses a card. And as of today, the records show Edgar Chagwa Lungu on NRC number 216992/67/1,” she said.

Siwale is alleged to have, on April 22, 2018, with intent to bring the name of President Edgar Lungu into ridicule, published defamatory matter by word of mouth by saying that the President of the Republic of Zambia had other names, alleging  that Edgar Chagwa Lungu were not his actual names.

Siwale is also accused of having called for the arrest of President Lungu for having three National Registration Cards.



    kanshi ba sir nibakuluku hvng three NRC na economy ifyo ileililako pa mulu limbi teba muzambia ba sir

    • Real zambian

      Am ashamed to Mr siwale,fighting a losing battle while ur in prison ,pipo who send u are enjoying the freedom. wake up u shallow mined man ,jail is for pipo like u fool.



  3. Musulupa

    U see now

  4. James

    Am 100% sure that Mr Siwale only wanted to gain popularity but went it the wrong way.

  5. Nyengo

    One old woman told when her son was born. She told me, no date of birth and year but only a son was born during groundnut heavest. Add a name is it stealin NRC NO or pipo in eastern u find edgar lungu over a thousand not frm 1 family but frm a clan. Mr siwela is want 2 make a name and time court 2 follow it 2 see his truth

  6. James

    H.E. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been Chagwa from childhood iam a living testimony b’cos I grew up with him in Chimwemwe playing football together with late ‘Our man’Texax and late Steven Kombolwe.Thankx

    • Nebart kalunga

      Ok that’s good am happy to hear that,siwale is just insane

  7. Treason

    Chagwa Is a fake name I believe that guy is telling the truth. We are ruled by an alien

  8. Razor

    An NRC number once given to stays with you for life even if you add or subtract a name or any other change. So in this case the first NRC was for a person called Edgar Lungú and the second NRC was for another person by the name of Edgar Chagwa Lungú. There is something highly suspicious here. Maybe Siwale is onto something.

    • Bashikulu Em2a

      Razor,read the story carefully.Dont just jump to a conclusion.Am not educated,finito.

  9. Mvula jr

    Simple check his birth certificate details

    • Mema

      Sata knew the truth that why he put home at home affairs.


    All names are not fake because we are human being! Other names from the Bible others from the ancestors name. Others nicknames. Lungu his right. Dont put forward Jealouly cause his a head of state !!!

  11. Imbula

    Even if he changed his names…why is it becoming an issue now. 33 years of silence it means it’s okay. Leave Mr P alone.

  12. Chrispin Kabangila

    MR siwale boss muleikalafye…..ok even if he has 200 different nrc’s how Does that affect you or me or any Zambian???amano amano ba siwale

  13. HOMMIE 24

    fake names fake slogans fake speeches he’s indeed a fake president

  14. mulobezi

    Homie lungu z a real Zambian yo father is a bastered

  15. chichi

    Mulobezi…..you are a saddist……

  16. Mr Peace

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  17. Jian

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  18. OS

    It is true Zambia is like animal farm.

  19. Black mamba

    Guyz leave mr, my dady, my father of da nation alone ala. Find something to do joka imwe bana ba joka imwe. mr lungu is a straight man felo zambians lts time we grow up liv H.E alone plz.

  20. MALEPE

    Kkkkkkkkkk 3 NRC mamamamama

    • MALEPE

      Kkkkkkkkkk 3 NRC mamamamama!!!!As for me,I have 7 NRC with some number!!!!

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