Chova Bicycle Festival Lights Up Chipata

Chipata lit up on Saturday with the traditional bicycle taxis race.

Famed for its widespread bicycle population, Chipata has moved to cash in on its reputation by holding an annual bicycle race dubbed Chova that was started in 2002.

Several residents across the city took and surrounding areas entered the race that brought business to a standstill.

Biggie Zimba emerged as the overall champion.

The cyclists covered a distance of over 50 kilometres within the central business district.

Chova started in 2002 by Chipata business man Perry Patel who was this year honoured posthumously.

The event was graced by Chipata District Commisioner Kalunga Zulu and was attended by Chipata mayor Sinoya Mwale, officers from the ministry of Sports and several others.


  1. Bashikulu Em2a

    Wisemen from the East after eating too much tukoswe and ka item ka!

  2. Gershom Ingwe chipata city

    Nkhala nauremu kuti ukurileko siuziba kuti nindiyo udyera nsima nokuta mbeba nizee

  3. Mukanwa mukikopo

    👍 up to the participants in the Newest City.

  4. Baldwin

    Keeping on with the spirit, I like it.

  5. Kupa Okupako

    That’s the wise men and women of the East. Keep it up it good for your health ad well.

  6. James

    Eastern power


    aaaa ya abana baba muchime, abanabanshiwa ngaba mpezeni balikwi bafwile ukubapantashi

  8. Njobvu Morris

    The strongest men come from East, not bembas bakolwe kkkkkk😁

  9. Mr Peace

    Good heath,togatherness,peace and hard working is a result of such conduct.That one should continue and should even be introduced in all the Eastern districts so the competition can rise to district level and later have provincial championship.

    • Lyton khazikani

      Mr Peace, that is great idea. It can help bring more unity within eastern province. I participated in the chova comp. way back in 2007, its really so nice bcoz it brings different pipo together

  10. mulase

    Next time it should be Ngonis vs Bembas Chova competition mukaone ma casualties.U bembas notumalufumo twa Bwalwa think u can chova 50km?

    • Doubt Katwishi

      Where did you see utufumo? Mind you we taught you how to ride and you start pontaling?Had it not for bembas you would not have known how to ride a bike. Should you continue pontaling, I know where you stay

    • Gershom Ingwe chipata

      No abena bembas can’t manage chova kuina maluvumo natukorwe it’s too much so am crying because of bembazi kusiriza tukorwe kumunda sikunipasa Bessy without tuma monkey bembas please bring back our monkeys was kipping us Bessy

  11. Kings

    Very interesting programme sir patel, keep it up. Such are the people we want, keeping the community busy, i like it.

  12. mweene charles

    Kings!Perry Patel was honoured posthumously;aning He died! So Mr Kings!hope for late Perry Patels for his followers to carry on with the event he inituated(may his soul rest in eternal piece though!)

  13. Elephants

    Better than stealing money from the banks.


    Congrats Chipata guys for cycling sport is a part of excised your body continueing i like it!!!

  15. mulase

    Katwishi..All u know is that I stay underground but which room to find me,u don’t know.Am able to spot u from any branch of a tree nd easily bring u down using malegeni.U c now..u better humble yourself if u need peace.Ise tima menya nkondo ya pansi not mumwamba mwana kkkk

  16. Jms

    Sir job well done my request is that increase it to three times a year because this is one of the sport introduced at the same time it can be one of the best empowerment in sport I’m Impressed this is again part of history my second request is that if possible introduce it in other provinces people will appreciate and I request others to invest in sport it also improves people’s well-being thanks a lot

  17. Emmanuel Zulu

    Keep it up guys

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