A Red Card against the Yellow Card Protest Movement?

The controversial release of the the Financial Intelligence Centre’s 2018 Trends Report has continued to be a subject of debate among our chattering political classes – especially with regard to speed with which it was embraced, adopted, and weaponised as a propaganda lever by opposition figures such as Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba Kambwili.

Is everything really as clear as it seems, or was there something manufactured and strategically prepared with this sudden ‘leak?’

Probably the most alarming development since the FIC incident has been the emergence of a small but clearly non-organic social media campaign called “Yellow Card Against Corruption” founded by the UPND activist Ms. Laura Miti and the musician Mr. Fumba Chama, alias PilAto, The Yellow Card people not only are aiming to stir up public anger over the FIC report, but they also appear to clearly misunderstand the entire purpose of that institution and the meaning of the Trends Report itself.


First, let us be abundantly clear about this matter: corruption in Zambia is an intolerable scourge. Of course we must stamp out, and indeed, the Trends Report contains a number of allegations that deserve urgent attention.

But here’s the problem with politicisation of leaks like these: those calling for mob justice and breaking down in faux histrionics over their demands for blood are essentially calling upon the Republic of Zambia to abandon the rule of law, due process, and the basic presumption of innocence to jail people just because they say so, not because a court actually found a case to answer.

Now bear with me for a moment, because this is where things get hard, especially for those convinced that the FIC document is some kind of gospel truth.

What if there were a situation in which a corruption allegation did not happen to be true? What if there were individuals motivated, potentially for political reasons, to place false accusations against others in an effort to damage them personally, financially, and politically – with those accusations based on no tangible evidence? Should their targets – on any side of any political partires – not be afforded a defence?

Zambia would be indeed be a very terrifying country if this were the case. I would not say that we are a country without problems – we have many of them. But I would say that comparatively I am proud of our courts system because even under pressure from powerful forces, we can still see justice and rule of law prevail.

That’s why I think we need to all hold up a very strong RED CARD against the Yellow Card movement, because they are attempting to confuse the public with regard to the meaning of the Trends Report.

As the investigative body has done no less than four times before, the FIC distributed its Trends Report to relevant law enforcement agencies at least 80 separate reports that detail an assortment of information and rumours collected about a wide range of possible – but not proven – suspected illicit financial activities.

By comparison, this is nothing close to the Mueller Report in the United States, nor is the FIC even as rigorously detailed as the so-called ‘Steele Dossier’ which detailed so many theories that were eventually proven true about President Donald Trump.

The FIC Trends Report is intended as guidance for the relevant law enforcement agencies to pursue due diligence investigations, to corroborate what may be true and strike off what is disproven. This is part of a little something called due process, that apparently the Yellow Card campaign is firmly against.

The formal purpose of the FIC according to the law that established the entity is to inform the relevant law enforcement and justice institutions of the nation to prosecute suspected crimes and misdeeds. Like the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), the Financial Intelligence Centre is a critical instrument of the government’s institutional means of combating illicit activity.

By weaponizing the 2018 report, people like Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Kambwili and their agents on social media are sabotaging not only the integrity of the FIC, but are also encouraging the violation of constitutional rights afforded to persons suspected of criminal activity.


Furthermore, it simply does not seem logical for someone like HH to encourage the abandonment of due process and the presumption and the presumption of innocence – especially for someone who is proven on paper to have founded a joint company with the then-CEO of the Zambia Privatisation Agency at the same time he was employed as a consultant to the agency advising on transactions where he financially benefitted. That alone, for example, is much stronger evidence that anything I’ve read in the FIC report.

So Ms. Miti, Mr. PilAto, Mr. Hichilema, Mr. Kambwili – the law-abiding people of Zambia hereby present you with a RED CARD. Time to leave the pitch and sit this match out.



  1. Max Way

    Mr Phiri Sir That Hate To APeople Ye Have Just Mentioned In Thy Post,already Ye Have Just Shown Thyself That Ye Re One Of Those To Be Investigated,if Ye Hate Hh,ck,pilato Etc Its Tangible Enough That Ye Re Pf Corrupt Job Hungry Cadre,give Credit Where Itr Due!This Time If Ye Can’t See And Asses Corruption Activities It Means U Re Corrupt,and This Mr Phiri Needs To Be Investigated Wit Immediate Effect!My Opinion!

    • mulobezi

      Liv the author alone th problem wth upnd minded souls z tht they hate hu unveils wat their leadership is up to.try it many times wth yo yellow cards it won’t in anyway help u get 2 plot one coz of th mentality of yo leaders u wll bliv me

      • Advocate

        We may defend wrong action today because we may be beneficiaries, but remember what goes round ………….tomorrow you will be the one to cry loud

  2. Jimmy Kaidah

    foolish wat u talking about


    Corruptions is every where intire world no one can stopped person corruption . Was written in the holy Bible. Even our Mighty Jesus Christ was sold by 30 pieces of money to killed him through corruption ! Only GOD KNOWS OUR LIFE WE LIVE !!!

    • Advocate

      We know that corruption may not be stopped. But a country like Zambia that is in huge debts and the lives of vulnerable people at stake, we should not be complacent with corruption, we should not condone, nor accept it. Please. Let us think together to find a solution to such vices

      • Draw Parallels

        PF youth why can’t you emulate fellow ZANU PF youths who have taken it upon themselves to fight corruption.
        A recent report from Zanu PF youth commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu has dispelled allegations that the youths were pushing a factional fight as false.
        He also revealed that another list has been submitted to the Zanu PF leadership pending the investigations.
        Below are excerpts from the interview with a local publication.
        OM: Can you tell us about this anti-corruption drive that you are doing as the youth league? What is its basis and what do you want to achieve?
        GT: What we are simply doing as the youth league is to make sure that we push for the fulfilment of the party’s manifesto from the 2018 elections.
        It was one of the key issues that we pledged to deal with. Remember we had promised to fight corruption and as the youth league we said elections are gone and we need to be working towards the fulfilment of what we promised.
        The motivation is that as you look at the current scenario, we have a crop of leadership both in the public and private sectors who have just become so greedy and selfish to the point of taking everything for themselves without taking into consideration that we have other generations to come after us.
        It is on this basis that we said as the youth leadership we cannot continue to look aside and be bystanders when we have a few individuals destroying what Zimbabwe stands for and what the party stands for.
        OM: You named just a few individuals from Zanu PF and others. Critics are saying those that you named cannot be the only ones driving corruption in the country. They allege that by naming very few individuals, you are just trying to settle scores with those that you named. Are you being pushed by anyone?
        GT: It is not true. If you talk of a youth league, you are not talking of an individual, but it’s a structure.
        We have structures from cell up to the top and this stance that we have taken is shared by the whole body of the youth league.
        We are not pushing any agenda. If you look at the composition of the people who were accused of being corrupt, they are being drawn from the government, party, private sector and others, hence you cannot say there is a vendetta.
        We have armchair critics who are bent on criticising what we have done, but remember this thing has to start from somewhere.
        Yes, we have not named everyone, but at least we have named certain individuals whom we have concrete evidence against.
        We are making a call to every Zimbabwean, not Zanu PF members alone, that they also have a right to expose these people.
        It’s not only the duty of the youth league. If people feel that the youth league has not mentioned everyone who is corrupt, they must also come forward and play their part by taking up from where we have left it.-Standard

  4. Cheche

    What an uninformed piece of writing but yes, continue to lick the boots sir. Its your time

  5. Fisunge

    Who says someone will finish corruption not even those mentioned like ck,hh,and Plato who is nothing can finish corruption all we can say is corruption can only be reduced if all of us in this nation say no it infact it starts with you as individual now there even calling it an induced fee it’s us ourselves who do bribes for our children to start anything so if you want to end corruption let’s be corrupt free each one of the workers are employed to work for our salaries not to be corrupted

  6. Laz

    We all agree that the mandate of FIC is to receive information about illicit activities, investigate and submit details to the investigative wings for possible prosecution of wrong doers and, at the same time furnish the public with the trends report. Unfortunately, the so called investigative wings are so compromised by the exective that they have been rendered completely useless/toothless. The way u have come out in condemnation of the yellow card campaign clearly shows that you must be part of that click of corrupt people.All government institutions have proved to be just moribund so, they are completely irrelevant to fighting injustices in this country so we would rather we do it ourselves

  7. Bashikulu Em2a

    In life,there is no short-cut to get to the summit.There are procedures to follow.Speed kills,relax until such a time.God’s time is the best,and when God says yes,no one can say no.Tekanyeni fye!!!Am not educated,finito.

  8. Mukanwa mukikopo

    It’s so clear that you are “Mwibala” too. But remember that your days are running out for change is just around the corner.

  9. Sosa

    Ba Chris phiri even if you are a pf supporter u must cool down,people like you don’t think and realize in time that things are off the route.I doubt if you been a pf cadre since 2001 or you’re just a katyetye mwenda mwalimwa no wonder you’re behaving like pwele.

  10. Kapayi

    Mr Phiri the fic investigates, it can not be intelligence if all it did was collect and report, we know that they finish detailed reports to prosecution Authorities and here the system breaks down, it fact they are two report that all alight the same things the other being the AG’s reports.

  11. Lisa

    Yellow card suppporters should just consolidate their stance. The environment is very condusive to root out Pf. The citzens are failing to pick themselves up from the devastating economy. Things are not improving on each day that passes. The proposed red card will turn yellow by 2021. The key is in HH& partners, CK inclusive, to give its citizens a better Zambia.

  12. Mr Peace

    Pilato nyimbo zinasila,Laura Miti is looking for exposure,St Miko naye a yambo bema Chikali. He has forgotten that he was once visited by law.Dagga smokers have no place in parliament. I even wonder what is happening with our Zambian law which allows someone with such a clear bad record of chamba smoking to contest for a law making seat for Zambians.CK is just a noise maker who doesn’t know what he wants.He thinks breaking the law and being detained by police thrice a week is gaining popularity.He forgets that it’s very unhealthy to do so.He should ask HH what http://www.mukobeko.org feels like.Now they want to influence poor Zambians to start misbehaving so that they are jailed detained and no money for police bond.Dont these guys have something to say on a better side of things.They only talk on negative focus.Do campaign hard and win so you can control things and end corruption.

  13. Jah rules

    If any man is denied the right to live the life which rightfully belongs to him,then he’s got No option but to become an OUTLAW,,,,,#YELLOWCARDMOVEMENTAGAINSTCORRUPTION

  14. Joseph malombe

    Hallo Zambians, we need to do or to surport any movement that can stabilize the current systems of governance. When someone brings some good ideas,we need to surport such people in the society. I have spoken several times to say;as Zambians the deases that we have is to accept every thing poverty, bad governance, being misled, bullying us every thing. We don’t even have time to study our country worth so that when those whom you have in trusted upon your worth misbehaves,you tell them the trueth that don’t cheat us.You know country men and women, being coward won’t take us any where it will just make us poorer of many years.I hate cowards ,cowards make the place in safe to live in.Don’t think some one will come and fight for your freedom. Our four father’s fought for our Independence. Its us now this generation to fight for our freedom of rights.let those clever men and women who have brought the ideal of RED CARD,YELLOW CARD be supported in all the angles.I well come them to Nakonde I will be the first person to die had for good governance of my Nation Zambia.

  15. Prudent

    Changing a Govt is our birthright and are proud of it. Whats not honourable is to mislead and promise the moon. We are all collectively responsible for state of our country. At the core of our problems is our insatiable desire for kulyabwino without production and productivity, and ni za Boma mentality. Our workforce wont produce enough,our business people will cheat on prices,our civil servants will not put in honest hours, our farm productivity is so low we cannot recover costs. Our so called Bank of Zambia is a misnomer, see the interest rates for a savings effort and the suicidal loans rate! Because we lazy and worship the easy life we completely forgot for 40yrs to build skools, hospitals,roads, power plants ects! Now forced by expanded population we playing catch with the rest. It will be painful but no Imf will do this for us. We must feel the pain of our neglect. Our neglect is so bad in our so called educated class. How did we slumber when the mines creamed off for 25yrs net VAT refunds? Do we not have any functional brain any more to work out that when ZRA pay out K500 VAT refunds per month it comes to K6bln or $600 per yr, money that shuld develope Zambia? How do our so called technocrates who no next to nothing anyway explain the sudden jump in Monthly VAT refunds from K500m to K1.2bln since the sales tax announcement? Do we have no eyes or ears any more. One Kanyama even suggests we stick with VAT, who bewitched a Zambian? Listne to this comrade new finance min, dont give us the postponement discordant note, we want sales Sept, you may par down the rate but you dont mess around with implementation date! We arent in the business of bank rolling Vat cheats, and if young Edgar knows whats good for him he better not listne to postponement lyrics. Listne instead to ZRA mournful song.

  16. Kings

    So Iwe Ka Phiri You Think You Are Wiser Than All Of Us For You To Start Speaking Against The Yellow Card, Don’t You Know That The Next Thing On The Way Is The Red Card Against Your Fellow Idiots? You Wait And See.

  17. One love

    I voted of so this time its time to give them idears or to recorrect them ,then the time to fight its 2021 in a barot so why waisting my time .tondolo musuma .

  18. Madiba

    Let us endeavour to write what can be read. We are missing your contributions. Grammar, spellings etc are awful. Is this the result of the corrupt education system? Am worried.

    Collegues whether you are a beneficially of corruption or not, we must not glorify it. It is as ugly as it is. Those in it must consciously feel guilty and those fighting must not fight because they are not in a limeline to benefit from corruption. They must do so with conviction they mean well even if they were to be in government.

    I want to remind you all the Zambia is a rich country, very rich country. But it is poorly managed thus it’s citizenry are poor. We need to correct this scenario by being truthful to ourselves. Europe, China, America etc were developed by citizenry. We are then, responsible for our poverty. Let us fight hard enough to make Zambia be accountable to Zambians.

    I fully support the fight against corruption. Let us face it, corruption is on the upswing. I wish with this fight, those in authority to correct the mess will one day see what the rest are fighting for.

  19. SEE MIND ( Mwampo)


  20. Saimbwende

    I agree with you Chris only that the truth pains you have ably argued your case out some supporters of the yellow card are the same that bought properties at ridiculously prices he was even staying in a Loma bank house in Kabulonga shame on him and today he wants to be seen as a champion of corruption this is only possible in Zambia look at another minion Fred Post he was all along pretending to be fighting for the poor but today he is a politician a so called socialist he wasn’t paying tax what more if he becomes president God forbid

  21. Jms

    The one found supporting the so called RED CARD is insane, a useless person who is found of wrong doings a person who is a non Christian, democratic etc a destroyer we have to be careful with these people because they may plunder our country

  22. Lutmark zed

    The author of this article is stupid and insensitive showing your ignorance

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