HH Says Ready to Meet Lungu Without Conditions

Hakainde Hichilema, the UPND president, has said he has always been ready to meet President Edgar Lungu.

In response to a story in the Daily Nation where President Lungu is quoted as having expressed intentions to meet Hichilema, the opposition leader has stated that he had no problems with meeting the Head of State without “any conditions attached”.

“We have taken note of the remarks attributed to Mr. Edgar Lungu in today’s edition of the Daily Nation. Assuming he has been correctly quoted, our simple response is that we have been ready to meet Mr. Lungu without any conditions attached. We are very consistent and mean well when we say we need genuine dialogue under the leadership of the church mother bodies and resolve a number of outstanding issues in the country,” Hichilema stated this morning.

“Our citizens are hurting and time is running out to resolve key issues in the governance of our country. The church mother bodies have done it before with a proven record of success in resolving the impasse and we believe they can do it again.”

He stated that what was required was genuine and open discussions “within the spirit of give and take and readiness to implement whatever is agreed upon”.

“So let’s get on with the business and start engaging with one another under the church leadership,” stated Hichilema.


  1. Ironman

    Well HH….

    • Bk

      I hope you mean well sir. The problem is not the President but your caders who are full of Hate

    • Kenner

      E normal ba HH,kuipompa ngatamwafumine mu PF-UPND pact ngamulecontrola after Sata’s demise .

  2. Hax viral

    Yes the time now to heal our nation

  3. Elephants

    Example started from our artist and the you aswel need to be united ……for the better Zambia chapwa.

  4. Truth man

    Unity is strength so the saying goes !! Stand up to the challenge and meet it is better to call a ‘ spade ‘ a spade. Zambia is bigger than any politician or indeed any political party .

  5. xylem

    Time has hh now

  6. gamacuulu

    hh tulekufwaya eliline twapapata

  7. phiri

    4ward ba lungu twachula fintu fyatula kkuno ku copperbelt tulefwaya ba hh ichalo cconse

  8. Bashikulu Em2a

    Way to go

  9. Jovio

    Only HH We need here in NAKONDE .Forward HH

  10. James

    When heads are united even the followers will be united, but when there’s is confusions and fighting the heads are to be blamed.
    It’s good to see the two of them shaking hands I would love to see you two doing this often, we only have one zambia.

  11. Jackson kakoshi

    Thank hh, Zambia forward

  12. James

    2021 my vote is secret.

  13. The Great

    that’s the way to go

  14. Daniel Banda

    If HH really meant well about becoming a president of Zambia, this is how he should have been the thinking. But the disrespectful strategy he has adopted overshadows the good will.

    • ME TOO


  15. Dog bite

    It true there must dialogue without conditions attached but you have put a condition church mother bodies for what?the constitution a mmendiment had been done 2016 elections over 3,years ago what agenda are you going to discuss with president lungu and the church? If you think the church will give you the presidency go ask for as a bishop of Lusaka and prove if they will give you Zambia is very peaceful no matter how much money you have invested in the church mother bodies to disturbilise zambia zambia will remain peaceful leave the president work in peace

    • Medhone

      mr bite, i agree with u, always i hear of dialog. now wat is the agenda. uwalusa ninshi nalusa.

  16. Martin mwewa

    2021 hh

  17. Lisa

    It is the poor pf governance style and irreversible hunger distablising zambia. HH tells zambians the truth but Pf always call HH a bitter man. Humble yourselves ba Pf. Pf’s poor management of the country is what has made HH be loved by many. He has vision for Zambia and has persevered.

  18. F-CEE

    If the two political leads meet and dialogue, that will be the beginning of the healing process of our beloved nation Zambia. Remember, we are all brothers.

  19. robby Edgar Allan

    Peace+unity = love
    Viva HH

  20. kaim

    HH for better Zambia

  21. King cool

    PF has done well, they have only 30% they have failed to control the cadres who are harassing the motorists especially the bus drivers and market places, they have failed to plan Lusaka properly as a capital city, the land is in hand of the private hands.

  22. Mumba

    That’s good keep it up

  23. KGAPTAIN +

    Well spoken #Dog_Bite & #Medhone “but”, dont forget that #ZAMBIA is a #Christian nation. So whats the point of leaving out the #Church_Mother_Bodies in the healing (DIALOGUE) of our country? THINK_AGAIN!


    U see guys HH AND LUNGU her together drinking coffee and greet eachother but u outside there fighting about HH and LUNGU stop and come back to GOD u will not LOSE anything just THINK if u FEAR GOD plz plz reply to .me just Nowwwwwq


    We needs you H H forward 2021 100% votes intire the who nation. We are tired ECL readership. Economiy is bad. Cost of living is very higher. Twafwa tutule HH MWANA WA ( BULL) MCHENDE KUMUSANZA TULALINDILA !!!

  26. Wilson wanja


  27. Os

    A good leader listen and learn something from the people who are within or outside the territory .So please listen to the people don’t just listen to theso liens ministers.

  28. Central power

    Good move leaders but we need someone from upnd in Ndola central

  29. Lucky tembo

    Good move Mr HH

  30. Fisunge

    Bufi that guy hh is so craft don’t even bring him close to the doors of state House if he really wants duologue with president he Shud first organise his mps in Parliament to stop misbehaving like they do infact being paid by tax payers money but keeps on insulting the government why Shud you decide to see the president you don’t recognize this pure hypocrisy we know your moves just leave him alone satana iwe

  31. Chendabusiku

    HH is just buying time to be relevant to the Zambian politics. Don’t fall prey to his schemes. He would have behaved better than this if he was a genuine guy. Reflect on the testimonies of those that have resigned from his empire the UPND. The latest being the mayor of Kaoma. He is up to no good, he is a deeply bitter man who is capable of performing anything under the sun. So your Excellency be careful.

  32. puzzled

    mr hh dont always criticise what lungu does but provide gud checks n balance,gud advise! president lungu dont always rubish hh u guys work 2gether 4 the betterment of zambia reconcile

  33. Jayz


  34. NG'ANDWE Dominic CHAPA

    Imfumu taipata muntu: nomba Kapaso umulomo!
    Leaders you are fine with each but your surbodinates or henchmen are devil’s siblings.

  35. HH

    Hh you are a waste material

  36. Chalo

    Hw can de 2 who hv bn fighting sit de n talk without independent observers o independent pipo to witness o independent pipo to reconcile them this has nva happened y not involve the church wat is it that de church has done wrong to PF n our Republican president that has harden de PF n our Republican president not to want them to b present MR HH no independent observers no meeting we don’t want to lose u coz u r our only hope for now n beyond 2021

  37. Black mamba

    Pf plus upnd makes sense nizee dadz ni nyakoko pa land

  38. King so

    If you think PF have 30% support and UPND have 100% you are long as it is now PF is as strong as it was in 2011 and for UPND we are strong on paper I am saying what I know , I write reports for UPND on the ward level we would write to the top official on the constituency that the party is intact when it is not if you call for meeting the number of people who will come is small so let as tell the guy HH that he is fear from winning in 2021 if it’s in Kabwe very fear from winning and that the district committee knows let end by say if as a party UPND can work up and mobilise the party we can winning in 2021 but if we just live it the way it is now then we are still very fear it is not to let to mobilise the party , I have done my part may God bless UPND and the president Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

  39. KB

    PF has gone now
    UPND finally now has come in power…

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