Pres. Lungu Speaks Out on AFCON Qualification Disappointment

President Edgar Lungu has advised newly appointed Sports Minister Emmanuel Mulenga to help revive the waning football standards in the country.

During the swearing ceremony of Mulenga at State House, Lungu said that he was disappointed that Zambia was not at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations that was won by Algeria.

“Zambia is a footballing nation and as you are aware football unites us. Every time our national team or indeed our clubs succeed at international level,” he said.

“The nation has been disappointed with the performance of our national team lately, especially their failure to reach the 2019 Finals, when countries we consider minnows qualified and some even reached as far as the quarterfinals.”

President Lungu urged the minister to convene an indaba and help push Zambia back to the top of the African game.

“Therefore, the onus is on you as new minister of youth and sport to ensure that you turn our fortunes around. This you cannot do alone. You will need to tap into the knowledge of sports legends and fans to help you perform this mammoth task,” he said.

“I can propose for you that you call for a sports or football indaba that will come up with a solution to Zambia’s declining sports reputation.”

Mulenga takes over from Moses Mawere who was relieved of his duties on Friday.


  1. Kupa Okupako

    Yes Zambia is the footballing nation so the new minister of sports you should have a goal that you will achieve not just be in the office without a vision we want to see change.

  2. Kikiki


  3. Truth man

    Yes! Tribalism is almost the cause of all ills this country is facing .As long as we don’t watch out against this seriously the country is going nowhere.Infact foreigners have noted this and have taken advantage of this factor to prosper before our eyes.

    • Kas Mus

      How tribalistic has this statement come into play, if you may explain it in details, I will be greatfull

    • Fosale

      Paliko tribalism apa ba people

  4. Wonderful

    The kind of thinking we need, I wonder the tribalism you guys are talking about.

  5. Herv Rena

    While the minister has an overbearing effect on sports administra

  6. James

    FAZ knows why we failed to qualify for afcon, let them do the explaining not the tribalism you people are talking about.
    Zambians let’s talk about working together for the growth and development of the country without mentioning tribalism.

  7. Herv Rena

    While the minister may have an overbearing effect on sports through the National sports council, he has got completely no effect on football need a vibrant and competitive league a good coach and a support base.its a pity that the stadia remain empty except for one sponsored pastor, makembo.A lot has to do with the economy,and lack of companies to sponsor these clubs.If that’s why Mawere was dropped these its unfortunate.

  8. pheozgovern

    this is the end of the part uz u can see things started paralizd bcoz of shivaring government wanyeka munz!

  9. Finthu niweka

    The problem with us Zambians is kalijo his Excellency is there to advise the newly appointed minister to take lead of football in our beautiful nation and u ar there saying tribalism.let’s bring solutions than bringing useless comments. MAN of principal.

  10. pethias daka

    zambia national soccer team should not be comprecent lets support our team people like we did in 2011 and 2012 tespectively and we applying to foot ball association of zambia atleast to reduce tickets prices when we are playing home games so that to boost our team surpot ,since our head of state saw were the mistake was .lets wait and see with our new sports minister

  11. Kkkk

    We need motivation as fun’s .

  12. Chaula Davies

    Really Zambia eat football,dream football nd stays football.We don’t hv to worry wen we can do even better than the teams tht went for Afcon recently.It pains alot,let’s do something.This is not time to experiment things but realities are inevitable.

  13. Chaula

    But on the same,I ask myself questions as to who lies on the wrong side of the system among the four groups:Is it the fault of FAZ or players,or coaches or sometimes government and various groups who don’t put in much to see us succeeding in sports. Its something to think about but we should all die a little for sports mwandini.Let’s learn from our colleagues who are doing it better.Thanx

  14. Michael

    we thank God we have a President who like football
    l hope football will be improved in Zambia becoz zats a big lesson

  15. Amon

    Even supporters like me can really play a role in motivating them and give them courage to win don’t forget to invite me whenever they have game i boost them.Amon kakumbi solwezi i thank you

  16. CH13

    The decline of football in due to the impotence of players our players don’t give much efforts on pitch when they are playing national leagues..but when dey go to deir club dey play well like mwepu,kalaba,partson daka dese guys have got potential but dey don’t give deir best to our national team I wonder y… de best solution FAZ should change de team dis nation have got a lot of player in rural areas but FAZ doesn’t do anything….nd de other thing z corruption de so called FAZ Coaches are being corrupted by under performing players with out realising dat dey are just destroying our football pattern in our country….so please our newly appointed minister u should do some thing to improve our football….it hurts me a lot I even reach to de extent of having bp due to the poor performance of our national team…

    • Christopher Botha

      On the contrary it is Kamanga who has failed, we have a lot of talent but Kamanga is blunt, he has no clue about football let him go back from were he came, we do not need him at FAZ or FOOTBALL HOUSE. we can not have all these players around the country to be none performing, it is Kamanga who has no clue about football game. he must resign if he wants to save the little respect left for him. our football has dwindled drastically ever since Kamanga stepped into FAZ as president. Kamanga you have failed if you have morals as you claim then you must resign. take a leaf heroes like Coach Renard. You resign now

  17. Charles

    Toooo much favouritism in Zambia national team Even technical bunch very reckless

  18. Chile

    Nice talk from his excellence

  19. Os

    Please ministers and Mp be serious with your work don’t think as if when you have been appointed by the president has the time to gain the money as begin.Most of the Mp and ministers you don’t know you and you have never visited your constituency.And only visit them when you know that the time is near.

  20. os

    Please ministers and Mp be serious with your work don’t think as if when you have been appointed by the president has the time to gain the money as begin.Most of the Mp and ministers we don’t know you and you have never visited your constituency.And only visit them when you know that the time is near.

  21. Os

    Please Mr president look at the minister of Agriculture and see what happens to failing to supply fertilizer around the country.And you can see the milling price have now been on to of food products and how do you accept those who are not working to survive.

  22. Christopher Botha

    Kamanga has failed our nation, he should go back and concentrate on his business and leave FAZ for football men, all he knows is scandalizing his friends when he himself is a sham, he must resign on moral grounds if he is sober. he has brought nothing but shame to our prestigious game. And I hate his vengeful altitude. we have a lot of soccer legendary in the country, the likes of Johnson Bwalya, the Malitoli brothers, Patrick Phiri, Emmanuel Munaile all these are super soccer men who can bring us pride not what we are seeing. if there is a person who must leave FAZ it is Kamanga. he has completely failed yet he can not see his failure shame.

  23. Central power

    Minister pliz reduce gate takings to k5 and k10.

  24. Fisunge

    Look here those complaining about tribalism what do you mean you want the minister to appoint someone from southern province when they always refuse to help to build Zambia atase why should the president waste time pleading for people who think the president is mad you people who are complain about the appointment of ministers Should stop because your president hh has refused you plus you pipo can’t play football because your feet are just too big because of long distances mu kuchema ingombe so let’s talk football management there’s no ministerial material in southern because of hh they fear him more than god so don’t complain ok

  25. Joe London

    The issue of TRIBALISM in Football is fake,this is not politics where u want balance pipo from all regions of de country, In football players are picked on performance not on tribal line.Players are not picked from different provinces but are picked from places like copper belt and Lusaka which I believe constitutes pipo from all parts of Zambia.

  26. Joe London

    HISTORICALLY certain regions are known not to have produced good footballers or more footballers by maybe looking at their names and where they hail from, but de the bottom line is these players ply their trade here in towns and very few are taken from rural Ares.So no tribalism it’s only competition and performance that’s all.

  27. Joe London

    WHY Zambia is failing in Football. 1 No competition at club level e.g one Centre Forward, one No 11, or each and every number is only for one person, the player can’t even be replaced. 2. Reserve side needs to be reintroduced as it we we in de 1970,1980s and early 1990s,iam saying this because that’s where most of Zambia s great footballers started from.3 . Bring back Zambia schools, we used to have school internationals in those days.So de material is still there that needs to be used and how to use it.

  28. Joe London

    IT’S a Fact most of de Best players Zambia has produced are from de Northern, Muchinga,Luapul and may be Eastern provinces. But were playing their football on de copper belt and de Midlands.A few from Northwestern. Get the statistics if u are doubting. Good performance.

  29. Joe London

    Finally,my appeal is to de President, through de Minister of sports and FAZ President, Mr A. Kananga,please consider REDUCING de entry fee at de stadium, make it deliberately affordable to de soccer loving Zambians.Make de soccer fans fill de nice built stadiums, that way u will encourage pipo to watch de beautiful game and u will also motivate the soccer players and other boys who are wishing to be wat he’d one day.

  30. Koma Jabulani

    Thanks u my president

  31. Non tribal

    I’m still wandering why some people as elder as you are always have that negative thoughts even if it’s time talk since, why can’t you be a little logic as you are condemning the real thing. What ba lungu said there is knowledge their is not corruption in what was said.

  32. Ibrahim Mohammed chibelo

    We are very help that our president is behind the team…nyc one

  33. zozoman

    Interesting comments from soccer lovers.I think others were drunk going by their contributions to the subject. Kamanga must do something honourable by resigning. He has failed.

  34. France 98. Mpondela 98. Kalu 88.

    Sorry Mawere it’s us who were suppose to gooooooooooaaaaalllllllllllll🤩😎😋😆😀😁😂🤣😃😅😄

  35. True

    As long as there’s no unit of purpose in the country, Zambia will continue loosing. You Zambia national team, but only a few individuals play…( Wipe tribalism, regionalism, the source of Wako Ni Wako, Zambia will fly again. Otherwise????

    • True

      As long as there’s no unit of purpose in the country, Zambia will continue loosing. You say Zambia national team, but it’s only a few individuals or tribes, or regions who play…( Wipe out tribalism, regionalism, the source of Wako Ni Wako, Zambia will fly again. Otherwise????

  36. kunda

    you are very right mr president

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