78-yr-old Kasama Man Jailed 30 Years for Defiling Girl, 9

A 78-year-old man of Kasama has been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour for allegedly defiling a nine-year-old girl.

Sitting in Kasama, Ndola High Court Judge Emeria Sunkutu handed down the sentence after the suspect pleaded guilty to the offence.

This is in a matter in which Basel Kabwe, 78, of Chiba village in Kasama is alleged to have defiled a nine-year-old girl contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that on December 13, 2013, Kabwe allegedly had carnal knowledge of a nine-year-old girl at a named graveyard.

Upon admission of guilt, judge Sunkutu convicted the suspect accordingly and further expressed shock about his behaviour.

Justice Sunkutu said it was expected of the suspect to protect the child from such vices and later handed down a 30-year jail term with hard labour for the 78-year-old man.



  1. Piriton Mbewe

    Uzamuziba yesu mudala

  2. Joshua

    ubwanga, nomba watolamo ikalamu tata.

  3. Madabwiso

    Piriton you funny but this man is a devil himself elo ku graveyard he must be a witch.


    2013 december n ths is 2019 mmmm iliko bad 78+30=108 kuchimwila kuunkote

  5. Tembo Eric

    Ndelolesha fye mm mm mm mm mm mm sure koma

  6. Tembo Eric

    Ndelolesha fye mm mm hhhm mm sure koma

  7. Jms

    He is luck to have been given 30 years if it was me it could have been bye bye polyo

  8. Sir Charz Bike

    Game Time. Justice Overtime! Never Too Late.

    It had to take Judge Sunkutu all the way from Ndola (journey of over a thousand kilometres) for 5 years to sit at Kasama and hand a 30 years jail verdict to Basel of age 78 for defiling the then 9 years old girl who is now approaching 16 years old.

  9. Elephants

    . a current 16 year old girl


    alefwaya ukubeula shikulu ka nomba fyatelela shani? musungeniko aba boma aoneka napachipanda alalalasana abakashi babene kutulo.kufunika tuchite riot nichita orgonise banyamata ba 15 years bakamumenye shikulu for traspassing tizibakweulili nikumulima chipuba prison.

  11. Luck muwaya

    Walamwenako mbuli

  12. Mmj

    Ulemwenako cimudala 78 plus 30 ukafwilamuchifungo ..no presidential pardon

  13. Vaal mula

    From now he is Mr 108 years

  14. Joseph Mwenya

    Already he saved 5 and half years in Cells + 30 + 78 =113 years, he w’ll die in Prison.

  15. LN

    Castrate him as well. Stupid man!

  16. Stoner+

    tunku ukuwama…pa last Waatunkula umwana!!!shame on you

  17. MR chivunga

    i don’t know were this world is going

  18. Taken a

    Uka ponyola muchifungo anso nishi ndiwe imbwa that idiot in you trouse should not elect again it should be ashamed of it self.

  19. James

    Don’t worry you will be older than our first republican president Dr KK the time you will come out of prison 108 years.

  20. See Mind

    30yrs is too small increase 30 yrs again make 60yrs. His a wicthman !!!

  21. Anthony whiteson mumba

    πŸš”πŸššπŸƒπŸƒπŸš“chapwa waaya! You have just lost your freedom over a 9 year old girl but have you thought about 30years jail term with hard labour! Uzaoona matako yanjoka.

  22. titla


  23. Man chilu

    Grave yard mmm but still 30 years with hard labour is just too big knowing that the man pleaded guilty.

  24. Escape from Sobibor

    See you in 2043 bukala bobe kkkkkk

  25. cm

    Wisakamana walafuma 30yrs inono.

  26. Jaytwo sikuku

    Too bad ba mudala

  27. John Phiri

    Akalalya ama trotters ya nsabi ku prison.

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