CBU Closure Could Have Been Avoided Had Luo Listened, says Union

The Copperbelt University Senior Administrative, Professional and Technical Staff Union has said the institution was closed by Professor Nkandu Luo because she did not listen to other stakeholders.

In a statement to welcome new minister Dr Brian Mushimba, union general secretary Lukanga Kapeshi has stated that they had a lot of expectations from the new Minister, among them to do damage control caused by Prof. Luo.

“Though it won’t be an easy task considering the extent of damage, we believe the damage is not beyond redemption. We have every trust and confidence that Hon. Mushimba will excel in this new portfolio. We are cognizant of the fact that the challenges which are lying ahead are huge but together, with the student populace and stakeholder unions, if we are involved, we will overcome them. And therefore, we would like to offer counsel to our new Minister of Higher Education that he should inculcate the spirit of dialogue, tolerance, inclusiveness and also accommodate divergent views from the Student populace and the stakeholder unions,” Kapeshi stated.

“The closure of the Copperbelt University was inevitable and very unfortunate but had the outgoing Minister engaged the stakeholders in the University, things would not have been the way they are today. Anyway, that is water under the bridge and this was her unfortunate management style which we the stakeholders dreaded. We would like to assure the minister that contrary to the reports that we are used by a known opposition political party to destabilise and interfere in the management operations, we are a non-partisan stakeholder grouping motivated to promote and defend workers’ rights and conditions of service within the Copperbelt University.”

He stated that Eeach time the unions offered checks and balances, the defense mechanism from Prof Luo and CBU management was that they were being sponsored by the known opposition party.

“This also goes to the student populace. In a nutshell, concerns raised by stakeholders in the University are not addressed and this approach has led to a lot of issues being unattended to and continue to remain unresolved. As a result, this has created tensions and mistrust among stakeholders and management. We would also like to advise our new Minister not to engage management alone when resolving challenges in the University, because they will not give a true reflection of the operational challenges on the ground, in the universities and colleges. We appeal to the Minister to engage the stakeholder unions and the students too, for him to have a holistic

understanding of the challenges at CBU and also for him to make good and informed decisions for the betterment of the Higher Education sector, particularly, universities,” Kapeshi stated.

“We also appeal to our Minister to take keen interest in how, particularly, the Copperbelt University management is utilizing our scarce resources. Management at the Copperbelt University has embarked on the project of installing CCTV and building guard houses at both entrances to the main campus as a pre requisite to the reopening of the Copperbelt University. These projects are draining our little and scarce resources which could have

been used towards very needy areas in the University such as, building and renovation of lecturer theatres, buying teaching Aids, among many others. The so called security features, which of course were initiated by the outgoing Minister, Hon. Prof. Luo, are insignificant to the security environment of the University at the moment. We need to dialogue with the Student populace on their demands and reach amicable solution to the demands.”

He stated that the union condemned the riotous behavior of students as a way of airing their grievances.

“However, what is being installed and built in the University campus is just a luxury which we cannot afford at the moment. Please halt these projects Hon Minister and let them channel these much needed resources to needy areas.

We would also like to appeal to the Hon. Minister to quickly appoint University Councils which the former Minister had failed to do for a very long time. This is what is required for good corporate governance and we can guarantee the Hon. Minister that once the Councils are appointed in the public universities, his work will be made easier as these Councils will

be supervising University Managements on the day-to-day running of the Universities,” stated Kapeshi.

“We also urge the new Minister to quickly look into the recommendations of the Ad hoc Committee on the misappropriation of University funds and maladministration at the Copperbelt University. We pledge total support to his administration of the Higher Education and we shall be glad if he operated an open door policy, which has eluded this Ministry for a very long time. We will be engaging him on various issues of mutual interest for a win-win situation.

Welcome to the Ministry of Higher Education, Hon Dr. B. Mushimba (MP).”



    Pr.Nkandu Luo….has was right closure institutions cause the behaviour students. Punishment is ok so that not repeat again to distroyed infrastructures !!!

    • Mr Mind

      Learn to think

    • P.M

      @ See Mind. Its apparent that you have never passed through the gates of any higher learning institution. Keep your stupidity to yourself. Being a cadre is one thing.

      • Fonko fonko

        Just because one has not passed through higher education does not mean that they cannot contribute and advise. One more thing, using offensive language such as ” stupidity” to communicate is a sign that one has no reasonable grounds to support their point of view. Learn to control your emotion intelligence for you to communicate effectively.

        • P.M

          No, they cant advice nor contribute on something they dont understand. Let the right people who understand how it is like to burn midnight candles
          comment..not these jerabos. How do you justify someone advocating punishment to tertiary students…foolish.

  2. Joe London

    You have now started dictating and telling de new minister on what to do.In de same way can u also say some thing to de students who who always destroy the University properties and other pipo s properties like motor vehicles whenever there is problem at the compus.Mind u not every one support de students behaviour and if u won’t do that the some thing will happen again under de new minister. Remember this only the minister has been changed and not de students. Thank you.

    • PM

      @Joe London…Please drop the ” de” thing if you want to be taken seriously. You sound mentally retarded.

  3. joe niza

    Let that one learn a lesson to see who is a leader and a follower

  4. Reas

    Strategy Zambians. The Government had no money it was deliberate move don’t blame Luo

  5. Lisa

    She has been in the political field for too long. She has outlived her usefulness, so the pomposity. Totally agrees with points the writer has raised.

  6. Kabwe Vincent

    This Mr Kapeshi also,why cant you talk to your students to stop destroying public property each time there are misunderstandings between management and the unions.Its like you are the one promoting and encouraging students to continue this colonial way of doing,we understand we got independence through throwing stones,but this is 21st century…you should have been in the forefront condemning students to stop destroying public property each there are issues.But here you are just dictating terms to the new minister,are too afraid tht once CCTV is installed you will be the first to be captured organising riots?why havent we heard of perpertual rioting in other higher learning institutions apart from the two Universities.Please let the security features be installed and allow the new minister to work freely.Why are you so concerned about the money tht will be spend on CCTVs but careless about the huge taxi payers money spend time after time to repair the university when these guys riots.

  7. captain banks

    It is curious that universities, starting when UNZA was the only university, have frequently been closed. Has it been the same minister since then? Closures will continue because the issues at the core of the problems are bigger than any official or Minister, tolerant or arrogant. This is just an easy way out, but for how long? Mark my words!

  8. dificot

    Bwanchi imwe bantu muntu akkachoka nchito mwamba kumunyoza bakafakka uyu mwakkonda pangono,futi aipa kkkkk kaaya nizikko bwaanji malabbish baantu-

  9. Zambia Zimbabwe

    Dad habets

  10. Mr. K

    This union at the institution is very stupid how on earth can you start instructing the minister what to do? You are merely student who are unproductive while there if you think you are stakeholder why do you cause damage to cbu? We know that you are sent by apolitical party to do rubish with the aim of embarrassing government prof luo did a commendable job to close cbu to show you that you are nothing in society foolish fools put you dirty hands away from the minister


    alefwaya bukapitao mambala nangu nika advice,watch-out minister this is the same who shall lagh at you when falled.THEY ARE CAMPUS GHOST’s baluma nofuzilila

  12. Mr Peace

    I wonder why this kind of dullness continues in Zambia. Don’t just rush into blaming people because you hate them.Luo is not even the one to blame.The very foolish and primitive students are.Look if during their time the (Luos) were so foolish every time they differed with Gvt went to vandalise the institutions,these foolish students of today would have no such institutions existing.These institutions are very old but still exist because they have been cared for.So if these idiots continue vandalising them our great grand children will never use them.It is not the change of ministers but the behavioural change of our primitive students.Tomorow these same students will be ministers and will find it difficult to work if this their foolish behaviour transpires to the future students.

  13. Sir Charlz Bike

    The closures of the two Zambia’s main public Universities (UNZA & CBU) cannot be solely be blamed on students riotous behaviour.
    History has showed that the closures are now like the expected annual Kuomboka ceremony or the Lusaka Cholera Epidemic Outbreak.
    These students come and go year in year out, yet the management system still remains the same. How come the privately run Universities are peaceful.
    I bet you once GRZ learns to start honoring its side of the bargain, no sane Lecturer or student will resort to sit ins and riotous display of their grievance’s.
    In the private Universities, management always honour and respect the lectures and students expectations.
    Just let GRZ start to remunerate the staff well and on time, and also meet the students obligations on time and all ALL these problems will cease to resurface.
    The Change of Ministers, Change of Chancellors, Blaming the Opposition, and the Installing of CCTV and other repressive security measures won’t guarantee the end of problems at these two public Universities.
    The onus is on GRZ to deliver. Let’s support our own GRZ to treat education as a PRIORITY.

  14. Jms

    Vincent you’re right with cctv we should know that its just a criminal who can’t like such development he is worried of expense these are some of the people who should be fired I startle

  15. Mr Peace

    Charles Bike so you are simply mean vandalism is the best way to solve problems? Are you a Zambian?Zambia is a developing nation.This riotous behaviour is extreamly UNZAMBIAN.

  16. Lisa

    Mr peace
    Be patient and get the logic out of charles bike’s comment. Advise gvt to be approving permits for peaceful demos to prevent damage to property.

  17. Cowthern Province

    There is absolutely no sense in Charles Bike comments. You cannot justify a wrong doing.

  18. os

    I think the government is scared to fire this woman.Because some other ministers who were making a something sense have been fired.But the government is failing to fire those who do evils but remember that the as Zambian people we choose a leader to ruling us,to help us in solving some problems and bring peace to the nation.But now these guys think that are bosses because they are on top of the territory and they don’t remember that the people are the one who poorthem up on top of the roof.But they don’t remember and believe that they can be poor out top of the roofs by the same people.So my point is this how can you accept some one who people hate mostly to just change him or her a position and that the people will believe that the things as change when still those devils are still on power.

  19. os

    I know that every one of you who have made a comment about this issue went to college or university and he or she knows very well how it feels if you were suppose to fish your studies then the government closes the college or university.So ministers try to ask others before making things are bad.
    Don’t steal mwibala

  20. instude

    the one who has been pa university will understand the pain of clossin the institution while you want to graduate….westing other people’s time is a sin so weather cctv or not riot yena ikabako

  21. Kaonde waswamema



    So sad a university has been closed for so long. Looking forward to its opening.

  23. Youth Bwalya

    Pf government can’t play with our future and go freely,2021 you will see how angry we youths are.HH is winning with 80% … Ata

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