UPND Cadres Again Attack PF Camp in Katuba

UPND cadres have allegedly attacked Patriotic Front members at a camp in Chifwankula of Chunga Ward in Katuba Constituency today.

According to a statement issued to the media, Central Province PF chairman Remember Mutale Chanda warned the UPND to practice civilized politics and avoid employing violence as a tool for campaigns.

Chanda has claimed that the ruling PF has continued to resist responding to UPND’s deliberate provocation and has bemoaned the opposition party’s silence to condemn the violence.

He has since called on the Police to immediately bring the culprits to book.

“Further, we are calling on Zambia Police to immediately bring the culprits to book culprits. PF in Katuba Constituency has continued to resist responding to UPND’s deliberate provocation because the Opposition Party has nothing to lose, whether or not innocent blood is shed,” Chanda stated.

“Only last week, UPND attacked another PF Camp in Musopelo of Mungule Ward in Katuba Constituency, injuring five (05) people. There has been no single statement from the UPND top most leadership to condemn the violence because they instigate their members to commit the crimes. We therefore warn UPND not to push their luck too far. We are ready for free and fair elections. In line with the call by the Catholic Church, we are calling for unity and healing in the body politic. We therefore say NO to UNDP’s Mapatizya formula it seeks to would in Katuba Constituency and other subsequent elections.”


  1. titla

    No blood no politics

    • Bk

      Don’t be surprised about Bloody Politics UPND is a Manson party and Satanist feed on that’s No Wonder their Political regalia is Red.Red is used by 1 Satanist 2 Those dance Mashabe 3 Those who worship Spirits 4 in shrines 5 Witchdoctors. 5 The Priests in Manson. All these eminet from cult

  2. Chendabusiku

    If Hakainde condemns violence more emphatically as he speaks about toilets we would probably have more civilized politics in Zambia. Indeed the PF must tread very carefully, even if they have nothing to loose this will reflect on their ability to stem this cancer being spread by blood thirst losers.

  3. BJ

    Ngamwamona hh Ali zii know that his men are at it. Blood politics is vakhudara.

  4. neutral

    Comment: fighting for selfish gains, the result is bloodshed. Note that politics promote hatred,pride,divisions and selfishness, whereas, true Christianity promotes love, humility and unity. Therefore, let us learn to love one another through having a regular personal bible study and apply its principles in our daily personal lives.

  5. BJ

    Pretending to love others just because one wants to get there. shows in your face. Politicians who are bent on that, we know them. Mukalwisha mukanaka, plot one patali

  6. Jomwa

    Guys these politicians are just using us be it ruling or opposition when you go to court no one will look after your family

  7. Kings

    Am not sure if it is upnd cadres doing it because hh preaches peace now, not what i have heard. Another thing is, why are you calling for arrests when in Roan by elections pf minister cadre attacked and assaulted upnd national youth chairman to death and no arrests have been made to date. Politicians are dirty minded people no wonder our economy is sinking, they are used to cheating in order to paint a bad picture on others. IG police stay way, these guys are dirty minded, let them be like you have done to kasongo for upnd m h s r i p.

  8. Sam

    Let ba hh condemn this in strongest view


    Lets Catholic Church mother body rule 2021. No political parties to stannd we ne Christian body to rule. We are tired with fights !!!

  10. Kfb

    Gbm went away with Upnd regalia. It is pf disguised in upnd attire trying to get public sympathy, naikosa bakalamba! Pf is no longer appetising. It has caused a lot of hardship and misery to many citizens. So violence is pf stage managed to create confusion and try to rig.

  11. Lunduman

    I don’t think it’s upnd cause only who have this behavior is pf at pamaka

    • Gershom Ingwe chipata

      Yaaa today you are saying these because it’s upnd attacking pf but pf attack upnd then u started insults the President now Bessy saying this anyway we shall see days are numbered thank you to all of you who saying that

  12. husband

    too good for the injured. fighting for a person who dont even value you.

    • Vbm

      Yes it’s true. He deserves that beautiful mouth for a lovely kiss on his wife. Why should u risk for One who does not even know your sex status?

  13. Fikasokoloka 1day

    Please my fellow and meaningful Zambians let us all say no to violent politics, lets politicies from our campaign promises unless like injuring ourselves please it’s one Zambia one nation .

  14. Dr OHMN

    Yes.. ! They need to be stepped down again so that they I’ll get strength towards their obtuse…


    Every time whenever there is political campaign blood shed is the must , i wonder if this whole process up to voting itself is commendable to Sovereignty GOD , despite tremendous efforts for political players to involve the churches, i see evil powers involved in it, no wonder i don’t vote. we have seen ministry of religious formed but there is no impact at all, that is the devil’s comfort zone. To all politicians bear in mind that judgement is approching, better i die poor than occupying wealth in a dubious and selfishness ways !!!

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