Parley Adopts Motion to Stop Data Bundle Expiry

Parliament has unanimously adopted a motion urging government to prohibit internet service providers from prescribed expiry dates on Internet bundles purchased by customers

The mover of the motion, Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa, wondered why data in Zambia is not transferable and that service providers exploit its customers by benefiting more through expired data.

Prof Lungwangwa, who is Nalikwanda Member of Parliament, told the House that the issue of data affects everyone and connectivity through network systems is a nature of life since the fourth industrial revolution is dependent on data.


  1. Chibwe JDB

    A good motion Honourable- one wonders why you have forfeit what you have paid for in full- lts high time these technical thieves are stopped- Remember when these providers came in the country THEY WERE CHARGING CUSTOMERS FOR RECEIVING CALLS-Its time for sanity

  2. Chimpolyongo

    They should just start charging calls per month. 5 kwacha per month, that will be better

  3. Gangsta grabs

    Its like monthly periods,why cant women grab the apollo 11 to the moon only once on january 1 of each year so that a sex serial fucker like me can enjoy unlimited fucking.Mover of mortion: Honorable Gangsta Grabs of Thug Constituence.

    • Key

      Please do not be a fool. Think before you write things to the public. May the Lord forgive you for posting stupid sinful things.

    • Lutmark zed

      Fuck your face

  4. Kk11

    That’s the way to go honarable the majority is behind you sir its high time we get thing in line.

  5. Uncle Marvin

    Apopene honorable its pay back time…. Thieves!

  6. pethias d daka

    yes that true mr hournarable help even talk time they should reduce prices in order for them to have more customers

  7. Moses Mwamba

    Good motion, I fully support it. Its something I have been cracking in my head for a longer period of time.

    • mutambanshiku mbao

      Yes bro you’re right we miss a lot

  8. ROKA.

    This must include minutes as well.Some of the promotions are day robbery methods

  9. King so

    It’s a welcome move honorable

  10. mate chrispin

    Good move honourable

  11. Shiiiii

    Gangster grabs. Where ever you call yourself. If you don’t have anything positive to comment on pls feel free to shut up an insulting women and disrespecting them with your comments. It’s you same chaps who cause child defailments and women abuses cases to escalate in this country. Pls grow up

  12. jm T

    and some of these network providers are thiefs you by bundles for one week u ll only use for 3days, 4days no network

  13. Jk

    even m.t.n their do same

  14. Mukuka Nyirenda

    We need you as our leader because you are able to see what others cannot see thank you so much hoping it will get effective soon

  15. Daniellah

    Kaleza njazii, its about time they did something about these broad daylight robbers

  16. richard mwewa

    Thanks Prof .Some times connectivity is very poor and when you finally realise what is going on your bundlles are finished.

  17. Mr Peace

    Where do they keep these bundles from nifuna nikavibe vonse.Vikavu nizauza Pamela Gondwe achitepo chimozi….

  18. Mm Jeremiah

    All good loving Zambians will be behind the motion. Go Prof L

  19. Chilongezo

    We are behind you Sr

  20. Keyz

    That’s a good idea.

  21. Amos

    That is a good motion honorable Lungwagwa, many of us we are regular customers who depend on data, even so, my area of concern is the congestion that is rises whenever we have cheap data offers or even cheap voice data and when there’s congestion what we experience normally is network failure, i presume that is because of the network system we have in Zambia is low. Consequently i suggest that the network providers must find a way to provide strong network even to those using 3G networks. However, this is very important issue that if supported and accepted it can benefit many; learners, beginning from primary, secondary and tertiary education. Not only that even many others in different professions, when faced with a challenged at work they don’t have to wait up to the time they will have to ugrade there studies to solve the problem. One can carry out a three days research for instance depending on the intensity of the problem. Moreover we also have E- learning which requires which is inevitable to internet access. Now that is one to help a poor Zambian or those living an average standard of life because that is the majority of Zambians.

  22. Saimbwende

    Congratulations ba mwata Ba Lungwangwa mwane please us the people not always walking out of parliament on trivial matters and to satisfy the ego of one person the god of the red party that is leadership at its best look also into the issue of talktime expiring there is no need

  23. Charles kalimbwe

    Go! Go ! prof- we are all behind you.i like your spirit professor abet us from this quagmire kind of situation.

  24. Nkonde Ben

    Its a nice move, this process should go forward, am in support of it.

  25. Dm

    I fully agree to yo motion honorable…….. It is truly right n just that bundles are wasted in the name of being expired we v really suffered in this expiring situation…….. I suppose ur motion will effectively work

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