OPINION: UPND Retains Katuba With Toil

The July 30 by-elections held in Katuba constituency and several wards in some parts of the country are behind us.

These by-elections have shown us something that some people wouldn’t want to publicly admit. This is that the ruling Patriotic Front are the real victors at the end of the day! The Katuba result has pushed the PF upwards from 6,225 votes in 2016 to 7,024 in this by-election while the UPND has won by 8,727 from over 13,000 in 2016. This should be a source of big worry for the UPND. From 13,000 to 8,727! Eish, that’s a difference of about 4,000 votes between 2016 and 2019! What is happening? What happened?

A little more effort in mobilisation during campaigns could have seen the PF easily winning this seat. But, like others have said, the ruling party did not go in aggressively to beg for votes from the people and instead left it to the few visits made by the Head of State to do the magic. Several complaints were heard in the background about how relaxed the campaign team in Katuba was.  That’s not how it works! We bet this is a good message to the top leadership and President Edgar Lungu himself.

Let’s talk about the ward by-elections: the PF has retained the Lubwa ward seat and two others in Shiwang’andu and Mansa. Additionally, it has won three new seats in Western Province previously held by the UPND. Well, this is quite an upset. If these by-election results are anything to go by, then we can safely say 2021 will be an interesting battle for the votes. Zambia’s opposition has a lot of homework to do before that time but as things stand, many Zambians have no confidence in all of the opposition leaders we have. There’s no credible opposition to write home about and safely say they have the muscle to dislodge the Patriotic Front from power, unless something out of the ordinary happens. However, those are very rare cases.

The bulk of people know well enough that the PF’s greatest impediment is not this country’s opposition parties but their own doings. These guys in opposition are not providing what is expected of the opposition – there are virtually no solutions being put on the table for the bulk of problems the country is facing today. Their best art is criticism, insults, accusations or name-calling! The best description that fits them actually is that they’re the most incompetent gang we’ve ever known.

Most of them are consumed in personal agendas that have little or nothing to do with the future of Zambia but only a means to raise their financial fortunes after a hard fall from grace. What a shame!

These guys in opposition have no capacity to mobilise the Zambians for a common cause – they’re all swamped self-importance.  And this is the lot that the ruling PF faces today. With such on the ground, would one think they have a strong opposition capable of leading this country? The biggest threats for the PF right now are the Zambians themselves and its internal squabbles.

Lastly, the police must be commended for ensuring peace during these by-elections. There was high potential for temper flaring but the Zambia Police Service maintained peace and order.

To the UPND and the PF, congratulations for winning!


  1. Doubt Katwishi

    I thought so! The victors in this case are PF with two reasons cited.I don’t know why the opposition are celebrating. They should be worried instead.Strong indications are there to show who will make it to plot 1 in 2021.

  2. Pf will lose 2021

    Work for the people… Make university tuition fees affordable for students just as you did in colleges… By talking of will lose general elections in 2021.

  3. Simonmfula

    UPND is being exposed as a political rogue in zanbia
    Wasting development
    Under Hegelian UPND seem to be stage managing cortuption

  4. eddie

    UPND should pull their socks….wards are body cells..if they have lost all the ward elections then it is a threat to them.Cerebrating while the have lost their sits…then I would say it is worrying. 2021…it shall be Zero.

  5. Saimbwende

    Very incompetent opposition and are full of cheap arrogance these know it all criminals who have no heart for this country Sinkamba Andyford and Sean are breath of fresh air and of the opposition because they tackle issues not insults

  6. Nenex That Patrick

    It is your time Mr president to bring development in katuba constituency.last time you were here in katuba and you saw how people lives.don’t be so selfish towards your people because 2021 you are going to lose.so try by all means to sort out this problems.you are the leader and authority is in hands use your power wisely Mr.Members of Parliament are under your command don’t say they don’t want to listen, because that will be your own problem.we have heard that upnd members refuses to work with you.but Mr president don’t you have the authority? Try to make things better as a powerful leader.having knowing the attitude of upnd members please don’t bring tension but try to bring peace to the country.

  7. Kaonde waswamema

    And this is truly showing that we’re rolling 2021

  8. Kaonde waswamema

    Upnd 2021 never try to get worried we’re rolling Boi HH

  9. Mpombo

    This analysis is on point UPND are the biggest losers If anyone wants me to analyse how ask me i will break it down and UPND will cry

    • Nenex ghat Patrick

      HH forward just admit you lost bro don’t bring confusion here. Try to understand the situation you are passing through since this so called partrotic front has done the people. Hunger is around the entire Zambia.what kind of life is this.

  10. Mr truth

    Tongas and their hh. Tribal voters. Tribal politicians. Selfish. No heart for all Zambians , but just one province and one person hh. Why should we give them the vote? To have one tribe ruling and holding Zambia to ransom. To have one person hh as the only wise man in Zambia who can’t listen to others who thinks tonga is the only tribe in zambian? You must be jokers.

  11. Keegan moonga

    Guys just say you have lost,,,, not starting putting fake analysis. Don’t you know that people are dying everyday. 2021 is coming VIVA HH UPND

  12. Kubeja Badaala

    What nonsense is this? Just accept you lost, period!. You tried every trick through… bribery,dishing out cash, disaster management branded mealie meal bags, meat etc but all these did not convince the gallant people of Katuba to vote for a reckless party like PF. Yes you won ward by elections in your so called strong holds but even then you used deceit to win the Kaoma ward by publishing stories that the UPND candidate had withdrawn from the race when in fact not.The President literally camped in Katuba for three days, threatening residents of withdrawing development if the people do not vote for PF. The issue of margins is neither here nor there , a win is a win even by one vote. Sunday Chanda I know you are the author of this “opinion”, what was the margin between the UPND and PF candidates in Chilanga and Mangango? negligible but your party won. In sesheke the margin was huge but you opted to petition the result which you continue to pursue to date.Celebrating the winning of ward by elections is living in denial.

    • Fred

      So in kaoma where was the UPND candidate when rumour was going round that he had withdrawn from the race ? Did he just keep quiet ? These are the fake and stupid excuses losers use. Just admit you lost.

  13. Zedian

    You can try to justify all u want. Fact remains u lost. After all the vote buying…..u still lost. Usually by-elections are easy for the ruling party but u still lost. Yakubabani woooooo!!

  14. Kikiki

    Truth is that every office you enter it is wako ni wako and cousins. No room for other tribes. Iliko baaad!

  15. Himz

    Lines are being drawn but the fact is these same lines are just imaginary which every political part should do more work. Remember, we have new parties which have not yet thrown their weights. Let’s wait and see. One Zambia one Nation.

  16. AM

    Self deception that upnd will win in 2021, statistics is so important in this world and reading the results of 2016 that of the by-election the writings on the wall is clear.PF 2021

  17. Bombshell

    Is this platform supposed to be neutral or partisan? I pose the question coze i observe with consern the reporter’s comments.Chriss phiri shud b neutral in his reporting.he shoudn’t be bending towards a political party.note all readers of this platform ar politicians/carders.thats my observationd

  18. neutral

    Note that, ifikansa, ulubuli,bukaitemwe na kapaatulula te mibele yabwina Kristu mibele ya bu Ciwa. Such people have no space in God’s kingdom unless they make their minds over.

  19. Wilson MOONO

    It’s not correct that UPND won with a toil. They are simply great given that the entire government was there and still lost. Even the opening of CBU is partly linked to the loss in Katuba. OF have now realised that service provision and resoectvof people is the only way out. Insult the people and you are out. You can’t claim that OF us thevrsl winner after spending our taxes. Check yourself out 2021 OF will be in historical books only

  20. PM

    One point the writer has omited to mention is that in 2016 there were about 19000 votes casted compared to about 17000 votes casted in 2019. People are tired of these never ending by elections.

  21. Mr Peace

    If you feel the group reporter is patizan then kaya manje but the truth is that UPND and it’s HH the worst things I have ever known.Celebrating for winning in your strong hold doesn’t mean a mile stone but winning in your opponents strong hold like PF did in chilanga.This spirit is the one that causes concentration of campaign in your strong holds.Work hard to win where you have not won before then you will know you are moving forward.So 2021 nga ya fika you will be busy campaigning in kanyama,southern,western and north- western regions.Awe sure.

  22. puzzled

    iwe chris phiri u are eva tha biggest idiot zambia has eva contained if u r being paid by ka pf 2hell wit 2makoines just wait n open ur big eyes c wat wil happene in 2021 u foooool

  23. The Seeker

    By elections are won by the ruling party, that’s the way it has always been.

  24. Ni season Yaba HH

    Enzeku vutika apa its your tym



  26. Fisunge

    If you win in your strong hold that’s not winning that’s returning winning is when you win in other pipos bedroom like what happened in chilanga that was winning so the pf is winning in other pipos strong hold even if it’s a ward

  27. Carlossic

    Get out. UPND Forward

    • Civilised

      UPND will remain the longest serving opposition in the country. In 2021 triple h will again visit the concourt, shed tears like in 2016 and nothing will change. Change the leader. We’ve had enough of the same name on the ballot paper.

  28. Kings

    Mwembwamwe, Wafumafye Mukunya Ati Analysis, You Don’t Even Vote Bangwele, Upnd For Our Better Zambia Come 2021, Pf Kuyabebele With Your Foolish Analysis Bankusa.

  29. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    What was that victory don’t count what happened in the past

  30. Bughatti

    The reporter is partisan,you are saying opposition doesnt provide solutions to the problems the country is facing?thats a total lie!many are the times when the opposition has given out solutions to our problems but you are no way to consider them,everytime hh tries to advise you pf you are no way to listen.hence you say you are a listening govt?-thats in your own imagination.you want opposition to be begging you to consider their solutions as if are the givers of life?no way!you try to use caders to win-stil you wil not.2021 UPND FORWARD

  31. Steven

    Only God knows because if see that a day u are making a profit of k1000 and it reduced to k800 ,that means that u are not doing well .go Zambia go for development. pf

  32. Tt

    Let Upnd be confused they will always find the mighty pf in the driving seat. remember Mwanawasa once said upnd are like batacks they cannot come in front. They return their seat ati we have won. Have you ever grabbed a seat from the pf? The answer is no, not even a ward. But how many does the PF grab from you? When you lose you say andibeda, kkkkkk. You are a party on the FB. Pf will always be the party of choice

  33. Haangala

    HH will one time just give up. His people keep on telling him lies that Zambians want you. That is a blue lie. Upnd would have formed government by this time had it not been HH on the top. So the party will just die a natural death without being in government.

  34. Think twice

    U wl remain just de way thinking of tribe wat kind of u people, u alwayz dream abt tribe

  35. Mukanwa mukikopo

    From what all of you have said, allow me to summarize – UPND, united part for nation destruction and PF, poverty facilitator, Amen

    • Mukanwa mukikopo

      Ieka yaya na ambamotu mukanwa mukikopo, mwa keya kunja ami kamulanda.

  36. Imasiku mbumwae

    If PF win the 2021 elections then that’ll be the death of mother Zambia. Zambians we need to usher in HH. The country needs a political surgery. Everything to that must go wrong in a country has already gone wrong.

  37. Chifulu

    Pf will rest by loosing to one of the opposition parties. People have lost confidence in the ruling party because none of there promises have been done especially on jobless young people of this country. The government them at all.

  38. Andrew musha

    Pf is going in 2021

  39. Rastafarian

    Stop Complaining,Work Hard On Your Own And Make A Living.You Are The Same People Who Are Lazy,Either HH/ECL Things Will Never Change Cause They Are All Humans.”No One Can Give Satisfaction Only JAH Alone”.Government Is Not A Solution To Your Problems,Work Hard And Be Responsible.JAH Guid Mother Zambia

  40. Brain Teaser

    Iwe Ka So Called Reporter, You Want The UPND To Solve The Problems Of This Country While The Pf Is Busy Stealing Tax Payers Money? Even If It Were U, You Cannot Manage To Solve The Probleems Of This Country Using Your Own Money. Report Logically Not As If U Are Just Dreaming!!!

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