OPINION: Get Back To Work On The 48 Houses!

President Edgar Lungu has instructed Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo to immediately ensure the Anti-Corruption Commission and other law enforcement agencies get back to work and fully investigate the ownership of the 48 houses which were forfeited to the State.

“Following the announcement made by the Anti-Corruption Commission, I have instructed the Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Stephen Kampyongo through the agencies that fall under his ministry to collaborate and ensure the case regarding the fourty eight (48) houses is investigated to it’s logical conclusion. All investigative wings are under strict instructions to collaborate and ensure this matter sees its day in our Courts of Law,” President Lungu said today.

This directive by President Lungu comes in the wake of revelations by the Anti-Corruption Commission acting Director General Mrs Rosemary Khuzwayo that the case concerning the 48 houses has been closed because they couldn’t find the owner.

She said: “The one we thought was the owner of the flats, investigations were directed at him. But in the course of the investigations, it was clear that those flats were not in his name. So, what we did as ACC, using disposal regulations, we publicized the gazette that we had seized those properties and we named a number of people and institutions that we thought had anything to do with ownership of those properties. That was done last year in August, but by April this year, no one had come forth to claim that those properties were theirs, including the person that we had initially thought owned them. And the person in whose names those properties were in when interviewed, he disowned the properties, he said they were not his. So, when we finally forfeited them in April this year. What we did, as ACC, is within our mandate; the law allows us to proceed the way we did. So, whatever we did is within the law. But in terms of ownership, initially I said that at the commencement of these investigations, we had someone in mind whom we pursued. But along the way, he refused ownership; he denied having ever owned those flats. So, even if we went to court, there is no document that is in his name, the documents are in the name of someone else. But when [we] interviewed everybody, including the person whose name the flats are in, he denied ownership and I don’t want to mention his name. But if he’s watching this programme, he knows himself. We called him for interviews, the records are there. If someone is allowed legally to read our docket, they would be able to see that we did everything by the book. For me who is a lawyer and a prosecutor, I am asking myself, if we took him to court, there is nothing in his name and he refuses ownership, so how would we prove that those things were ever his? And the person in whose names those flats were denied ever knowing about them, what he explained was that someone asked for his NRC copy; he gave them and the next thing he knows is that ACC is on his case because some properties in Lusaka are in his name.”

It has been difficult for anyone to understand how an institution of ACC’s magnitude can fail to find the real beneficiary of these 48 houses, some of which are even occupied. How about electricity bills? Water bills? The builders? What details are at the Ministry of Lands? Who was receiving rentals from tenants? We are 100 per cent sure the owner of these houses could be found once these issues mentioned above are put into question. But the ACC thought the easier route to putting this matter to rest is by closing the case and instructing the tenants to start paying rentals to the Commission. No! There are many questions to be answered. And this is the very reason why President Lungu has ordered a conclusive investigation into the matter to ensure sees its day in court.

The Head of State has seen the discourse surrounding these ‘miracle houses’ and has promptly ordered that the matter be investigated further to establish true ownership of this property and as he has said, this case should see its day in the courts of law.


  1. Doubt Katwishi

    How can property be in my name and not know anything about it? Someone asked for his/her NRC, who was it and what was it used for? Someone can’t just ask for my NRC and not asked why. The same person whose flats are in his/her name knows it all. That’s the person that needs to be probed.

    • Sad patriot

      This can only happen in Zambia. We never used to be this corrupt. The only culprits capable of doing this kind of thing are either politicians or senior government officials. No wonder we have been subjected to reckless borrowing and inflation of contracts lately.

  2. honda tukutuku

    i call this an italian job…………..just from day one up to date no one know the owner. even the contractor. ask pamela gondwe

  3. harrizoto

    When he / she construct those houses we’re we’re you, when its to late you are busy to find the owner that is not good let him / her enjoying the property .

  4. Sosa

    Ba Chris phiri ati shani mucilifye naba lungu? yama nangula mutila WAKO ni WAKO ala muleibwelamo sometimes twapapata please.Learn to call a spade a spade after all you’re a journalist,try to be professional not the other way round yama.Simple, professional advice from sosa.

  5. Bombshell

    Where on earth can someone build a house frm foundation up to the level of being occupied nt knowing who the owner is?who paid the contractor? Who paid for zesco instalation? Who paid for Lusaka water? In whose names ar the titles bearing? & who gets the rentals?mmmmm something smelling on this one.

    • Mapesho

      Mmmmmmmm the owner must really be a big fish. Temulonge uyo?

    • D. M

      The so called acting Director ACC is suffering from the evils of incompetence or she is a pf cadre a complete coward and above all immoral to pass such a conclusion on the 48 houses.

  6. The Seeker

    Ba ACC nabo balalyamo sanafye! Otherwise they could easily have found the owner. Its sad, investigative wings being this corrupt, shame!


    Mmmmm this must be really well orchestrated,the owner must be very smarter than the government itself.

  8. Truth man

    This case shows the way this country is governed ! It is governed by men not by laws! Even the so called opposition seems to be dumb ! I think that even the International community is laughingly wandering what kind of a country we are! !! Surely it means the investigative wings are scared to carry out there work Independently. Some people have lost the sense of shame really . To even admit failure to carry out an investigation is the most abhorrent action I can expect from a public service who draws a fat salary at end of the month ! Even parliament is quiet !oooh no.

  9. pf

    Shaaameeeeeee Thiefdom nombaa홈페이지 ㅑ츟나 ㅑㅁ핱 ㅠㅁ치랑ㅊ오더 koswe iwe

    • theCylinder

      Are a you Korean or a Zambian who knows hangul?

  10. Ben

    Ghost houses must be demolished and plots should be sold by the Council to genuine Zambians.The earlier the better.

    • kufahakurambwe

      @Ben… at times it is okay to be quiet.

  11. Bondema

    Mwikata fye bakabwalala ba nkoko.

  12. Janji

    More thieves in our country

  13. REAI D

    Our country is like a class room too much noise when the teacher enter U all keep quite lets be sharp Guys if the ACC don’t know where to start from those with real ideas report the matter to ps.

  14. Alexander

    Ubomba mwibala formula.

  15. Herv Rena

    This rot in government must stop. How selfish can people be?And we know this is just atop of the bigger iceberg.Let’s continue flashing more Yellow cards before the final red card in 2021!!

  16. Kupa Okupako

    Let’s be serious how can the house germinate like the mushroom? I think we have now shown that we are the number one corrupt country in the world. Manyumba angamere bwanji? Boma Iyanganepo

  17. Changwe

    Even a lay man like me can do a better job & find the owner within two days if am given the responsibility to do so, its very simple issue.Tenants were paying rentals if so, to who? Period. Lets help the President honestly, do you want the head of state to do your job? When you are fired you start crying No No.

  18. Silumesi Mathe Maimbolwa

    That’s the real Zambia.

  19. Patrick

    when someone was building,where were you ,after the houses has been completed ATI iyo who is the owner,Zambians we’re are too dull

  20. The Seeker

    Kwangu Liwewe was being castigated by one Dora Siliya when enca asked Liwewe about Zambian ministers owning about 40houses each, when infanct it is true. Two weeks later,we are hearing about 48posh houses with no owner, shame. Edgar Lungu thinks he is being clever. We know he knows too well who those houses belong to. He is just acting like he did on the FIC report that it was not forthtelling when all the details and names were given

  21. The Seeker

    Kwangu Liwewe was being castigated by one Dora Siliya when enca asked Liwewe about Zambian ministers owning about 40houses each, when infanct it is true. Two weeks later,we are hearing about 48posh houses with no owner, shame. Edgar Lungu thinks he is being clever. We know he knows too well who those houses belong to. He is just acting like he did on the FIC report that it was not forthtelling when all the details and names were given to him. Even in this case he is playing the same game. Remember, only a fool plays the same trick twice.

  22. Muntu Susu

    Zambian u are Very stupid how can you start complaining after being the one who voted those criminals, let those niggers enjoy your madness maybe someone will call him to be the second richest person in this country.

    • Bondema

      Mind your language, you are insulting the entire nation by saying,”Zambians you are very stupid “.

  23. Kupa Okupako

    Stop playing with people’s minds how can a house germinate in this world Earth? Take those tenants to court they know the owner of the houses.

  24. Kings

    You Are Just Exposing Your Foolishness, How Can You Fail To Find The Owner Of Those Houses? You Are Becoming Corrupt Ba Acc.

  25. Mazuzyo

    ACC you are not intellectuals and don’t call yourselves educated with lawyers! Even my 5 year old son can solve this puzzle within seconds while you bubbling! You are corrupt and foolish! You should even stop perusing Pamela Gondwe! Fisela ifyo!

  26. Free speech

    Even an ordinary person without a law degree can sense suspicion in Mrs Khuzwayo statement. The ACC is hiding something.

  27. Twass

    Find out the one who was funding the project.

  28. Mulumbwe

    ACC, you know what is happening on this issue of houses,please work hard on this issue, find the owner.

  29. martin

    you are missing the point, acc has to establish the owner of the property which they suspect to have been financed through crime, then acc has to prob the owner to find out their source of income, if the property is in my name then i refuse ever knowing the existence of the property, the easiest thing for acc to do is forfeit the property to the state.

    • Mapesho

      Martin….what I don’t understand is that if the property is in your name, how would you not know the owner. More especially that the same said that someone asked for his or her NRC. I am thinking the same person knows the owner and should be put to task. Would someone just put his or property in a strangers name without their knowledge? How possible is that?

  30. Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

    PF has totally failed to fight corruption.If ACC officials are corrupt then we dnt hv ACC.Hence its name should change to the Active Corruption Commission.ACC is being hindered by politicians in gvmnt.

  31. Macdonald

    Ba Chris Phiri Zambia Reports – as social media, you have done a good job by unearthing this ACC related matter. However the pictures you are using for this story constitute fake news as they have nothing to do with the flats the ACC have been investigating and siezed, which dampens the impact of your story. To further improve the credibility of your story please ensure you go and take the true pictures of the 48 flats in question as opposed to including pictures that have been randomly harvested from facebook profiles. Sadly, you are merely replicating pictures from an earlier story by Ba Zambia Watchdog, which was also inaccurate in this respect. You will do well to send your reporters to Chalala to go and get the correct pictures. Alternatively, please speak with the ACC for the correct pictures that should go with this important story.

  32. kaleji mwanza

    some of us are share holders mxxm this is bad ai

  33. chipson

    problem is that ACC is been controlled by the state,they know everything,even issues ya chitotela zoona from 9 to 0,awe 😂😂😂😂

  34. Kasama Resident KR

    I have no confidence in either Acc or any other sector connected 2 justice in Zambia

  35. Kasama Resident KR

    If indeed there was nothing sinister in yr investigation ba ACC,then the lady that featured on Sunday interview the Sunday b4 the recent passed one,dubiously acquired the office she holds at ACC and must b ashamed 4 being a goat in Lamb skin

  36. Yotam

    Y don’t they ask the contractors to tell them who gave them money after building all those houses ,, or to ask the tenants where they pay rentals

  37. My 48 houses

    Simple issues ba Zambia still crying but zoona ai.

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