Shepolopolo Hammer Mauritius 15-0

The Zambia Women National Team ran riot at the Cosafa Women Championship demolishing Mauritius 15-0 in the opening Group B match.

Green Buffaloes striker Racheal Nachula netted eight goals and had five assists becoming an early contender for the top scorer award.

Others scorers on the day were Grace Chanda with a brace while Mary Mwakapila, Hellen Chanda, Theresa Chewe, Rhodah Chileshe contributed a goal each.

Mauritius conceded an own goal to lose 15-0.

Zambia will next play Namibia in another Group B match.

South Africa set a record 17-0 victory after they beat Comoros Island 17-0 in a Group A tie.


  1. cm

    Well done

  2. Baby Zambia

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  9. Passer-by

    Let’s hope you will win the tournament. Congratulations for today ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  10. dennis


  11. Keegan moonga

    Is it a football match or netball,,,how can they score such goals,,

  12. Emmanuel kasanda

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    Well done guys

  15. sirbay

    job well done Ladies.

  16. Simon

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  17. SMZ

    Good after at girls,don’t relax on the remaining matches.congratulations

  18. Kabs

    Congrats Ladies.Make sure that you bring the trophy back home.Once again congratulation.

  19. Harry Banda

    I like it, but the girls should not go to sleep.

  20. Skyfly



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  22. andrew mulenga

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  23. Mabvuto

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    • Musau Kachimba

      Well done ladies. So proud of you. Keep going and win the whole thang!

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  26. Hambani

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    South Africa 17.0

  27. Dominic M.K

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    Possession 72:28

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  35. kakhunda

    congrats to Our ladies looking forward to the next game

  36. Haggai

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  37. Lungu c

    Congratulations to you ladies job well done,God bless you all in the next matches

  38. Mervin

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  39. Rayton

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  40. Manjimela Gabriel

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  41. Lameck Lungu

    congratulations ladies and we wish you well in the next match.

  42. Roxiely Reagan

    Yeye I liked the way ther have played that game it was absolutely fantaburasy I’m telling you I hope they will continue doing the same thing, continue your spirit

  43. Sbm

    May God bless mother zamhia…

  44. Shiku shiku

    Congrats girls…
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  50. Mule Matty

    Do it my ladies and again and again not until you bring the trophy into your country.
    Congratulations !!!
    Go shepolopolo go !!!

  51. Joseph Mwenya

    Congratulations to our Divas! This is the football we can promote in Zambia( women’s football). We love you girls, continue putting our flag higher. Racheal Nachula and your group may the Almighty God Bless you all!

  52. Veronica


  53. lubinda mukelabai

    Well done congrats

  54. Zambian

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  58. pk

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  59. kimote tim kombe

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  60. innocent miyambo

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  61. Zack

    Congrats girls jod welldone continue with the same spirit

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  63. Brighton Buumba Chiinda

    Mmmmm was it soccer or netball…..


    From footbal turned a netbal you shipolopolo we need you meet Tufanatufana 17goals v Tupolopolo 15goals in final ok we are waiting girls akazi!!!

  65. shakur

    Well done

  66. F-CEE

    Yooo ! Couldn’t believe when I heard, asked weather that was netball or football !

  67. Falecy Nachula

    Well done my aunty nachula

  68. Machai

    Keep it up Chipolopolo

  69. Onveka

    Big ups to u shepolopolo girls..u really made us proud and continue the great work u are already doing…๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ is seen in you

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