Thank You, Dr Mushimba! CBU Reopening Was Long Overdue

Dr Brian Mushimba, the new Minister of Higher Education, on Wednesday announced during a press briefing in Lusaka that the Copperbelt University, which was closed indefinitely in April, will reopen on August 19. This was a grand announcement that excited students and many more – parents, civil society organizations and other governance activists that had put some pressure on government to have this institution reopened because education is a priority for every human being.

In the next four days, the Copperbelt University would be closed for four months and by the time of reopening, it will be four months and two weeks of a disturbed learning calendar. This was all because of the students’ riots. But upon his movement to the Ministry of Higher Education, Dr Mushimba took to Twitter and made a commitment that reopening of the Copperbelt University would be his top priority in this ministry. And true to his word, an announcement has been made and everyone now knows that the long wait is over!

On April 5, 2019, the Copperbelt University in Kitwe was indefinitely closed by Professor Nkandu Luo who was the Minister of Higher Education then. The decision to indefinitely close the institution of higher learning was prompted by multiple riots by students following the lecturers’ protests over non-payment of their salaries. The student riots left a trail of damage to property at the institution, which infuriated Prof Luo who ordered its closure and demanded that security measures are put in place before its reopening.

While in the process of meeting the requirements demanded by Prof Luo, President Lungu made changes to his Cabinet and decided to move the former to the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries and brought Dr Mushimba to Higher Education. The reaction to this change was overwhelming – students at UNZA broke into wild celebrations while university unions welcomed Dr Mushimba and urged him to embrace dialogue when dealing with student affairs as opposed to taking an antagonistic approach.

And today, we are speaking a different story. The Copperbelt University students are preparing themselves for reopening in the next two weeks while the school itself is also now busy putting everything in place ahead of that time. Apart from announcing the reopening date, Dr Mushimba also lifted the suspensions slapped on some students and commuted the student expulsions to suspensions. For the damage caused to property at the university, the Minister ordered that all students are made to pay. This is progressive! Really, really progressive! Of course we know that the decision to close the Copperbelt University was not done without the support of others in government but the fact that the current minister has acted swiftly to reopen the institution shows that its continued closure was, in many ways than one, also affecting the government. Why? Because universities are large constituencies that most politicians draw their support from. Nobody would want to mess with students!

The approach taken by Dr Mushimba, if sustained, will obviously change the entire higher education ministry and restore the confidence that had been lost in the ministry and the entire government. The next step for Dr Mushimba should be the restoration of the student union at CBU and a meeting with student leaders and lecturers to restore that rapport that should be there between them.



  1. Sbm

    Good move Dr mushimba, good move….

  2. Joseph Zulu

    Good move ba Mr minister

  3. Lisa

    As a mother with a humble girl child studying at cbu, am very happy. Not only students but some parents also become highly emotionally charged to solve a problem but end up worsening the situation. Think before you act. There was no need for indefinate closure of CBU.


    Good move Hn B. Mshimba. to reopen CBU !!! And closure institutions was a leason for all students dont repeat again!!!


      Mwampo don’t say,repeat again.” Remove ,”again” or say,” don’t do it again.”

  5. Nyeeeeeeleti 🦉 🦉


  6. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Thanks Dr. Brian Mushimba!!!! You know the importance of education unlike Professor Nkandu Luo who is strong headed and heartless to the lives of students of CBU. Thanks once again!!!!

  7. chanamwe sondo

    The biggest problem that Prof. Luo had with our universities was that she perceived any displeasure portrayed by students to be politically motivated, when it was not so always.

  8. Ndindindi

    Now,,,what is professor wesabi going to say now that cbu hz bn opened, am a parent of two students at cbu,ala kwena uyu mwanakashi wabipa kwati ninyina,,efilya balanda ati umwana tabipilwa nyina,naleumfwa no muselu if I see her pa citunshitunshi


      Mum Ndindindi, we don’t express
      Anger that way.Forgive her.She may have acted contraly to a mother’s reaction but pliz, forgive her.It is for your good.Mk 11:25

  9. Kapijimpanga

    That institution was zambia institute of technology where in those days used to accommodate highly disciplined student with high grade in form six today companies are running coz of the same all who were there never broke s window pane despite they used to go so many problems protested were carried out but no damage to any property including private property like cars etc why should students protest when a lecturer is not paid? This is total indiscipline even going to the extent of gsmaging the property cosntructet at great cost some parents are fool they support their foolish children who are doing wrong prof luo did the best for closing cbu to teach these fools not destroy national property intact the students are nothing there the don’t contribute to national economy and so who are they? The minister is a parent just same with prof luo all are educated and know the importance of education don’t dare the minister you will find yourselves in more problems foolishiness does not pay. Ndindindi don’t you know that there professors in fish keeping? That’s why parents of this kind contribute to the problems we are facing today. Lisa sndwinnipeg nyirongo teach your children manners I have seen you are empty vessels

  10. Fisunge

    I think ndindindi and Lisa are useless parents who even allow their children to defaecate at their dining table so don’t forget that nkandu Luo is more educated than you and whatever happened at cbu nkandu Luo was not there it’s you stupid children who went to cbu using leakages which was initiated by parents like you so as they go back sit down with them and teach them manners because Charity begins at home .if not so even the new monster will look foolish in the eyes of parents Lisa and ndindindi kuti mwalingana Na Luo imwe mulekwata pamano imwe


    Yayayyayayaya,,,,, I have read all comments,,,, AWE KUSEKAFYE PA ZED yalikaba

  12. VM

    Thanking s/one for s/thing he is paid to do is ukuba tum pika ,These pipo sat tog

  13. VM

    Same cabinet, same meetings, Chimochine-Mark my words, the worst is yet to come,This ministry is difficult to run

  14. Fanta-coca

    Gud move

  15. Man chilu

    Good move indeed

  16. Mm Jeremiah

    From dealing with students to dealing with animals. Profesa Luo.🤣🤣🤣🤣 Livestock. Am back from leave

  17. Angoni

    Allow me to thank Prof Luo for the action taken to the student that misbehaved. We need to salute her it was not an easy decision to make but she made it anyway, discipline is very important for everyone including the students. Hoping the students have learnt a lesson from this closure. Happy 33rd birthday to the young man Gangsta grabs grow up and stop insulting the leadership of this country, You can easily bring up your argument without insulting anyone. Once more happy birthday to you God loves you.

  18. Jomwa

    Its a good move but again the learners must learn to handle issue in a proper manner,you wanted to punish the govtment but you ended up punishing yourselves

  19. DUDES


  20. Kimote tim kombe

    Its about time.This closure just went too far

  21. Ben

    Luo will fall in a fishpond or Elder to be lifted by a rhino high on horns if they’ll be harsh on animals. Thanks bro!

  22. Buumba

    That’s really awesome, thumbs up to Dr Mishimba for having decided to reopen the second largest learning institute in the country….
    To my fellow students please stay away from riots and vandalism of any GRZ property at all cost….
    Thank you and stay blessed.

  23. Abel

    Thank you for understanding the purpose of education in our country sir my God bless you for your though of king Solomon love you

  24. Dickson

    Thanks sir for you wonderful generosity.

  25. Fred Zulu


  26. mwamba mwila


  27. Joseph sahara


  28. Sibweni

    Pro Luo acted 2 save unza and cbu but now she useless in yo eye but she is the best. Dr mushimba was a student and no idea how unza operates. Dr mushimba is praised 4 opening the school today but 2morow cheated by politicans they pick stones and 2 destroy public property. Unza and cbu student lacky self control bcoz they act,see and think shame!!!…. Unza and cbu faces common problems we need common understand 4 us 2 move not riot

  29. shd

    Luo has no child at cbu so she nothing to lose we hope she will close all fish pond which is promoting


    That’s Good Hon.Dr Mushimba May God Bless You For Re-opening The Cbu Because It Could Have Costed The Future Of The Country In That The Students Would End Up In Big Mess Without And Qualifications And Thus Threatening The Country’s Economy.

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