ZRA Recovers K2m From Dubiously Imported Heavy Duty Vehicles

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has recovered K2 million in taxes  from owners of 356 heavy duty vehicles impounded for dubiously entering Zambia in June this year.

ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda said 356 owners of the impounded vehicles responded after the authority publicized details of the first batch of 500 trucks.

“We can update the nation now that we had publicized the first 500 vehicles in the press and we gave the owners a period in which they were supposed to respond. I can confirm that out of the 500, we had about 356 of owners who responded. We then calculated the principal amount and so far, we can confirm that we have collected close to K2 million in terms of taxes,” Mr Sikalinda said.

He said ZRA was as lenient as possible on those who responded while still acting within the confinements of the law.

Sikalinda  stated that  ZRA had engaged Zambia Police, Road Transport and Safety Agency and other partners to ensure those that who had not responded in the first batch were captured.

He has further stated that the authority would soon publicize the second batch of 500 vehicles.

“For those who have not stepped forward, we will not be nice to you, we will ensure that we fix you. We will ensure that we charge all the penalties and do everything the law provides to ensure that we bring you to book,” stated Mr Sikalinda..

“Therefore, it is our appeal that if you brought in a vehicle through dubious means, come to ZRA so that you may normalize what is wrong with the vehicle. If you keep on waiting, unfortunately we will come after you and things will not be good for you.”




  1. D. M

    Are you sure you will Not stop pursuing the matter like ACC did when the owners reveal to be pf bigwiggs/thugs?

  2. SisQo

    Twikale abamano muchalo chabula amano

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