U20 Girls Storm Cosafa Final

The Zambia Under-20 Women National Team has beaten Zimbabwe 1-0 to qualify to the final of the inaugural Cosafa U20 Women Championship in Port Elizabeth.

Zambia got the all-important goal through Mary Mambwe in the 32nd minute and will wait for the winner between South Africa and Tanzania to determine their opponents.

The senior women team will be in action later this afternoon against Botswana in the semifinal and will be aiming to emulate their juniors.

Cosafa introduced the U20 competition for women this year.


  1. Jackson

    Congratulations our daughters wishing you all the best, go zambia go

    • Clement Mwape

      Well done bane, show them that this year tatuleyangala!!!

  2. Jaytwo sikuku

    Congrats Shepolopolo

  3. PFK


  4. Chali Mulenga

    Brilliant Display Girls! Conquer and Get the Cup for Mother Zambia!

  5. Simfukwe

    Indeloleshafye umutima uletunta I didn’t expect this awesome performance. God bless you

  6. Joe brain


  7. Man of calibre

    More fire! More fire!

  8. lupo sport

    ni season yatu mu life ya new go zed goooooo

  9. Cha-cha-cha

    Go go forward ba Zambia. Tilimu life ya new.

  10. jc

    congratulations girls.
    Senior team also qualified with a 4-0 mark.

  11. I'm with you KK11

    Apa kwati kulatamba fye ba shepolopolo zoona go go go our sisters in action pobo

    • Gladys kalimoya

      I agree will focus on Shepolopolo. Chipolopolo kuti wafya na Bp waiting for them to qualify to Afcon. We are tired of waiting.

  12. H S

    Congratulations girls… And a big thanks to Senior Shipolopolo for beating Botswana 4:0

  13. M M

    congratulations girls

  14. Congratulations girls all best

    Congratulations girls all best

  15. David

    All the best shepolopolo viva go Zambia go

  16. Nachula

    Congregations girls we proud of as usual

  17. Nachula

    Congregations girls we proud of you as usual

  18. The owner of 48 houses

    congrats “Shepolopolo the female bullet” Copper Queens is better name

  19. Teba

    She is my girl friend ….don’t forget me when u come back with the trophy. Congrats ladies Go Go

  20. Kay2P

    That’s our ladies, shepolopolo we are behind you…..Brit the trophy to mother Zambia….. Go go goooooo Zambia!!!!!

  21. Chibundukulya

    Go go go forward

  22. Waa Sindala

    Comment Fweba Bola!!!! come Sunday we beat the self proclaimed “tough SA”!!!! Go Zambia, do us proud keep raising our colours high!!!!

  23. kafute R

    Comment Go girls Go

  24. Lloyd kamboyi

    Comment……. impressive performance & congratulations girls

  25. Mukuka

    We are proud of you girls,kip it up

  26. Andrew



    Congratulations girls.

  28. Thomas

    This is the legacy of the Zambia u 20 men’s National Soccer Team, we are behind you Shepolopolo go go ni forward fyee!!!

  29. Judith chisimba

    Congratulations shipolopolo wishing you all the best as you will be playing finals on Sunday…. Go Zambia gooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Political Analyst

    Congratulations shepolopolo

  31. Joseph Mwenya

    Congratulations the Young Shepolopolo, we are behind you young Ladies.

  32. Tem

    Never underestimate the power of a woman go shepolopolo go

  33. SEE MIND

    Zambia she v Tanzania she next Sundy final 1—2 cup go east Africa.

  34. Aaron katongo

    Go girls go shepolopolo

  35. Dominic

    Keep it up girls

  36. Chibeza Ng'uni

    Proud of you the senior and the U20 shipolopolo national soccer team, keep it up.

  37. George

    Well done girl, proud of you girl

  38. kukuce kukoo maka

    Bola nalesa, show them that you can do it,congratulations our queens.

  39. John Abdul

    Well-done shepolopolo eilefwaikwa

  40. andrew ngulube

    Congrats girls

  41. Yes


  42. Asoza

    Well done ladies. Please shoot from afar when the wind is coming from behind you …remember Port Elizabeth is a windy city. So take advantage of that. Don’t try and walk the ball into the net…please!


    GO Zambia Go


    Go zambia go!!

  45. Rodgers kayamba

    nice woman u 20

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