1,500 Contract Workers Lose Jobs at Mopani

Over 1,500 workers engaged by various contractors at Mopani Copper Mine’s Mindola and Central Shafts have lost their jobs following the mining giant’s decision not to renew all contracts for development supports services at the two shafts in Kitwe.

On May 10, 2019, Mopani Copper Mines Plc announced that it would be ceasing operations at Mindola North and Central Shafts after the two shafts reached the end of their economic life.

“The closure of the two uneconomic shafts was always part of our plans as we commissioned the new shafts and it will allow us to apply the funds provided by Glencore towards the completion of the expansion projects, which represent the future of the company,” the mining giant stated.

Mopani Copper Mine Plc Public Relations Manager Nebert Mulenga has confirmed that the mining firm will not renew the contracts for all development support services at the two shafts.

“The notices of non-renewal of contracts were served on 12 July 2019 and the contractors were given one month in which to demobilise their operations,” he stated.

Mulenga stated that Mopani Copper Mines Plc will now focus on developing new essential capital projects such as the Synclinorium Concentrator and Mindola Deeps Shaft in Kitwe as well as the Henderson Shaft in Mufulira.

“The expansion projects (Synclinorium Shaft, Mindola Deeps Shaft, Henderson Shaft and Synclinorium Concentrator) will extend the life of the mine by over 25 years and improve our production levels, efficiencies and safety,” Mulenga added.


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