By Mwamba Peni II

Corruption is a cancer that should be fought by all well meaning citizens regardless of who is involved. Its resultant effects curtail public service delivery, provision of social services such as medicines and essential requirements in hospitals, education materials in schools, social welfare to the needy and distorts the image of the country to the outside world thereby affecting the flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), credit rating of a country leading to poor bond performance and higher interest rates for both the private and public sector. Hence fighting corruption is not only necessary but inevitable in any progressive society.

Having looked at the comments from various stakeholders regarding the 48 flats forfeited to the State, it can be deduced that their main focus has been on establishing who owns the flats in question especially following some online publication which claimed that the first family was involved in the saga.

The land in question was formally owned in 2007 by a named man of Indian origin. In the course of time, he gave a power of Attorney to a land consultancy firm to subdivide into various slots and sell to anyone interested. A named junior Government official, with the help of his lawyers at Godfrey House, bought the land where the flats in question are sitting and other slots that have not been developed because he has not yet fully paid for them. The first tenant in the properties that have been seized moved in somewhere in 2014.


Following the publication of the intentions of the ACC to forfeit the apartments in question, the “owner” through the same lawyers who helped him purchase the land, made attempts to curtail the forfeiture in Court. Upon being advised that the right place to make an appeal was not the Court but the ACC, the said lawyer withdrew the matter from Court and wrote a letter claiming that they erroneously represented one of the gentlemen under investigation. As to whether a lawyer can represent you in Court then later on withdraw claiming they never got instructions from you is a matter left for legal minds to debate. Are they concealing evidence?


Information so far gathered even by media houses is that the company with the power of attorney has all the information on who purchased the land. Indeed there were cases whereby someone was given money by a relative or friend in the Diaspora to make payments on their behalf before the title deed was processed in the name of the rightful owner. Be that as it may, all the information presented at all stages is there unless those being sent to collect the information or the ones providing the information are hiding something. Zesco should also have information on who had applied for connection to power. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see how the next stage will unfold.

What the ACC has so far achieved is to successfully take charge of the properties in question. This action, in and of itself, has prevented the suspects from enjoying the proceeds from the rentals. This milestone has been overlooked by certain quarters because their focus was on the need to expose the owner following various conjectures on who the “real owner” was.

Of note is the fact that the apartments in question are different from the 49 mentioned in the FIC 2018 report because this is a matter which has been active since 2016. I once heard someone express their concerns as to why the numbers of houses had reduced. You are talking about two different cases here. As for the first family, they were just dragged into the mud for reasons best known to those who came up with that story as the construction of the apartments started way before they went into state house and the person being specifically mentioned was not even in Zambia.


Finally, criminals are becoming very sophisticated hence the need to revise laws to take into account developments and changes in our environment. The onus is on the ACC to learn from experiences such as this one and adapt before they get lost on the sea with no campus at their disposal. The process should also be do transparent to prevent officers on the grounds from conniving with criminals and thereby undermine the justice system. As they embark on the criminal route to bring this matter to its logical conclusion, I am sure the estate agents will be key in disclosing who the owner is. For now, we should not undermine the role so far played by the ACC. How they handle the criminal side of the same case will be looked at when the matter comes to an end.


  1. Wise Leader

    This Is Why Hakainde Will Never Preside Over Mother Zambia,The Man Is Is Just Too Despotic In His Political Reasoning.

    • Dora Chiliya

      “Wise Leader” You are a very useless Dog in a human body!

      • Sunny

        U are a ๐Ÿ• dog too,you fool

      • Sunny

        If he is Rich,does he want to gorvern us, foolish you tongas,tamupela nendalama

    • Dora Chiliya

      HH is the next Zambian President, he won the 2016 election but Lungu, Bwezani and us stole his victory

      • Bk

        Bane Please Don’t dream who will Vote for that Man TONGAs only usual?

      • Gershom Ingwe chipata

        Akolunza nafuti 2021 nawe niwekawarala pera

      • Nyoko Sata

        Corruption is corruption regardless of amount itโ€™s a cancer that should never be taken lightly itโ€™s doesnโ€™t matter weather fire tender , 48 houses or unwarranted salaries it must never be allowed to roam in our nation so u idiots talking about political homage wise up yo cunts nd dicks cz we only hv one nation of Zambia which must be guarded with all honesty fuck this bullshit pipo shuld grow up Nd wise up the amount of resources being lost is increasing

    • Bk

      This Man Is not Politician That. Is why he Loses all his Vice Presidents and only Voted by Southern Province Only this time around he Lost North wesyerny

    • Frank Chombela

      If ZRA had been a tax-collector that the people of Zambia deserved, they would hv been on the scene to check if withholding tax on rentals was being paid by the mysterious owner.

      • The Seeker

        Good point @Frank Chombela. This is the more reason why we are saying the leading family is involved. Had it not been so,they would have been on the seen claiming they have lost greatly in tax.

        • Lincoln


  2. Pepe

    Hmmmm! Brilliant analysis! Who paid for electricity connection, water connection and who gets rentals from same apartments are the main issues to be looked at! To be honest the corruption in this country is alarming while the head of State calls it “Witch Hunting”! I personally insist the first family has a hand in this loo

  3. Jms

    Incredible African regimes has this problems maybe they think the public don’t realize and see any mistake made by anyone leading them I can’t understand why the legislature and judiciary are being abused these problems are ones which leads some states involving themselves in protests, army raising etc it up to us public to realize it before any bad thing occurs we don’t encourage but let people know and see what may come up

    • GANNY

      Comment Military involvement! Do you realize the consequence of military involvement in politics?

  4. Winner

    Having ready the writer’s opinions on other issues, this one is indeed on the positive side.

  5. The Seeker

    So there another 49flats mentioned in the FIC report besides the 48? God help

  6. Pepe

    Our main interest is knowing the owner than forfeiting the property! That is why we are saying the first family is involved! This is a very simple to solve which has taken all the security departments to solve! Unless you tell us that we are now in Columbia! So now you believe that the FIA report was accurate? It is the big fish involved! God help us we have had enough in this reign!

    • Masters

      Gentlemen, its not about talking on the first family alone here but to know if this very stand in question was resold to any institution or individual from the said 2007 to 2015 before the sitting President got into office. Activities were on onto this land for the first occupants in 2016 meaning the project was accomplished this period. Look here guys, someone has power to grab than to surrender the property using other means if indeed the hand is attached to that.

  7. The Seeker

    So there another 49flats mentioned in the FIC report besides the 48? God help us. Looking at the way this reporter has written this story shows that the leading family might be involved and the so called forfeiture is just a way of covering up so that they continue benefiting from rentals and the like. The state with all it’s machinery cannot fell to establish the owner of the 48,it’s a lie!

  8. Dog. Bite

    The truth will eventually unfold hakainde will run away from the country coz his lies will embarrass him and will have no friends we are keeping our fingers closed amen!

  9. Mr Peace

    The Anti-corruption,DEC,Transparency what ever and the ZP are too much for a simple stupid story like this one.I can understand such a foolish statement that all these have failed to investigate this issue.Surely even this world is believed to belong to God though no one was there during its creation but how possible could a house literally have no owner?If at all the very first family is involved let us know be told the howabouts.Otherwise these bodies are a white elephant and get salaries for nothing.Remember,Jacob Zuma was forced to leave office because of such mal-practices.Let who so ever in in this be revealed and the appropriate action take place please.Ise timamangiwa palibe na chifukwa nanga uyo kawalala ndiye uti tifuno muziba….

  10. chikabilila

    the repoter of this article has wakened so many people to know how this stuation goes since pf came in power it looks they are developing the country but they are wolves coming sheep skin wathch out zambians 2021

  11. Messi

    But why the ACC…???
    Before forfeiting it to the government,why didn’t owner identified..?You can’t close investigations like that, people need to know who built them.
    This is corruption on its best…

  12. Khalid

    Zambia ichalo chesu please where are we going kanshi aii
    Bu pompwe fulu fulu!

  13. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Wonderful and Brilliant!!!! Thanks ba Mwamba Peni II!!!! These are the people we need in Society. Thanks for enlighting the people of Zambia. The ACC, ZESCO, JUDICIARY AND STATE know the Owners of the 48 houses in question???? Thanks once again!!!!!

  14. Kala mponkede mutande B

    The case is just around, don’t talk about an Indian, lungu knows who’s the owner

    • bk

      Zambians…they are alot of people who own property in zambia..i dont see anything wrong with anybody owning those flats…ck owns flats in ndola and luanshya..hh owns a lot of companies..you dont make noise over them..but 48 flats lwanya..afterall they have been forfeited to the state..

  15. digar lungu

    aloo stop making noise its my poperty ubomba mwibala alya mwibala do u want me 2 get broke when am out stop acusin ka hh

  16. Jms

    JUSTICE….. when Bush picked Saddam Hussain he new it becomes very very difficult to pick on a last man leaving the base now looking to this case or cases I may say the base is clear all Zambians must know that the base is right up in front of them but fear

  17. Joseph

    This issue is simple and straight forward, the government knows the owner of those properties (48 houses), they even failed to explain, Mulebepesha na bakaele, come 2021 umwine akasokoloka and must be jailed.

  18. Mazuzyo

    It is possible for someone to build even 1,000 houses but why is this person being protected? Implying this are proceeds of crime! Mulemusokolola elyo tatwamileke!

  19. Jms

    One word is enough for a Wise man now it Sims wise men aren’t capable of being wise you see we. Choose and God allows our choice so be careful in choosing

    • Frank Chombela

      Jms: Army rising up to do what? Yours is an uninformed comment. How many coups have taken place in Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan etc? Isn’t this enough evidence that the military are no solution? Do read anything serious?

  20. Super power

    Just give us the names of those who own the houses chapwa

  21. Cmk

    Let investigators do their work with no interruptions. They will come up with something to conclude the issue. That will be the right time to draw the fact of the matter, not now. Those officers investigating the case are well trained for that. We should not convince ourselves with answers to unfinished questions. Ba Zambia tabafilwapo ifya ii type lekeni babombelepo cikatulika.

  22. mwana mfumu

    people hare have 74 house and other busy talking about 48

  23. Gelly

    Since the acc don’t want to find the owner of those houses OK fine give those houses to street kids to stay!!! Am done………..

  24. Anti corruption Specialist

    The same lawyer who purports to have been given power of Attorney to maintain those 48 flats is obliged to reveal who such owner is. If he refuses to reveal then he is the one to be charged for having possesion of property believed to be proceeds of crime. It’s not enough to just forfeit the flats and fail to find the owner. I don’t condone such incompetence.

    The ACC must not relent in seeing go it that the origin of the flats is established. They should seek help from the Zambian population in concluding the matter. Giving incentives through the media for someone to come up with information leading to the successful conclusion of such matter may be helpful.

    We have already uncovered a group of lawyers from one of Indian origin purporting to be representing their client in New York, yet they are viciously, maliciously and in acrimony stealing from their victim in Zambia, in abuse of the judicial process,mand sadly, some members of the judiciary are involved.

    Unfortunately for them, their victim is an anti fraud/corruption specialist and she has detected their organized criminal syndicates and they are stuck with possesion of proceeds of crime,mwhich they illegally deprived her using fraudulwntly obtained court orders. They knowingly funneled criminalnrackets through the judiciary hoping yo legitimize their crimes, but the judiciary has no jurisdiction in maintaining crimes.

    The victim now demands that the said lawyers and 12 others be criminally prosecuted. But corruption in Zambia has delibarately not indicted them; then such Organized criminal,ring, Is being being funded by Zambian fugitives in the diaspora, who work for an international organization. The victim managed to uncover 7 off such Inyernational staff members, allegedly involved in the syndicate and she believes that the same Organized criminal syndicate may be behind the 48 flats saga in Chalala, as they already have some other properties which they have been controlling through a junior government worker. ??? Their noses are tightening and it’s very easy to have those in the diaspora account for fueling corruption in Zambia.
    President ECL must see how dangerous corruption is, such that his ignoring our cries to fight such vices using independent experts, has led him to feel the pain as his own daughter was allegedly connected to the 48 houses. The manipulation the corrupt inflicted on us, will also haunt him some day.

  25. Ruthy

    why are u pointing fingers at ECL even if he is the owner of those houses whats your problem? is it your mother’s /fathers money that he used please live him his doing it for his children. & u Hh mind your business cause u also have to explain were u got the money that u have simple.

  26. ruthy

    dora chiliya live lungu alone is he your father? cows will vote for Hh

  27. Jomwa

    We can get the full stories from ministry o lands ,zesco and Lusaka water and sewerage ,these three organs will help the nation but if big fishes are there then it will die a natural death ,this is how we know our Acc

  28. Yande

    Stop talking! Maybe our Zambian soil is fertile enough to germinate houses! Anyone with idea who sells infracture seeds?

  29. Aka bobili

    What’s the problem with 48hs, the acc has already clarified that all the rentals be paid to govt.but ur busy making noise.48 hs ni nyoko. How many cows do u have ? Wives ? Concubines? children ?

  30. puzzled

    ruthy u r an irritatn dog arn’t u? wer dd u c cattle votn? even if hh doesn’t rule he is ored rch unlike u idiot

  31. Countรฉr

    Please summarize your news. ๐Ÿ˜ท

  32. Jay1

    I think the 48 houses is a useless topic to discuss…coz if this houses are built out of corruption then it’s ok now…cos the money that was spent has been recovered by government since the property has been forfeited. I think the bigger evil has been fire tenders..and these toll gates being built. Zambians the 48 houses matter is a far small cost compared to the fire tenders. So relax. Actually let’s both agree that this is no platform to lobby for UPND votes…or this is not a campaign platform….lets discuss it as exclusive as it is from HH, Kambwili, etc……



  34. talalamusonda

    The anti corruption and drug efforcement commission should continue thier investigations in this matter until the mysterious owner of these of 48 homes is found and prosecuted.

  35. bk

    The Government of Lungu (PF) consists of thieves and corrupt leaders Lungu told them ‘UBOMBA MWIBALA ALYA MWIBALA “.so stop complaining you voted for Pf. ….but you can change the Gvt.

  36. Jms

    Its useless just some institutions which fall under legislature and judiciary you will realize all institutions fall under mass destruction government hear this the elephant stole the rabbit’ pumpkin and swallowed it when he heard the rabbit’s voice why he did steal he run fast from the field maintaining he isn’t a thief not realizing the voice came from the pumpkin he swallowed now let them even those tenants or workers they are rubbish creatures just check their origin you will realize something bad in their attitude they are the worst animals not humans in Zambia if they are tenants why can’t they say something

  37. medhone

    48 houses wat problem is it ?whoever they belong to, its investment.If you talk of ba president,surely can he fail to build these houses.How do u prove it is corruption.HH got his wealth through coruption during privatisation. untill now he is a freeman because it is diffcult to prove that he did so.we are tired of this 48 houses story.if president lungu says their his and he built them through his pay.wat will u do?lets talk of millie meal prices that ar so high. ba muntu mulesalapuka. uulebomba, kukuula.shut up!!

  38. Jms

    He will be proved a failure, lair, corrupt ect due to his position he would cheat I tell you impeachment may occur that same day

  39. Jms

    The legislature and the judiciary are culprits standup for your rights otherwise big loss

  40. Sylvester Moomba

    The reaction from the public over the 48houses clearly did show the passiveness and docility of us Zambians in general and at the same time, this case revealed that there is no single person in the current leadership who has the moral capacity to handle corruption in the country.

  41. stalkless

    People of Zambia mwaliba good ukalanda nomba tiyeni tubombe mmmmm very useless…..

  42. Mubobo

    Continue manyumbaa kumela. Tizathyolako one day!

  43. Rube Rube

    The solution is simple. Just follow the tenants and ask them who was their landlord?….

  44. Rube Rube

    Let the govt convert those flats to an orphanage or even a home of the disabled so the unknown owner can forever be hurt… Honestly, how can they say there is no owner! Then who sold the land to that person ? What if this person had been a killer? Would the govt had stopped him? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค”

  45. edgarnyelo lungukuba

    Comment: the way these pf thugs are tryn’ to swerve away from this issue. any way i just hope that justice will be served.

  46. Kapopola

    We have so many street kids in this country and you are busy talking about the 48 houses give those houses to people in need

  47. Gawa undi

    But you people ! What has hh done to you?

  48. namaleka mulife

    Comment just watching….

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