3 Illegal Gold Miners Die in Mwinilunga

Three people have died after a heap of soil fell on them while they were engaged in alleged illegal gold mining in Mwinilunga District in North Western Province.

The three have been identified as Mophias Chitungu, 32, Charles Chitungu, 34, and Grenwell Sanyidumu, all of Nswanachiyanga village, Mwinilunga District.

The incident is believed to have happened around 04:00 hours on Saturday at Kasemuka stream at Mulopu village in Chief chibwika’s area.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila has confirmed the deaths, stating that police undertook a physical inspection at the accident scene.

He stated that Mophias Chitungu had swollen face, suspected deformed lower jaw while Charles Chitungu had bruises on the right upper arm and on the chest and Grenwel Sanyidimu had blood coming from his nose and mouth.

“Going by the sequence of events on 10/08/19 around 02:00 hours, the family of 10 people, including the three deceased persons, went to Kasemuka stream where they had suspected to have deposits of gold. As they were doing illegal mining, a heap of soil fell on them and they died on spot,” Namachila stated.

The survivors are Adrian Sanyidimu, 21, who sustained abdominal pains and painful legs and Geoffrey Sanyidimu, 31, who sustained general body pains.

Both are admitted at Mwinilunga District hospital receiving treatment while the bodies of the deceased have been deposited at Mwinilunga District Hospital mortuary.


  1. brown


  2. P.M

    PF empowering or murdering the youth?

    • Bana Simon

      Honestly, people should have decency in them. Death is not a place where you want to make political mileage. SHAME on you!

      • Bana Simon

        May the almighty God grant peace in these trying moment to the families that have lost.

    • Awesome

      PF has nothing to do with this, be moral

  3. Proginah

    Hustle hard…to die strong.. Ma condolences to the deceased..

  4. Mr Peace

    I think mining should be strictly be to those fully equipped for such.MTSRIP.


      Iwe leka umungulu no kusamwa: you think mining, strictly be to those fully equipped. ifinshi? Ulefwayafye bamwisa ebo balenonka ifwe fwebene ama Zambians iyo. Iwe ubile akanwa Kobe if you don’t have anything to say you better keep your mouth shut🤐

      My condolences to the real Hustlers…

      • Joseph

        Zoona boi pantu naifwe ekotulefwaya ukwisa mukwimbako gold

  5. emmanuel mwababa

    So rest n peace

  6. Hesbony Mutenga

    Happy are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. May my fellow brother’s souls rest in eternal peace.

  7. Simfukwe

    It is extremely foolish for so called. P. M to bring this saddest moment to. P. F when you nothing to say just keep quite. Now your statement has made you a dog in human skin. Foolishness will never be supported by zambians even dogs like you it very very sad indeed. Condolences to the families of the departed. May. God give you strength in this trying moments

  8. emmanuel mwababa

    Don’t blame PF on this 3 illegal miners.(you)

  9. emmanuel mwababa

    Yes,he is a dogish for blaming PF

  10. kelly

    so suspects three have lost their lives because of alleged mining in province
    may thier souls rip
    what has the mines or president heard

  11. emmanuel mwababa

    PM is grudge to PF gvment that’s (y)he is talking dogfish like.

  12. Kicks

    Too bada, we all want to live comfortably thats why we try by all means to find kangachepe to improve our living standards, no wonder we find ourselves in death traps of our own creation with no means of escaping. Get rich or die trying, may your souls rest in peace guys.

  13. Kicks

    Too bad, we all want to live comfortably thats why we try by all means to find kangachepe to improve our living standards, Only to find ourselves in death traps of our own creation with no means of escaping. Get rich or die trying, may your souls rest in peace guys.

  14. TOO BAD

    This is a clear indication about hunger situation in Zambia, those miners they were searching money to feed their families. Only two days ago when the vice President was saying that no one will die from hunger, people are suffering in different ways to feed their families. let other countries help us before many people found in dangerous jobs,pf govt have u heard this accident don’t politicise hunger we employed u to solve the problems which Zambian people are facing. The same people u are mocking are the ones to cast some votes to the deceased M.T.S.R.I.P.

  15. KF

    HipOh my gosh, we have gold in Zambia.

  16. emmanuel mwababa

    We ve different occupational n talents.don’t say about hunger if its n yo home.

  17. Dog. Bite

    The vice president was talking about hunger situations in Ares where there was no rain or where there was floods.mwinilunga experienced good rain patterns so we don’t expect hunger in that area to some of you want government to feed you cloth you going to the extent where you want government to take you to toilet to answer call of nature . yes when we have disaster ie droughts floods cholera Ebola and many other unfortunate circumstances through laid down procedure can declare a national disaster. Don’t expect government to feed when you are failing to grow your own food this tendency of calling government to feed you must come to an end idiotd

  18. Chatama

    The wages of sin


    This is not a politicisable matter.In the first place, it calls for a solemn moment, feeling with the Chitundu and Sanyidumu’s families.However, in every accidental incidents, there should be a lesson to learn.The current able Government is doing well with Agriculture evidenced by early receipts of farming inputs.May there be further subsidisation of the inputs and training of youths in agriculture so as to go more into farming for more jobs as well as self reliance.We can’t deny that poverty has an hand to these unprecedented deaths.It is sad indeed.MTSRIP!!

  20. Stalkless

    Even if you hate pf mwebantu this has nothing to do with government, some people mulifipuba ai nyonyonyo talking anyhow,R.I.P brothers.

  21. Cletus

    My heart felt condolences to the bereaved families! !!!

  22. Mutale

    They are not illegal Miner’s you idiot writer called Chris Phiri, they were just harvesting their share of mother Zambia has for them


      You’re right Mutale.
      These foolish and concubines in men stature they’re lazy and all they know is pass foolish comments. Better to do die trying than to die in the bar on in sin.


    Zambians grow who ever want political aguiments go and bath it’s late. That’s being foolish nama lilo imwe ma politics when are you going to grow?

  24. Cliford Mwiinde

    Too bad my tribe couzens, MYSRIP

  25. Joe London

    Too bad and so sad on de loss of lives,but do not blame de PF,when good things were coming out from that illegal mine u were not commending the PF ,but when there is an accident u have started blaming an innocent PF.

  26. mwaka

    Note ILLEGAL miners the fact that its our mother land doesn’t mean that u can mine anyhow mungulumungulu it was wrong in the first place . Sorry for ur loss guys

  27. Muntu

    Condolences to the family

  28. Gift

    Dear fellow zambians be away from politics the issue of gold it is not a political issues let us just appeale to the gvt of the day to set zambian citezen free in diging gold that God has given us ,publicaly in order to reduce poverty in our country since many zambians are jobless.

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