Nathan Chanda says Civil Servants Frustrating Govt Efforts Over Maposa Forest

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda says civil servants are frustrating the efforts of the government by refusing to heed the presidential directive to de-gazzate Maposa national forest.

Chanda has warned that before the government is frustrated, someone needs to be fired.

In a statement following his meeting with Maposa residents, Chanda, who is PF Copperbelt chairman said some civil servants do not want to see development.

In April this year, President Lungu, during his campaigns in Roan, directed that Maposa National Forest Number four (4), Muva Hill and Mansana Forest Reserves be de-gazzeted to pave way for the construction of a modern mini hospital and a secondary school.

Chanda stated that the development of a secondary school is to cater for the children who access education facilities in distant areas while the mini hospital will bring health facilities closer to the people.

“As Mayor of Luanshya, I am extremely disappointed with some civil servants who are busy frustrating the efforts of the government. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu means well for the people of Maposa, but we won’t allow some few individuals to frustrate his efforts. So before, you (civil servants) frustrate us, we will frustrate you,” Chanda warned.

“As head of the local authority in Luanshya, I am concerned with the manner in which some officers in Government departments are seemingly delaying the implementation of the Presidential directive. In the recent past, I have regrettably noticed a trend by some civil servants, who are deliberately retarding development by not adhering to instructions from superiors, including the head of State President Edgar Lungu.”

He warned that those sitting on the documents would be dealt with accordingly.

“Now people are sitting on the documents. As local authority and provincial administration, we have done our best and done the proposal, but we are wondering what is happening. The President has promised the people of Luanshya to construct a mini hospital and a school. As council, it is very difficult for us to move in. But we know that there are a few civil servants that want to frustrate us because of their illegal activities. The local authority has made all the necessary efforts and followed the laid down procedure to start the preparations of Offer Letters and Title Deeds but things are not moving because a civil servant somewhere is sitting on the documents to approve the access of land by the local authority and residents due to seemingly personal interest,” Chanda stated.

“If you sold the land there, it will not be gotten away from the local people. No individual can sit on the papers if the President has made the decision. That land will be given to them (local people). Now we believe when the Secretary to Cabinet (Dr Simon Miti) that some civil servants need to be retired for non-performance.”

He stated that his office was aware of some people scheming to displace the residents of Maposa.

“The Government is committed to meet the needs of people doing farming activities in Maposa area but now living under threats from individuals who are busy scheming on how to displace them and sell the land for their own benefit. ” l just want to assure you that, President lungu will not allow anyone to remove you from here. It will not happen, if you have eaten just take back whatever you got. Our people will remain here for as long as we are in these offices,” stated Chanda.

“As we hold this Community sensitization meeting, I urge you the people of Maposa to unite and block some selfish civil servants who want to frustrate Government efforts to empower local communities with parcels of land for farming activities. The Government which is promoting democracy wants to see to it that as many people as possible participate in local governance through the Ward Development Committees and once the Delimitation Exercise proposals are approved, Luanshya [which currently has two constituencies] will¬† have one more¬† constituency and two more wards.”


  1. Mapesho

    That’s the problem, they know they are losing, hence they want to do all they can to frustrate govt efforts. They know PF will have it easy during campaigns through Sonta po, and they don’t want that.

    • Umuntu mutwe

      You just don’t degazette forests without thinking. There are things to be considered. Chanda doesn’t know that was just a campaign vomit. There no money for any constructions.

  2. Fredrick Mulenga

    This are interesting comments from the City Father who is supposed to have sound environmental knowledge. Development does not mean gruesome deforestation. What does it mean the President gave a directive to have maposa local forest, MI’s local forest and Munsana local forest degazetted? All these forests should be degazetted for a school and a mean hospital? How much land is required against the insatiable appetite to deforest senselessly the remaining water catchments for the Kafue river? How much deforestation and land degradation does the Luanshya Mayor want to see before he can appreciate the impacts of his calls and threats on the tributaries of Kafue river and ultimately the drainage and hydrology of Kafue river? Let’s be reasonable. In our urge to get land, should we always see forests and foresters as obstacles? Foresters are professionals and their duty is to conserve forests, for sustainable water resources mgt, soils and to prevent land degradation. I don’t see any reason for threatening a DFO with dismissal because of his/her performing mandatory functions. If the allegations of corrupt practices by the unnamed Forester are true, report him/her to appropriate authorities (Anti-corruption, police). The president knows that his directives require due-diligence to be performed. Often his name is abused to bring to pass selfish interests by those who use his name. That Forester is appointed by authority and in the name of the president, but he unlike politicians is a professional that is guided by appropriate policies and laws in natural resources mgt.

  3. Fredrick Mulenga

    Sorry for spellings. These are… Interesting comments. Muva not MIs etc

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