Pastor Sineyenga’s Defilement Case Adjourned

A Kitwe Pastor has denied having defiled a 14 year old girl that was suspected to be his own daughter during his arrest by police last year.

Alick Sinyenga, of house number 930 Buchi Township is alleged to have had carnal knowledge of a minor on 25th July, 2018 contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

When the matter came up for defence before Senior Resident Magistrate Oswald Chibalo, Sinyenga told the Court that the girl in question was not his daughter but a homeless girl he took in his home.

He explained that the said girl was a prostitute he found with others occupying his uncompleted structure at his plot in Buchi but gave conditions that those wishing to remain in the structure should join his Church and change their lifestyle.

Sinyenga stated that the others had left and only the 14 year old girl remained who he later insisted on living with him so that he could lead her to Christ.

He said the wife was against the idea of bringing in the girl due to her lifestyle but he insisted.

He told the Court that on 21st July, 2018 he was invited as guest of honour at a three-day prayer meeting where he went with his wife and five children including the 14 year old girl.

Sinyenga stated that on the last day of the prayer and fasting on 24th July, 2019 his wife remained home for the prayer meetings which began at 20:00 hours and ended at 22:30 but the 14 year old insisted on following him for the prayer meetings.

He added that on their way back when they reached Buchi Hotel the alleged crime scene, he noticed the car was heating up and later stopped to put water in the radiator.

Sinyenga explained that after noticing he had no water, he parked the car for a few minutes to cool off as he lay down on the passenger’s seat.

He said it was then that he saw a lot of people surrounding his car and later moved to the driving seat to reverse but ended up hitting into a pole.

Sinyenga stated that some police officers had already arrived and slapped him several times and was shocked to be charged with defilement when he thought his charge was wrong parking.

Senior Resident Magistrate Chibalo has since adjourned the matter for continued defence.



    The man is sound innocent, but until you be proven not guilty if you are a true pastor.



  3. Ummhhh

    Ummmmmhhhhhhhh ati sleep at the backseat, pastor y didn’t you just sit at the drivers seat since you were just cooling it takes just minutes.atleast if it was breakdown.kaya only God knows the truth not even the court

    • I wondered also why going to lay at the buck seat

      Instead of looking were u can get the water the best was going to the back seat

  4. EJST

    I can’t judge only GOD

  5. Joseph Mwenya

    He sound to be honest, but why sitting on the passenger’s sit with a girl? And he is saying the she was just a prosititute, Mwaishibe shani? Ama ule taleshibana ka.

  6. Kayman

    If he worships God truly and faithfully, he’ll be out of this.

  7. Escape from Sobibor

    Guilty ones always afraid,, why didn’t he ask what those people wanted from him??why not staying Ku drivers sit while waiting for the car to cool off? Why did he wanted to speed off? Uyu pastor nimambala .nikuluku..

  8. Mukanwa mukikopo

    This is a good example of entering in Satan’s tempting zone thinking you can come out clean by your own strength. My fellow Christians, be careful the way you carry yourself as child of God. Don’t under estimate the devil. This pastor should not have allowed himself to be in company of the girl, especially that he knew her background. Wheather, true or false, it makes sad reading.

  9. Magicians mind

    Iliko tricky iye ku police bangangwile

  10. Joseph Zulu

    Men of God becareful devil is real devil can set atrap for you ,most people who are in prison are innocent.

  11. Himz

    So why were you reversing since you were going forward.
    you were surrounded for a reason.
    You car broke down at a hotel???
    Packed your car wrongly???
    Sitting in the passengers sit??
    She was a prostitute so what??? The reason you packed at a hotel or nearer

    And your narration of the said incident has a lot of loop wholes. It sounds like you rehearsed your own version of the story, it doesn’t add up.
    You will be convincted I can’t buy your story.

  12. Chip's

    Only God was there

  13. muntu

    Shameful ba false pastor.

  14. muntu

    Shameful ba false pastor.

  15. Hakasenke

    I wee ka Sinyenga why ar u confusing the story with yo tu fake explanations. Why sleeping on passenger sit?.
    Why moving 22:30hrs.???
    Were u drunk with prayers.
    Why 14yrs ?…?..
    To many questions without a single sensible ka pastor kabufi.
    Kamaluku iyeee

  16. Boolean

    How did the car moved upon seen the crowd of people? mmm ba pastor

  17. Boolean

    Ba Zambia reports naimwe so you want the pastor to be jailed, why changing his name on the headline he is Pastor Sineyenga inside the main body you change his name to Sinyenga.

    • Me

      What has the spelling got to do with the pastors jailing?

  18. Raycard Mulenga

    God will judge

  19. Watzy

    This is the end of the. World. Sure pastor why. sleeping ku back seat something. Went. Wrong you can’t leave a rat and cat. God judge him

  20. High Zone

    Honestly what sort of nonsense is that? You park the car near a hotel in a secluded place and decide to rest on the passenger seat, how were you sharing it with the girl? In the initial story the first witnesses said you were naked, were you also cooling your body? ignorant people are always convinced by these stupid people and their lies in the name of God, there are a lot of people who have been wrongly convicted by these idiots will continue with their crimes without facing any justice. Africa please, what’s going on..?

  21. Kascol

    The explanation is a nonsense one,
    Since he claims was only sleeping on the passenger’s seat ,where was the said girl seating?
    It’s too not possible that within a radius of kitwe town a car can boil to an extent of stopping,what was boiling was his balls and dick not radiator!!
    Also what does the medical report on the girl state,shagged or not??
    Uyu fake pstr aledodafye umwaice .

  22. some sense

    Mmm nimulungu che weaziba

  23. chris

    just a name can tell sinyenga mmmmm

  24. Victor

    u both slept Ku back seat ba pastor,uliule. Uzamuziba Yesu

  25. Bravo

    And while the ‘ pastor ‘ was sleeping ku back sit where was the girl at that time, mmmm pastor????;!!!!! his part of the story has alot of gaps… Any only invidence can prove him right or wrong..

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