Over 2,000 Kitwe Women Swindled

Over 2,000 women in Kitwe’s Mindolo Township have been swindled by a woman identified as Linda Mutoba.

The suspect is alleged to have been running an organisation called Lubuto Women’s Club purporting to be under the office of the Vice President.

Over 2,000 women who registered with the organization with a minimum subscription fee of K40have complained of being swindled.

The women have alleged that the named lady had promised all members empowerment programmes which they say are not coming forth.

The group of women on Tuesday morning stormed the Boma offices seeking attention from Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu.

“We registered with this woman but she is nowhere to be seen and people made payments to her so we want our money refunded…she mentioned that the club was under the office of the Vice President and we all thought it was true until now,” one of the affected women said.

Mpundu had a tough time addressing the gathering.

He said law enforcement agencies have been informed to follow up the matter.

Mpundu said the matter will be concluded soon.


  1. puzzled

    how do u storm d.c’s office as if he is the one who got ur ama k40 storm her house be carefu bana mayo ninshi kulibe weee

  2. mambwe

    too bad this woman is heartless swindling fellow women,mmmm

  3. Chibundukulya

    Hoooooo!! Nipa zeD tuli….. tuleyatulekula

  4. brown

    Yaba 2019 year of women!!

  5. advisor

    They should have stormed the law enforcement offices and not the DC’s office. They have wasted the DC’s valuable time

  6. Idiocy Detector

    Did these women have a permit? Was that not an unlawful assembly? Where were the Police? Kikikikiki, they arrested 27 people at home and failed to arrest more than 2000 at boma offices?

  7. Chip's

    Be careful

  8. Joy

    This is serious, but accepting whatever come your way,if WIPO can pretend to be men of God while in actual some are using juju..inseni twisule amenso

  9. chiloz

    but zoona ba people any way nimucalo twaba

  10. JOSHUA



    imagin k80pin koma tamumfwa ba zed lady.its beter mwaibilako boma ili namankucha ayengi ukuchila ukwibila abapina.so wherever you are please return amankucha kubeni they acrying and walaleka bome ba DC abakaye in jesus name i pray amen

  12. were is she

    40*2000=80,000. Mmmm iwe yakulisa oya law hunt this person

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