Govt closely monitoring high mealie meal prices, assures Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has assured Zambians that government is closely monitoring the skyrocketing mealie meal prices and will not condone anyone taking advantage of the anticipated food security threats by exploiting Zambians through unwarranted price hikes.

And President Lungu has called on all the farmers to sell their maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) for government to beef up its national strategic reserves.

The Head of State has emphasised that the country has sufficient maize stock to meet both industrial and human consumption.

Speaking when he officiated at the ground breaking ceremony to mark the beginning of construction works on the Chiansi irrigation project in Chanyanya, Kafue district on Tuesday, the Head of State said the irrigation project could not have come at a more appropriate time than now.

“We cannoot take climate change lightly as it is threatening the livelihoods of farmers and national food security and ultimately, the growth of the agriculture sector. Therefore, my government’s decision to introduce irrigation schemes across the country would boost productivity in the agriculture sector thereby enhancing food security at household and national levels,” President Lungu said.

“In the 2018/2019 agriculture season, the country experienced prolonged dry spells, especially in the southern half of the country. This affected the production of most crops and livestock. All this is due to climate change which requires concerted efforts to combat.”

Meanwhile, President Lungu has assured the Southern and Western parts of the country which are the most affected by the shortfall in maize supply that government is doing everything possible to address the situation.

“My government will not allow a situation where the affected people have no access to maize and mealie meal supply. As such, we are currently distributing relief food to the affected hunger stricken areas,” he said.

President Lungu said it is misplaced to politicize the issue of mealie meal prices as the matter affects every Zambian regardless of their political affiliation.

Meanwhile, the Head of State has announced that the Chiansi Irrigation Infrastructure Development Project has potential to irrigate up to 1,800 hectares of land and will benefit up to 1,000 households.

President Lungu has also expressed gratitude to the Royal Netherlands and the British governments for providing financial support for the Chiansi project.

“In addition to this, the private sector has made a commitment to invest in the expansion of this irrigation scheme to grow up to 8,000 hectares of sugar Cane and create at least 400 jobs. This development is a clear demonstration of what can be achieved when there is close collaboration between government, cooperating partners and the private sector,” said President Lungu.


  1. Felix sinuchimba

    Your execellency, don’t just monitor, do something about it, some people’re do not work and cannot afford to buy a bag of mealie meal at those exhorbitant prices, act now before people resort to 1991 food riots that resulted to kaundas exit. Sort out this if you’re a listening government.

    • Tyson

      True Mr sinuchimba

    • Leonard Siame

      Monitoring? Awe sure Lord help us for we don’t know what we are doing please napapata

  2. Jomwa

    Well spoken but the govt lacks implementation to whatever they speak.go outside Lusaka and see how people are suffering failing to have 3 meals and you are there saying we have enough food to feed the nation

  3. bkombe

    Mr President action speaks louder than words. …UNIP was booted outbebecause of mealie meal. ..watch out don’t just monitor. …

  4. silen

    Sir mr president personally i av been following u very well, u started monitoring this situation last year in December up to this tym sure, talking about reducing price of meali meal which’s not happening chabashanikanshi twamfwa kunsala u r gud in speaking with gud English but failure to implement, act now

  5. Sylvester Moomba

    There is no logic for any one to try to comfort the citizens over meal meal prices because all what is happening is squarely government making when they exported maize using arrogance.

  6. Sangwapo

    My dear stop monitoring it has been 2 to 3 years ever since this problems started. Zambia is not just about lusaķa alone. Go around other places it’s k150 .do something please monitoring without actions its just the same like a 1 year baby failing to reach his toy which is 3 feet away from him. Have a strategy baba

  7. Yesi

    Lungu has no power to reduce the price of mealie meal. ..but former presidents:-K.K, FTJ, LEVY and SATA had that command. ….



  9. Hon G K

    Action speaks louder than word sir ?

  10. Charles micklay

    Mr.President it’s better you take action before it is too late,Dr.Kaunda was booted out of office for the same (meali meal)the prices at just too much

  11. The Taliban

    Mr President sir, please act on this matter because the common man on the ground is suffering.Please twachula help us.

  12. The Seeker

    K100 which is K100,000 in reality is the hig

  13. The Seeker

    K100 which is K100,000 in reality is the highest currency in the country and yet, cannot buy a 25kg bag of meali meal and you are there busy monitoring. ECL,has power got to you to much that you are failing to be proactive? You only want to act when the masses complain so as to hoodwink Zambians that you are a listening government. Don’t think for that we will continue voting for you because you

  14. The Seeker

    K100 which is K100,000 in reality is the highest currency in the country and yet, cannot buy a 25kg bag of meali meal and you are there busy monitoring. ECL,has power got to you to much that you are failing to be proactive? You only want to act when the masses complain so as to hoodwink Zambians that you are a listening government. Don’t think for that we will continue voting for you because you are not Tonga, even HH can be voted in office after all he is a Zambian. Wake up and act, 2021 is just around the corner or you will crying like RB did.

  15. Magicians mind

    Ba Mr president just find a solution to this problem otherwise mukekata panshi,any way I just wanted to warn you pantu uushumfwa pa twingi na patunono teti omfye

  16. Simeon Daka

    President levy send the police in markets and ordered the meali meal to be sold at a normal price of k25 people quelled .we where selling k28

  17. Government

    mr president do something immediately not just monitoring the prices

  18. juniour president 2055

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen, first of allow me to pass the word of encouragement to my countrie men in this hunger sitiuation we are let us woke up and find out any other mean we can survive on than to depend on government only, second allow me to talk about the issue of melie-meal price that have break the record in history of the country for so many year have past we did not expirence such price on melie-meal now my adevise to the current government if posible why can’ the government pay 50% to the milers across the country for atleast nine month and then order supliers to reduce the price atleast to k70 per kg25 .

    • Me

      I can see you are really a junior president from your English and reasoning. Please read more, otherwise forget about becoming a president in 2055.

  19. Kicks

    Ladies and gentle men, let us not be cheated by this president of ours that he can do something to reduce the price of mealie meal, as at now he can only manage to just monitor because he doesn’t know what to do. Hunger is country wide and theres abnormal price hiking especially in rural areas where people depend much on nsima. Mr President sir, just seek for asistance from the donnor community, otherwise hunger is at work in almost all parts of the country.

  20. chalikosa

    ukushiti amataba Ku fra ukufola nimu jarnuary cawama ukushitisha kumamilas pali k105 than to fra

  21. brown

    Fellow zambians, the President said he has no vision for this nation, but only favour of the lord. Now what do you expect from such a leader? It is time to fight for a better Zambia let us change our mindsets otherwise the boat capsized a long time ago!!!!!!!! The tribal thoughts will lead us nowhere but in situations like these.. Let us be careful!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Dog. Bite

    President. Kaunda had state milling companies which the state instructed they were part of indeco group of companies as it is the case today people believed to have cheaper mealie meal without going to farm the issue is we have very few farmers as compared to the population which has run a way from rural areas and are now packed in. Lusaka and all towns of. Zambia. These are the pipo who want to be fed by government and are everyday insulting government. The hunger situation has worsened in the country not because of drought in some parts of the country but also 90%of people in our country are very very lazzy. Milling companies for government were sold. by mmd. How can government reduce the prices? We have to face the challenge don’t depend on government on everything the worldwide we have become dogs in human skin

  23. Alexander

    mr ECL, his a weakest president zambia, has produced, he looks drunked every day, lets vote wise next time.

  24. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Ladies and gentlemen, the President has no powers to reduce mealie meal prices nor control the prices on the market. These price hikes are caused by ZESCO loadshedding and increments in fuel prices nothing else!!!! So let the President just keep quiet because it seems that he has failed to reduce or control the prices of mealie meal and other food items on the Zambian Market. Thanks

  25. Yesi

    Mr President continue monitoring. …..in 2021 you will monitor yourself

  26. MAN B

    People think before u open your mouth and talk, last year farmers were complaining about the the price of maize today their not. Because the price is ok, now is for those who live in town without farming why can’t you farm and have your own maiz

  27. Hev rena

    In Unip era it was different,mealimeal was nowhere to be found but in this era it is a matter commerce.Either you stop buying talk time or suspend drinking ma junta in villages..

  28. puzzled

    mmm this fellow ati relief food imagine 12.5 kg per 3 families thats bushit! monitoring instead of controlling the situation? 4 hw long? anyway its hard 2 understand the problem dat u r not goin thru,here in southern people ar dependn on wild fruits, chang lu is heartles let him go around then he wil realise dat i was just talkn sh*t.

  29. some sense

    mwebantu ! Sure olo its to blame ba govt we have few farmers no rainfall and a huge population of hungry pipo business even i wold increase prices no maize+alot of pipo=high prices of maize bt naimwe ba govt srop monitoring and do something

  30. chris

    always monitoring, and am not goin to condone but price is goin high day in and out, so what is the meaning of that,just wait for 2021 tatwalandesana

  31. felix simuchimba

    Mr president sir, hear the voices of the suffering masses, don’t over look them on this issue of sky rocketing prices of mealie meal.ukwalinsoke takwafwile Bantu. The same people who’re finding it very difficult to have three meals in a day because of the issue at hand’re the same people who voted for you. Please bakateka listen to the cry of the people.The situation mr president on the ground’s really bad.

  32. aron longwani

    It t true but they need to reduce price of meli Mali

  33. Jackson k

    Lungu is like a man who has plenty food on his table,and can not appreciate the severity of a famine.

  34. Man dee

    They’re still selling cheap maize to mealling companies ,while they know that they er not reducing the price of meali meal.

  35. brown

    Dog bite plz you should first carry a research before exposing your erelevant thoughts! Most Zambians depend on farming but look at the cost of inputs can someone who wish to venture into farming and does not work manage? The agriculture sector has been completely demolished by pf.

  36. vov

    Maybe the government should introduce its own millings in each provincial capitals and start selling Millie meal at a cheap price, since FRA is already there. Maybe it will help rather than just monitoring while prices are being adjusted upwards every day.

  37. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Bintu byoo. The mistake was to sell maize which was in stock to our neighbors. Oh! where is the money from maize sells? Was it swallowed in bye-bye elections? Now, we have solar milling plants doted around in some parts of the country.(from Serenje up to Nakonde by the roadside )and yet no change on bunga prices. So what next na Zambia?

  38. gbm

    2021 plz people no one who’ s going to vote pf govt.

  39. hakasenke

    Why are u complaining sure. let the one who brought the problem kam back and fix the situation. he sold the mines together with millers. so kam 2021 and control the situation. hopefully u will not kam and sell all zambian

  40. Kubeja Badaala

    @hakasenke are you for real? Just look at the postings of other bloggers… very relevant and yet you bring out garbage. In any case what have mines got to do with the escalating mealie meal prices!!

  41. Sky

    Actions speaks more louder than words for real you excellence visit Kalomo and see how people are suffering just to buy a bag of maize in food reserve……

  42. AK

    Farmers can’t sell maize to FRA because they are buying at k110 per 50kg, and private buyers are buying at k140 per 50kg

  43. Mr. K

    Those calling. His. Excellency the. President of the. Republic of. Zambia as. Weak ask hakainde he will tell. Chagwa is the toughest man that he hskainde will never never never beat in any presidential elections bakabwa imwe

  44. puzzled

    nowonder ur name is hakasenke it suits ur thnkin

  45. BLSimpamba

    Countrymen and women don’t just mention only some few places hunger is counrywide.The problem in some parts of the country particularly here in Nakonde,fra has created hunger by failing to pay farmers in time.Paying them in february and march.Already a farmer time is gone.Even fertiliser to cooperatives is not been given.

  46. medhone

    Ku bunga boss kwena,abantu tabamileke.Introdce subcidies .What ar these advisors for our beloved president doing? sure mwebantu.

  47. Rabson kaira

    Doing something is to quite stop talking and start doing

  48. Gibson

    your excellency act you are the leader show us we’re dying

  49. Bravo

    We dont want you to monitor the climbing prices but we want a reducation of those prices.

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