Know The Fact: The “Who is Who” Battle on Social Media

Founded on March 1, 2012, Zambia Reports, a popular news platform in Zambia, has established itself to be one of the most trusted news leaders. This is an award-winning platform that received recognition from MISA as the country’s Social Media Leader in Zambia, an official recognition the rest of the social media pages have not managed to get to date.

The past few days have seen articles being written about who is who in terms of social media influence in Zambia. Some of the analyses done have made claims that Zambia Reports seems to have some ‘inactive’ followers who have made the Facebook page become less engaging compared to other platforms on social media. But is this true? Of course not!

Zambia Reports is not only the leading online news page but also the largest page in Zambia with over 1,088,371 out of the total 2,253,000 Facebook users in Zambia, according to Napoleoncat. It has stuck to its objectives, leading to its growth to now boast of being the country’s largest page and the first to hit a million fan base.

While others crack their heads to attract attention for their news stories on their pages through non-professional posts, this is a totally different story for Zambia Reports. Why? Our news platform sticks to researched opinions, analyses and hard news as a media house. For example, Zambia Reports recently wrote ‘Exposes’ about the poor corporate governance at the Lusaka Stock Exchange, which none of the other platforms took time to do since such stories involve a lot of time and patience. Additionally, we have had stinging opinions on topics such as the ongoing Konkola Copper Mines liquidation process. Apart from this, Zambia Reports also invests time in electoral analyses after each general election held to mention but a few.

This news platform has developed itself over the years to become the largest news platform on social media, currently standing at about 1,088,371 followers, while Mwebantu has around 1,074,927. Social Bakers, a known rating site, has ranked the top 10 social media pages in Zambia, which are:

  1. Zambia Reports (1, 088,371)
  2. Mwebantu (1, 074,927)
  3. Zambian Watchdog (704,513)
  4. Edgar Chagwa Lungu (672,652)
  5. Smart Eagles (598,862)
  6. Harry Kalaba (513,424)
  7. Hakainde Hichilema (490,134)
  8. MTN Zambia (449,167)
  9. Airtel Zambia (430,382)
  10. Football Association of Zambia (418,293)



Although Zambia Reports may be seen to be attracting less “likes” or “comments” on its stories, the truth that lies in what people do not see is that the actual traffic on its website is much higher. A comparison of website traffic between the two biggest pages – Zambia Reports and Mwebantu – shows that the former is at 89.98K while Mwebantu is at 62.31K. It also shows that the average visit duration per user is 02:04 whereas with Mwebantu, it is 01:40. This means readers spend almost twice as much time on Zambia Reports website than Mwebantu – talk of detailed and accurate reporting.

Further analysis of traffic sources reveals an almost similar trend with a lead on traffic from search engines at 68.26%, mails at 3.16% and referral being twice as much compared to Mwebantu (See graphs attached).

With these facts, can one still confidently say Zambia Reports has fake followers? Get your facts right!

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  1. ben shaft

    I don’t even know how to to Mwebanti.Zambian Report is credible,unbiased and of good repute.Am just worried with the insults from RAZOR.

  2. The Seeker

    The reason could be that Zambia reports is easily accessible.

  3. ben shaft

    Accessibility is actually a major factor.I don’t even know how to get to Mwebantu.

  4. Zambian eagle

    Zambia reports has summarized news.
    That’s why I like it!

  5. Dumbwi

    Useless reports by useless reporters,

  6. Kanyembo

    As much as you may lean towards those in power, your reporting has some semblance of truth compared to Zambian

  7. Darius

    I like Zambia Reports, I have always liked Zambia Reports, You guys are the best because to me you give unbiased detailed reporting

  8. KK

    I agree with you. This page is more mature and sensible in your reporting. Other platforms are so biased and do censor most postings especially those that challenge their presidential savior or guru and party

    • SICHIMATA onesmus

      I agree with you.They are reasonable reporters.

  9. Christopher Kalenga

    Apart from recommending you,please improve on curbing insults from your followers.Do something by blocking them with the help from ZICTA.

  10. Simfukwe

    I like this page coz it has respect for all mature reporting without bias it embraces anyone despite political belongings normally insults come from those who hate the president I like zambia reports keep it up

  11. Winner

    I depend more on Zambia Reports for news than any other on line publication.

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  15. ben shaft

    I have not heard from Razor though I do not agree with his language.Has he been censured?Please,give him the platform for he seems to have learnt a lesson,going by his worrisome silence.RAZOR,RISE UP AS A GHOST.

  16. ben shaft

    I have not heard from Razor though I do not agree with his language.Has he been censured?Please,give him the platform for he seems to have learnt a lesson,going by his worrisome silence.RAZOR,RISE UP AS A GHOST.Zambia Reports has always given you a platform

  17. Ndindindi

    Don’t boast,this is a free social media

  18. entertainment

    we need entertainment news as so that we can also know what is happening in the game.

  19. Pp

    I like Zambia report because it’s free and is wide from sports,economy and politics..I have like this media for as long as I remember..

  20. Ploughman

    Zambia Reports, your media platform is well moderated and less irritating. Keep up with the spirit

  21. Kubeja Badaala

    why are all stories on Zambia Reports written by only one person, Chris Phiri, There is no objectivity as the writer’s opinions are always skewed toward one known political party. There are articles written by Sunday Chanda but disguised as having been written by the ZR when in fact not.

  22. Ngwazi

    Zambia Reports u are good bt stop showing a little sense of PF cadrism,If the gvmnt has made a blunder plz report the story as it unfolds without favouritism.Some of yo articles are baseless in as much as politics & corruption are the leading topics in Z

  23. It doesn't matter

    Well I like Zambian observer coz they report without fear just like Prime tv unlike your biased reporting. otherwise I only use your platform when I don’t have bundles through free basics

  24. Himz

    Zambia report is seemingly not biased and truth be told am always waiting for this page to give updates on most current affairs.
    So far you are doing a good job and for as long as you don’t take sides then you will remain relevant to me.

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