Legana counter-sues Kopakopa, her Boyfriend

Legana Investment Limited has counter-sued Eric Ng’andu and his girlfriend Luyando Kopakopa claiming damages for defamation of character after they claimed that the Hungarian sausages produced by the company contained a condom and human flesh.

Legana has stated that its counter-suit arises from the duo’s libellous publication of false allegations against the company.

The company is also claiming exemplary and special damages, saying after the video that Kopakopa made and caused to be circulated last week, the business has suffered special damages due to a heavy reduction in the sales of its products countrywide.

In a statement of claim filed in the principal registry by their lawyers GM Legal Practioners, Legana stated that it was engaged in the production and sale of various meat products in most parts of the country.

It stated that it supplies some of its meat products to Pick N Pay Supermarket Limited for sale in its outlets.


Kopakopa had earlier sued Legana claiming damages for allegedly making the sausage with a condom.


  1. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    That’s a good move Madam Edith Nawakwi. Go ahead and sue Kopakopa Luyando and her boyfriend Eric Nga’ndu for paralyzing or disturbing the smooth running of your business. Teach them a lessons so that they can know that you are running a straight business. This kind of hate and attacking somebody’s fame is inhumane!!!! This has to stop!!!! Thanks

  2. Liz

    Comment viva leggana!

    • Jeremiah waloya Jere

      Kopakopa and the consiperance are suppose to be thrown into jail.
      the problem with us blacks to be particular Zambians we don’t want to see our fellow black person doing well all we want to see is foreigners (whites, Indians, chines) doing well in business. we have a slave mentality.

      Luyanda and your friend, do you know that it’s hard to rebuild a good name??

      people we must learn to think before we misbehave, government!! this people who dont want to see the indigenous people prosper much be jailed.. they are responsible of the poverty we see

  3. Nyambe lishomwa

    Is it true that it was a condom? anyway who knows? wether proof or no proof only God in heaven.

  4. sausage

    Mmmmmmm yalikosa ai,tizandwa cani manje

  5. pepe

    Mmmmmmm abena kopakopa how did u know that the meat contained in the condom was human flesh?

  6. Ray

    sitizaleka kudya yeve legana

  7. chewe

    i hope legana wins because such careless comments can ruin honest hardworking businesses.people can lose jobs because of such.people have to learn to be responsible for what they say.

  8. KUI


  9. Sama

    There are not condoms , sausage casing look like condoms coz they are elastic some how, just because she likes so much sex up on seeing a sausage casing she thought it was a condom, useless of the duo,

  10. Fake Lawyer

    Ignorance of the law
    defamation is a serious criminal offense.She should be sued, fined and jailed if possible. Be careful of what you post on social media it will be used against you in future. Let the law suck the condom out of her mind

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