YALI Defends Constitution Amendment Bill

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) President Andrew Nthewewe has said it will be a waste of resources and time to withdraw the Constitutional amendment Bill from parliament.

Speaking at a media briefing in Kitwe, Nthewewe expressed shock that people are calling for the withdrawal of the Constitutional amendment Bill which has already passed first reading.

Nthewewe said is it is an exercise in futility attempts by some sections of society to have the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 withdrawn from Parliament.

He further said calls to withdraw the document are an element of selfishness, claiming that the National Dialogue Forum was a collective agreement.

Nthewewe has since challenged those with different views on the matter to appear before the parliamentary committee and raise their concerns.

He further said it is unfair to say the national dialogue forum is a Patriotic Front agenda.

“It is merely propaganda that the PF administration has wanted to create more seats for itself in their stronghold. The amendment to the Zambian Constitution will allow room for growth without the need to be amending the Constitution all the time. We want to increase the number of seats,” Nthewewe said.


  1. Perry

    We are looking at the content of the same bill. Don’t just support with emotions we need a constitution which will be proud of as citizens, the problem is when amending the bill the government had the enemy in mind not the people of Zambia therefore we say no to this bill

    • Which Government had an enemy in mind? The people of Zambia are the ones who suggested the amendment of that bill through a national Indaba which was sufficiently represented. There are just a few individuals with very selfish interests who are just up to frustrate the amendment process just like they did on the bill of rights.

      Which Government had an enemy in mind? The people of Zambia are the ones who suggested the amendment of that bill through a national Indaba which was sufficiently represented. There are just a few individuals with very selfish interests who are just up to frustrate the amendment process just like they did on the bill of rights.

  2. aron longwani

    Why their can’t do things of national coz as people we are the one who chosen to be the president

  3. jason mulenga

    Don’ t foce people to accept things which they don’ t want.

  4. Jms

    You should allow they people decide what is best for them I agree what Perry is saying

  5. Chikalifya. Koswe

    One time. Koswe was invited to attends reception of a princes of alions daughter who was getting married on the way koswe met kalulu who was also going to same place. Kalulu intimidated koswe saying all the animal kingdom won’t attend coz you koswe will be eaten by cats koswe agreed but instead went around telling others that there is no wedding. Many went and enjoyed the feast after that koswe stated condemning those who attended the reception what it means is that those who didn’t attend the national dialogue are now thinking foolishly that why didn’t we attend this very important meeting? Now instead the are calling for withdrawal to please the catholic. Bishops who are their spokesmen time is gone parliament must do its job. Zambia must move on

    • Joseph zulujoseph425@gmail.com

      Ntewewe is APF supporter he has changed the camp every one knows him he was avuvuzela for upnd before.

  6. brown

    Nthewewe!! you are busy exposing your emotions on non beneficial things!!

  7. Lisa

    It is like trying to defend a score from an offside position and get away with it. Zambians have already viewed that it is an illegal move no matter how much you may try to justify it.

  8. Chilifye

    Why is Mr. Ntewewe pushing for the Constitution Amendment Bill no.10 to be passed in its mutilated form, has he been offered a position in the Govt should they succeed?

  9. Kubeja Badaala

    nthewewe is a lubinda’s hired gun, he’s been gallivanting all around the country with he’s two man ngo to try and convice people to accept the discredited NDF. Ati the National Dialogue Forum was a collective agreement? Yes collective of pf surrogates like himself and 2 man parties of this so called pastors . Money has exchanged hands from Lubinda to these fake ngos. If you feel the NDF resolutions were representative of the people of Zambia, why do you have to traverse the country to explain the same resolutions they passed. Yes you want to be relevant and justify the money and other facilities you have been given by lubinda but bear in mind that people’s will shall prevail in the end.

  10. Chilankalipa

    If you look at the facial features and the name itself, you will be convinced that this a stray dog from a neighboring country. Chase it away!

  11. Dumbwi

    Ntewewe you are just showing your stupidity to the public, I wonder if this idiot is even a Zambian. Take your foolishness to your family coz the document you are bragging about is a national document which the Zambians have rejected

  12. Bwete

    This idiot is talking about the rejected document, You think amending laws is as easy as proposing a girl foolish man from a stupid family, IDIOTO

  13. Steven

    Not Zambians because Zambia is a bigger country more than two or 10 people who are busy using the team Zambians.All our representatives attained but only those who are ruled by the beast which Daniel saw in Bible and is hh the devil himself.

  14. Keith

    You the so called YALI president,Y are u stubborn to understand and embrace what the majority Zambians are saying?Is the bill u want for yo children or for Zambians? if us the majority Zambians say No,y do are u persited? I have been doubting the credibility of this man for some time now.

  15. Zattie Bee

    At Perry, JMS, Aron… Muli navizungu munaphuzila kuti I want to go there for a Knight School also?

  16. Idiocy Detector

    When you look at how strange the Queen’s mother tongue is to many PF idiots on the blog, you can understand why this country is faced with enormous problems caused not only by lack of vision but also lack of direction. The minority of them think they are Zambians when the majority Zambians are against their idiocy and madness of raping the constitution. Stupid idiots.

  17. Maicas

    Fellow zambians you had all the time to file an injunction to stop the dialogue taking place. We should never align anyone who has a positive or negative to a political party but view their contributions as their opinion.

  18. Chanda

    YALI is a waste of the US resources. Two months and you still talking nonsense.


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