Kaputo Denies Killing Girlfriend

A Murder accused Nshinka Kaputo who allegedly shot dead his girlfriend Precious Mangesana in Lusaka’s Meanwood area has denied killing her, alleging that the deceased shot herself dead.

This is in a case in which Kaputo, 35 is accused of murdering Mangesana who was an employee of Multichoice Zambia on October 5, 2017.

Opening his defence before High Court Judge Catherine Phiri, Kaputo, a businessman, told the Lusaka High Court that on the material day, Mangesana, whilst holding a gun, told him that she was tired of the their relationship and therefore wanted to commit suicide.

Kaputo said the deceased got a gun from a secret place where the couple used to hide it before killing herself.

Trial continues on November 5 and 6, this year.


  1. puzzled

    eee nadabwa this life

  2. mwaka

    Only God knows benze chebabili ka elo court ni pa Kamwa we Asian ku kamwa aza wina who knows he might b innocent mayb guilty

  3. PM

    Kaputo…you are a fool. You have just given yourself a life ir death or death sentence. Didnt yiur lawyer advise you that the worst and evil defence is to blame the victim? You should have probably said ” she pulled the gun and threatened to kill herself…I grabed the gun and in the struggle to wrestle it from her hand, the gun accidentaly went off and hit her in the head”…but to blame a dead woman? You are a gonna

  4. Zeph

    The Rich Die With Guns While The People Die With Hunger And Arrears.We Are Living In A Crazy World I May Say.

  5. Zeph

    Pardon Me,i Meant The Rich Die With Guns While The Poor Die With Hungr And Nkongole.

  6. Gladys

    He is a big fool.

  7. Idiocy Detector

    So this is how he had been coached to say by his stupid fellow accused in remand. just because he thinks the dead cannot come back and give their side of the story. This guy is an idiot. Kumukana fye umwanakashi, others can come and give her what you were not able to give her. Stupid idiot.

  8. Chip's

    God knows

  9. Magicians mind

    Don’t judge even you know nothing about the issue, the man is right ladies of nowadays fipuba bazipaila chabe pa cabecabe

    • P.M

      @ Magucian mind……you are asking people not to judge and yet you are doing exactly that. Damn idiot

  10. cm

    Too bad precious for you going to idiots so early, you would have come and marry me leaving that useless man .

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