Kitwe Woman Defends Herself against Fraud Allegations

A Woman of Kitwe alleged to have swindled over 2,000 women in Mindolo Township has defended herself, saying there is nothing illegal about her activities.

Linda Mutoba Mukwena has described as unfair allegations that she used the Vice-President’s name to defraud over 2,000 women who each paid K40 to her.

Mukwena said her organisation is duly registered with the Registrar of Societies and had members who were being required to pay K40 as membership fee.

She said at no point did she use introduce her organisation as one under the office of the Vice-President, adding that people bringing such stories were just being malicious after their empowerment projects failed to take off.

“We started a few of us and we were engaged in different activities, among them tailoring. We used to donate money through the registration of this organisation. We had been promised by the Ward Chairman in our ward with an empowerment project at the Black Mountain but this did not take off, many people joined us and that is how we even managed to register,”explained  Mukwena.

And Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu said he is shocked that the women made up stories that Mukwena had been using the office of the Vice President.

He said the women had good intentions “but unfortunately, things went bad”, leading to the cries by the group that had stormed his office.

“When an organisation is formed for membership, people are expected to pay. What we have been trying to establish is whether she took undue advantage of these vulnerable women by using the name of government and I can safely confirm that the name of government hasn’t come up in any of the discussions we have had. It is one of those good intentions that has gone bad. There was expectation from women that when they join, they will be empowered by just being part of the organisation, now that is why there is this uproar. Whatever it is that they were set to do did not work out but clearly, we can see the perception that she used government’s name to defraud the women is not coming out,” said Mpundu.



  1. mwaka

    Pipo jet want their money back economy ya vuta ka

  2. Chamalalaya

    Membership is non refundable every were

  3. That clearly shows how Zambians are suffer ing. The money has become scarce such that it's difficult to afford anything. Take a survey in Chain Stores, Shoprite,Pick And Pay and others. Customers are very few these days compared to two or months ago. Eventually, they will start laying out workers increasing the levels of Unemployment. PF government should work hard to find lasting solutions to the plight of most and majority Zambians

    As above

    • Fonko fonko

      Don’t be lazy, everything ati govt. Find something to do iwe……foolish.

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