Zambian Veteran Athlete Dies In Hit-and-run Accident In S.A

Veteran Zambian athlete Francis Mukuka has died in a hit-and-run accident in Pretoria, South Africa.

Mukuka’s death has been confirmed by South African sports writer Dewan Steyn who posted on his page.

“Tragic news I just received is that Francis Mukuka one of Zambia’s greatest marathon athletes through the years (and living in Pretoria since becoming a veteran a few years back) was killed a few hours back on a road outside Pretoria by a speeding car, while walking next to the road. Francis absolutely dominated his age groups through the years and won the World Masters marathon and 10000 meters titles in Durban in 1994. Francis was some distance away from the road  with the car rolling several times while the driver apparently also got seriously injured,” Steyn wrote on his page.


  1. Frank Chombela

    Absolutely sad to lose our Mukuka in this way. Was he targeted by some AWB extremist? They’re still there you know.

  2. professor Clerk

    sad development

  3. judy

    Comment What a great loss of life and to our country.

  4. alexmwanza80@gmail.com


  5. mwaka

    Sad my condolences

  6. Kapijimpanga

    Very sad indeed. Is his body to be brought to. Zambia? God knows mhsrip

  7. Cha-cha-cha

    Eyee!! My mukuka, I’m very much sad for this message.,😭😭😭


    Eyeeee!!!!! Too bad for my nation to lose this kind of hero.

  9. Man of calibre

    Sad news.

  10. Jms


  11. Ephraimite

    My condelences

  12. Brian

    Sad development

  13. Barbara

    Sad indeed

  14. Alex Mwelwa


  15. Annety Hang'andu

    So sad my condolences

  16. peter simbeye

    Zambia has indeed lost a great hero, MHSRIP.

  17. Scorpion

    I have a bad feeling he was targeted.

    My deepest condolences M.H.S.R.I.P

  18. PM

    The car rolled several times and the driver was seriously injured??? How did this incident/accident becone a Hit and Run. Very confusibg.

  19. Langson Kusanga

    May His Soul Rest In Peace

  20. pk

    Sad news

  21. Daniel

    Only God knows how to imbracy the family and his soul

  22. sotambe

    sad development indeed

  23. Webster

    My condolences to Mukukas family

  24. Stephen

    Hit and run, again driver injured

  25. Mumbeko Memmy




  27. Sinyambo Moola

    Sad development for our nation 😭😭😭

  28. E Ghat L

    My Condolences, R.I.P

  29. Wachichepele

    My condolences to the Mukuka’s family

  30. Elijah Atanasi

    My condolences

  31. Ackim

    Sad development.

  32. HH

    Go!! Zambia go!! And get the bodu

  33. Enos Kalulu

    Sincere condolences to the families. This is targeted killing GOD of mercy and justice will take care of this matter sooner rather than later.

  34. boogeyman

    we are all going to die

  35. Tsombere Zakariya Tshankie

    May His Soul Rest in Peace.What is confusing to me is that it was hit and run bit the driver was hurt.Does this mean the driver was apprehended?
    This is very disturbing indeed.Let us all Offer our Prayers to Mr Francis Mukuka😪😪😪😪

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