CBU Cuts Surcharge On Students To K150

The Copperbelt University (CBU) management has announced a reduction in the surcharge imposed on students from K1, 500 to K150.

This follows Higher Education minister Dr Brian Mushimba’s directive that the institution cannot charge such a punitive amount on all students.

CBU vice-chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma told a media briefing that the decision to reduce the surcharge followed a consultative meeting held with Dr Mushimba.

However, those students suspended for their role in the riot that led to the indefinite closure of the institution in April will be charged K1,000 each while those expelled but later reinstated by the minister and on suspension for an academic year will still pay K1,500 each upon returning to the institution.

All returning students are to pay the required surcharge before readmission to the university, Prof Ngoma said.


  1. Ndindindi

    Professor Ngoma,ala insoni ebuntu,what a slash,no more rooting we love our new minister Dr Mushimba,,,shame on you nkandu pono

  2. Zulu 1

    That’s better not the way madam nkhandu luwo used to do

    • Chikweto P

      K150 is better, not 1500k,coz how many students are we talking about? Bravo Ba Dr Mushimba

      • Haha

        The person who cause the delay in payment of students should also face the “music”, demotion or loss of three months salary.

  3. Chikalifya. Koswe

    Don’t be fooled now you punished yourslved idiots

    • Stella Chiluba Tembo

      @CK, constructive comments are desired more than just mare comments. Its always imperative to put things in perspective and moving forward.

  4. Jms

    Before it was a punishment today a lesson, thanks education is needed. Dr we should teacher children instead of punishments.

  5. Gift h kauta


    • Collins 1

      Work well Mr Mushimba Ku education. Otherwise, you were a great disappointment Ku ministry of transport

  6. Ndindindi

    Ba chikalifye koswe,this is not your platform to comment, mwapelelefye my grade 7,so leave experts to analyze, sorry tamumfwa cisungu,,,lekeleni aba fikulile nsakwe ebo balelanda

  7. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Big up to Dr. Brian Mushimba!!!! We thank you ba Minister for your kindness and good heart. Continue doing that Minister.

  8. Stella Chiluba Tembo

    The reduction is welcome, considering the student population, the initial amount was way too exorbitant. It’s good to be realistic and it pays to be fair. Glad Uni to re-open thumbs up to the Dr.

  9. Black people

    Innocent people where suffered because of one or two fools,I wish you would have charging them k1500, useless this time I’m supposing to do something else rathrather

  10. Kubeja Badaala

    Prof Ngoma wanted to use the money to renovate he’s office, house and buy a new VX Landcruiser…not to mention another humongous maque not to mention other luxuries. This prof has always been supported and protected by previous ministers of higher education, to be specific Kaingu and Nkandu Lou. I hope the new minister will listen to other stakeholders like lecturers, students etc. He’s management style is dictatorial .

  11. mwaka

    It ok I guess

  12. Chikalifya. Koswe

    Ndindindi don’t comment foolishly when you don’t know the person you are talking to most of you are only carried by the wind do things without thinking like cbu students why demonstrate when your lecturers not paid? Do you represent them?do you fight for their condition of service? That riot was politically motivated with the aim of making government unpopular see now all the people condemned you those who sponsored went into hiding you were left with nobody you started begging so that the institution in opened from today no one will ever go for rioting you have lent a lesson you you. Ndindindi idiot

    • Muna Kalenga

      I beg to differ, the root problem has not been addressed. Is Continuous Assessment (CA) political? Barring those who have not reached 50% pass mark to write the sensational exam yet they were allowed to pay and learn the whole year is political? That is the root cause of the problem, how has management addressed this issue? As long as you have not addressed this issue, you have done nothing. You will be busy fighting imaginary political enemies that don’t exist. Tackle the CA issue, build hostel, build classes, build labs to make learning conducive then implement the 50% CA pass mark rule and address the bursary issue, then you will have resolved the problem.

      • Muna Kalenga

        The CCTV cameras being put at huge cost will not address the CA issue, will not address the accommodation issue, will not address the class room space issue, you are just avoiding the real issue here.

  13. King cool

    Kikikki, mostly, students behave like as if they have not been to school, they behave like Street kids, or people from Soweto market or maramba market or from chisokone market, let’s sober up in the way we think , Zambia doesn’t manufacture money, Zambia is not America or London, the President strive to make sure that the country has got good schools,hospitals, roads etc, then iwe kakapususu , you start to mobilize your fellow dumb classmates you start to destroy Government properties, ma rubbish students.

  14. Lisa

    To think that riot was politically engineered is like treating symptoms and not the disease. The cause was known but Luo’s prescription was very wrong.

  15. Elijah Atanasi

    We thank God for the reduction

  16. kelly

    dr brian has made those who have been out of the institiution. those that fought the reduction to be possible, to pay for their achievement what a movement of genius from the students of cbu.

  17. Truthman

    Then it would appear that the university makes inaccurate payment modules. Surely I don’t think it should take the minister to make adjustments on behalf of a university. This is an institution led by what we believe to the intelligentsia . I have a fear that there are more problems at this institution than what meets the eye.

  18. Chip's

    I promise hw never reapet again thank dr

  19. HH

    The Dr thinks …but ba proff kuwayawaya sana.

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