Legana ‘Condom’ Accuser Detained By Police

Police have detained clinical medicine student Luyando Kopakopa who has  accusing Legana Meat Products of putting  human meat and a condom in their sausages.

Last week, 19-year-old Luyando posted an accusation on Facebook where she claiming to have found a condom in Legana sausage she had bought a few days before and went further to allege that the meat in the sausage was human flesh.

The Lusaka City Council conducted tests on the alleged sausage but dismissed her accusations.

The public equally showed massive support towards the producers of the sausage and dismissed Luyando’s claims.

Luyando then made a claim a court for damages from Legana for selling her sausage with foreign matter.

A few days later, Legana counter sued Luyando for criminal defamation.

But Luyando defiantly produced another video which surfaced yesterday saying she will not be intimidated.

However, her father took her to Kabwata Police Station in Lusaka where she is currently detained.

According to Kalemba, Police sources have said Luyando’s father does not a approve of her accusations and wants her retract and apologize.

She is not performing well at school, she fails every subject. She is supposed to concentrate on school and not what she is doing,” police sources quoted Luyando’s father.

Legana Meat Products is owned by FDD president Edith Nawakwi.



  1. Iione

    That’s being stuped luyando

  2. Lawrence


  3. nshilimubemba

    Has Luyando got evidence of what she is talking about, if she has evidence I don’t think anyone has a right to shut her up let Luyando show the public the evidence of her accusations, and let it be scientific evidence to what it is she has experienced.
    You cannot shut up some one greater who has been abused if she has, as for I would encourage her to show the world the evidence of her topic.

    • Magicians mind

      Some children’s mwandi katwishi efyo wingalanda,she was suppose to be professional about it not the way she is taking things, remember she is dealing with a company not a fellow human being,any taishiba ituntu aleishiba utuntu……

  4. Leonard Siame

    My kid sister, just concentrate on school cause it is a privilege in zambia.that man is just using you,a few years from now you will regret your actions if you are not careful.foolish

  5. Mubobo

    Unadyapo munthu to know the taste of human fresh? Switch on and don’t be used

  6. Leonard Siame

    Hope she has tested human flesh before cause how did she know that it is human flesh.i smell politics here.lulu don’t be used please your future is in your education

  7. Kanyangala .m.k

    Foolish girl

  8. Captain solo

    19 years ummmmmhhhhhhhh these GMO’s kaya tuleyatulekulaka

  9. cm

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  10. Gangsta grabs

    Mwana wa hule ba mbuye bako is a witch.you suck dicks too much and compare them to sausages.



  12. Bedu

    Luyando Thats Kanenes Daughter.

  13. kelly

    is that her in the picture 😂

    • Bondema

      It’s almost impossible to win that fight, ur’e just a small kapenta fighting a big shark,just get back to your senses and apologiz .

  14. Dj zojo known as doyo

    Propaganda ideology these people are plaging dit stick stinky games

  15. Dj zojo known as doyo

    Propaganda ideology these people are plaging dit stick stinky games mama yoweh

  16. Truth man

    This girl is very irresponsible , I pity her she is not aware that she is putting herself in very serious trouble after what the council health inspectorate found not true about her false allegations . She can go to prison for her wild allegations.

  17. Dj

    Nothing is hidden under the sun.

  18. Adamson Goma

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    Too badly stop that stupid behavior u are still young idiot.

  20. Titus

    That’s insane not good

  21. Choolwe miyanda

    Luyando mmmm you have disappointed me and you are foolish y do you want to bring PROBLEMS in your family? Please Luyando just apologies to the public and to the legana campaign please!!!!!.

  22. Bombshell

    Let the young lady come back to her sences.if yo own father can b against u by handing u over to police,then who d u think will b by yo side if the law is against you??? How come only Luyando’s sausage contained both; inside HUMAN MEAT LIKE,then outside PLASTIC CONDOM.how true can that be

    • ine

      Bombshell you have made my day…..ati, How come only Luyando’s sausage contained both; inside HUMAN MEAT LIKE,then outside PLASTIC CONDOM.how true can that be.”

  23. Mwenya Bright

    Think before you apply cruel accusations over something which can make you jailed.if that is true why didn’t you go to the health offices and or to the council for farther investigation exploration over that case that is why such offices are here is to work on such matters not only by your self … my sister .

  24. Chip's

    And she the professional as the medical doctor, one Zambia one nation, let’s company the for give her.

  25. Reganer

    We hope you are not being used by someone in this odeal.Lets wait and see.

  26. Chiloz

    i sense POLITICS here

  27. joez


  28. DouGlas

    One cannot continue eating even from a first bite on a condom that is tough and elastic. Can one even continue to swallow? Luyaaaaaando!!! You should be mad on sausages and ….???s

  29. Edwardo

    This girl is fighting the unknown battle. How can she pick on fdd president? Nawakwi deserves respect, she is innocent. Don’t be used by evil people.

  30. SEE MIND


    • Chipata dweller

      @see mind, ulibolo nalyo lyaku left, amenshi fulu fulu, what has tribe got to do with this, u are very stupid

  31. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    KKKKKKKKK!!!! You see now???? Luyando Kopakopa is a failure now she wants the business of Edith Nawakwi to fail. Wanyala, Wanyala, Wanyala Luyando Kopakopa!!!!! Leave the business of Edith Nawakwi alone. We beg you Luyando in the Name of Jesus Christ to leave the business of Edith alone. Your father has testified that you are a failure!!! Just concentrate on your Studies unlike defaming the business of Edith and her name. You are a Child and you have Childish manners. Stop this and find something to do unlike what you are doing currently. Thanks Zambia Police for arresting this good for nothing Child called Luyando Kopakopa. Thanks

  32. Mr BMz

    After how many days did you check the sausage you bought? If its the is day you bought sausage then you would have gone and ask the person who sold you the same sausage but if it was after two or three days later then someone in you house did that. Never raise a crime you know you cannot push.

  33. some sense

    Well tough luck my girl tough lack

  34. puzzled

    @SEE MIND whats ur problem if she z tonga? dnt drag the tribe into her foolishnes waunfya mwaiche wandi. iyi sausage nimbama olo ni condom human fresh kansi muntu awama

  35. Nkwangu sinzumwa

    She was sucking her boyfriend’s dick overnight after taking artan, so upon waking up she thought she bought legana sausage & ate it the previous nite & it tasted like human flesh. Artan teinobe. We know students and their escapades. Ba clinical medical student balimibikila akapenyamushi mu drink mwayamba ukupena.

  36. SisQo

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    • dine

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      U don’t even deserves to be a medical student

  37. Fyototo

    What’s happening in our country

  38. Umusungu

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  39. enalo

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  40. Muka

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  41. mulase

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  42. mulase

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  43. Clinical officer

    She is not fit to be in our fraternity as clinical officers. We cannot have such a misfit.

  44. Manyuchi Webster

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  45. Akapenya Mushi

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  46. Akapenya Mushi

    Noushalimo ala akabomo
    Uwalutambile, Ewalulwile,young lady you are a disgrace, how much were you given? And by who?if you continue with that stubbornness yet you can’t even afford a lawyer. Sorry discipline will be inflicted on you Balamwenako.Akapenya-Mushi

  47. Alexander

    Osayopa condom, kkkkkk news yapa zed.

  48. Lagos

    Paipa pano. Akhaule

  49. SAMS J

    Take Her 2 Cainama I Thnk She Is Not Ok. If She Is Ok, Then Investigt More Mayb Therz Somthng Behind

  50. Ba kopala

    Well it is clear that the young lady has been sponsored by those fighting the FDD President. There are two fronts that madam Nawakwi is being fought from; Political, for supporting the NDF, and the business front. Being a black Zambian that has established a successful product on the market, that has given most established competitors sleepless nights. Its common sense, they don’t need her competition. They feel angered. But we’ll support the Legana products coz Nawakwi is not extanalising her profits, she’s employed our Zambian brothers and sisters. Zambians wake up let’s defend our own indigenous establishment.

  51. Man Jay

    I think she must have been sucking her boyfriends dick. then the condom burst in her mouth & after wards ate the sausage & thought it was in sausage. Kikikiki madam u will be jailed for deformation careful

  52. Danny MOX

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  53. Chiloz

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  54. Bwalibwapya

    How did she know that it was human meat,alilyapo umuntu?Napenafye uyo,and the father should have taken her ku Chainama instead of ku police.Something is wrong with her


    lolo lolo ba zed pipo this lady is spiritualy and mentaly sick,postors please help our sister.

  56. Nyakoko

    Food for work Ganpani …One zed one nation

  57. Jomwa

    Wisanga akalilo ,we must appreciate the local product and font always cry for imported products and learn to support our local product coz they say local is laker

  58. dine

    Dull girl
    U don’t even deserves to be a medical student

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