Man Dies, Another Injured In Quarry Pit Accident

One person has died while another one is nursing serious injuries in Mansa General Hospital after a quarry pit collapsed on them while they were conducting some mining activities in Mwansabombwe District of Luapula Province.

Luapula Province police commissioner Elias Chushi has named the deceased as Bitwell Bwalya of Kaputula Village who died after he broke his neck while Jackson Mwaba, 40, of Katamala Village broke his leg and sustained a backache in an incident that happened yesterday around 15:00 hours.

Chushi said Bwalya and Mwaba were mining quarry with a pick and shovel when they met their fate.

He said body of the deceased was taken to Mbereshi Mission Hospital while Mwaba was rushed to Mansa General Hospital where he is nursing serious injuries.

Chushi has further urged those engaging in such business activities to always observe safety, stating that such undertakings are too risky and usually result in loss of lives.


  1. Starboy

    This is as a result of selling all the mines, at the end of it we remain mining quarry dust. Which country has the market for quarry dust?

  2. Watzy

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  3. the drunkard

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    • safety office

      seriously,workers work without p,p,e, GRZ should conduct inspection expecially N,G,O’s company,some are advised workers to exchanging working suit.

  4. Gangsta grabs

    Imwe naimwe Lungu atipanga che conjetion mu menso why ali moyo

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