ZRA Impounds 26 Trucks for Evading Duty

The Zambia Revenue Authority has impounded 26 heavy duty vehicles that were dubiously imported into Zambia through the misapplication of the Value Added Tax deferment scheme.

Authority Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda says the operation that started on Thursday, this week has resulted in 26 trucks being impounded.

Mr. Sikalinda adds that the authority so far published about 1,000 trucks in the press and only 430 have responded hence the decision to start impounding the trucks.

In another development, the authority has impounded 7 trucks in Kapiri Mposhi using the drone technology that the authority recently acquired.

“This was during a test flight that the ZRA pilots who were flying the drones noticed some trucks hiding in the bush. The Inspectorate and Customs Enforcement team has been boosted with various sophisticated equipment to help deal with tax evasion both on the domestic taxes and import taxes” he said.


  1. Chendabusiku

    Keep on closing the loopholes until we reach a critical mass of the taxpayers. This cancer of corruption and theft will be defeated or atleast reduced significantly. We need a Just and equitable Society where the majority of our citizens can afford a meal everyday and can get essential medicines in our hospitals.

  2. Joe Kawimbe

    Excellent work, ZRA. Taxation is what feeds a nation. Even Jesus said, “Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”.

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