Higher Education Minister Calls for Close Links Between Industries and Colleges

Higher Education Minister Dr Brian Mushimba has said the gap between industries and tertiary institutions is very wide.

Speaking when he visited Northern Technical College (NORTEC) on Friday, Dr Mushimba said there was need for close links between colleges and universities and industries to effectively place students on industrial attachment.

The minister, who was on a tour of colleges and universities on the Copperbelt, further urged tertiary institutions to dedicate time to learn what industry requires of the students being trained.

“There is need to bring back relevance by earning the faith of industries so that they can accept students for attachments,” said Dr Mushimba.




  1. P.M

    This exactly what was gappening in the early 1970s. Universities and colleges worked closely with industey to determine the industry manpower requirements and nearly all students were placed on industrial break, which was a requirement for graduatiin. Now the minister is talking as if has never happened before !!.

  2. Opposition

    As my name, I have to oppose. Even where it is not necessary. People please!!!

    • P.M

      Iam not opposing but merely reminding the minister not to reinvent the wheel. Maybe he is too young to remember the wonderful education system we once had.

      • Opposition

        P.M. You have said that we used to have, meaning it is not there anymore. Don’t you think it is more reason why the minister is suggesting the same to be reintroduced? Or are you saying the system was bad and we should not go back to it. Please be clear.

        • P.M

          Of course the system of industrial break should be introduced once again. It equips graduates with necessary experience and insight of the chosen careers. What am reminding the good minister is not to re-invent the wheel and l hope they wont be charging the learners to gain experience. Those days we were paid on industrial breaks and we really worked.

  3. Mwenya

    Great suggestion

  4. Gangsta grabs

    Mavuzi mumatu mixed with Lungu give me conjetion mumenso,all i see is bana ba mahule ambuye babo ni nfwiti Satana wamene Lungu.

  5. os

    Thank you minister because us students we suffering too much in colleges and universities in terms tools,equipment and machines.All these government universities and colleges have machines and equipment which is not working so for us students it’s very difficult to gain experience in terms of practical’s.please as the government bodies help us.

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