NGOCC Comments on Jailing of 2 C/belt Women

The Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) says the two Copperbelt women who have been jailed for 18 years for inserting a bottle in another’s private part can appeal the sentence if they are not satisfied with it.

On Thursday, the Ndola High Court sentenced the two women for assault on a woman who was suspected of having an affair with the husband to one of the convicts.

“NGOCC has noted the Ndola High Court’s decision to sentence two women to 18 years imprisonment for assaulting another woman by inserting a bottle in her private parts. It will be recalled that NGOCC condemned the assault by the two women and called for the arrest and prosecution of the women who have now since been convicted and subsequently jailed for 18 years,” NGOCC chairperson Mary Mulenga stated.

“We have confidence in our courts and therefore believe that they considered all the circumstances in handing down the 18 years sentence. The two Ndola women, however, have the right to appeal against the sentence if they feel it is too harsh. NGOCC urges both men and women to desist from mob justice as it has no place in a civilized society.”

She advised Zambians against engaging in mob justice.

“As a women’s movement, we have been gravely concerned about the ever increasing cases of violence, especially against women. NGOCC condemns in the strongest terms any form of violence perpetrated by either a woman or a man. The country has adequate laws to address any form of omission or commission and therefore no one should take the law in their own hands,” stated Mulenga.


  1. Bbolex

    Throw one stone

  2. Chikalifya. Koswe

    The. 18years sentence was very fair uyu mulandu ukulu so you want them released? What if it was a man who did that to his wife? Why didn’t you keep quiet ? Don’t comment on sensitive issues like this one. Give the law chance to work

  3. Clement Ncube

    The problem with NGOCC is that they always take side of their fellow woman even she’s wrong. They would rather listen to a woman than a man. Teach your fellow women to conduct when there in marriage. It seems NGOCC is for women not men.

    • Bro mazimba

      Correct tell them to teach women how keep marriage

    • Fisunge

      I think marriage interference law was better may be the government Shud bring this law. Back so that cases of this may nature can stop now because of the man who was selfish the women have been convicted for 18 years. I feel sorry for them. There just too young mwebantu the bembas. Say that meets misoka tafwa abafwilamo Ni Bambi

  4. Tata wankanshi

    The problem is that people have less hope in obtaining fair justice that’s why they resort to taking law in their hands.NGOCC must first establish Why people fear to take these matters to relevant authorities could be that it takes longer or may be something else.
    What if instead of torturing that girl they just took her to court would they be satisfied with the outcome? NGOCC do more research.

    • Think Zedians Think

      Inserting bottles into people’s vaginas is not justice. That is trying to put out a fire with kerosene. These women were gaining nothing in assaulting the victim. They were just playing to the gallery. Ati bambone ati nshangasha. It’s a lesson to those who like to join other people’s fights

  5. Tata wankanshi


    • Zako ni Zako

      There cant be a law to prevent people from letting their eyes wander. Its up to them to love their marriage and protect it or if not then just abandon it

  6. Jay

    NGOCC seems to be dragging their feet on this.had it been a man who had committed this heinous crime they would have cried the loudest.a crime is a crime whether committed by a man or woman

  7. kasama

    18 years…in jail, any way it is good to always think before you act..some actions can surely lead to problems

  8. Edwardo Edwardo

    For me I think the sentence is way too harsh

    • Think Zedians Think

      It’s not. You don’t know how that kind of injury feels because you are a man. The judge was a woman

  9. Chikweto P

    It’s a lesson,I hope other would be offenders are following this story

  10. Choolwe miyanda

    That is fair for those two women to be jailed for 18 years think before you act and i hope some will learn that group inference is bad.

  11. William chofwe

    In bemba we say umulandu mume these 2 ladies are now thinking 18yrs,is too much.

  12. Justice

    I think the 18 years sentence is way too harsh. Yes they were wrong but women, being women do lack judgement most of the time especially when their husband is busy sleeping around and giving money to side chicks at the expense of the wife and children. That act was prompted by the pychological,financial,social and emotional torcher and embarrassment the wife was subjected to during the period the husband was going out with that young lady.

    • You are speaking nonsense

      You display immaturity chauvinism and lack of knowledge. Women being women what nonsense is that? Do you even know what justice is?

  13. Hanizy

    Please try to think before acting because aaaaaaa Mwandi it’s bad when it comes to this.

  14. Pethias kalunga

    This is the reason to the fellow women take note of this think before act please Jere is not good.

  15. Edwardo

    What they did was beyond our imagination, it was satanic and very close to murder. For sure they need to seriously ask God for forgiveness. The sentence was fair for the sake of deterring other people from taking the law in their hands.

    • Eva

      Why insert a bottle in another woman’s vagina? Why? What are you seeking to prove?

  16. Mr. K

    Imwe ba may o mwewba fye thats why dogs fuck

  17. munalula

    Comment awe sure

  18. puzzled

    just jail them instead of inserting sumthin soft and nice u chose to insert a bottle rubish u shud v cod me

  19. AK

    The have learnt a lesson from what they did, the President will release them

  20. Joez

    Comments awe mwandi

  21. Nawakasenda

    Any way what the ladies did was very wrong. Now the thing is 18yrs years is too much for them, why because whether you think before doing any wrong God knows it,even if they get that 18yrs for punishment someone out there is going to repeat the same wrong doing.It’s very difficult for any human being to learn.How many people are there in prison who have committed similar offenses?My point is 18yrs is too much.Women have been wrong for the begning.Please don’t insult me that’s opinion. God bless you all.

  22. Chip's

    TOO bad

  23. Nawakasenda

    Why hiding your faces sisters? Thank God that,that thing has happened to you,because some thing worse would have happened.

    • Body Savha

      Actually you’re now saved spiritually speaking. Take the punishment and focus on positive side of life. Not violence


    If Ngocc Agred The Judgement, Let It 2b So Becoz Its A Lesson 2 Othrs

  25. Ben

    In Islam as well as the Christianity anyone committing adultery should be condemned. I have never heard prostitutes sentenced to death or imprisoned why? Are they our customers? Or do we benefit from their stupid dirty jobs? Let a prostitute be hanged one day so that the doers of the law may be justified.

  26. Charles Chilembo

    18yrs nishi wakota wemayo weee, OK any way God we shall do it but ladies avoid that keep your husband in hand plz.

  27. SEE MIND


  28. Fyakwakoswe na kambwili

    These ngocc women I don’t what type of bottle they allow to be inserted into their Virgina’s is like just drink bottle or coca cola? Whether small or big it is so not head in zambia world over they know what has happened I’m this country so may be you are used to be fucked by horses or dogs what I tell you don’t be fools go away na tu vagina twenu mwebwa mwe

  29. abigail mulenga

    The courts should also should consider also to punish these women who are bringing confusion in our marriage, it’s like giving them powers to start going after married men,i think to my side am not happy,ala this side chicks have no respect,they can call anytime they feel like just to frustrate someone, because they know,tapali uko walamutwala.It’s unfair

  30. King Roy

    The husband to the bottle victim should be forced or encouraged to marry the girlfriend because no one in his right mind would marry her with such a world record. Vol Ati bwa?

  31. Enalo

    bacenjele. Throw a stone if you have not done it .



  33. Nyengo

    Justice wheel is very slow on corrupt pipo but to fast on cases lik this one. Appeal is normal but it was an evil act and women shuld not take law on their hands. On i hope sentence shuld go 4 more year lik the one gave 2 women.

  34. Uhm Zambia,

    18 years mmmm, that is they will be out in 2038! Probably PF will be like UNIP or MMD by then, Zambia will be 60℅ better, roads even in shangombo, about 3 world cups need I go any further they will have lost their golden ages because they tried to protect a guy who will be married again oh and zee world will be like African magic by then..nti nti nti Deterrent ilwele mwe Bantu mmmm Zambia

  35. Chef 187

    18 years ah naikulisha
    Plus na labour mukasanga naikulika

  36. Chiloz

    I know am not a worman to imagin wat kind of pain the bitch🍑 went throw……. obviously the judge imagened it being a worman. I gess its fair with 18yr jail because those two did not just commite a crime but also made a porn video that’s twise the panishment that’s why the judge added 3 more years to the panishment..:….
    Tho the cout at the same time was not fair because if it was not for that prostitute to have an affair with the man dispite knowing that his married she also commited a crime she also disaves a punishment for the wrong thing she has done that was a criminal offence to sleep with another wormans hasband…: Anyway who am I to see the courts’s mistakes

    • Mapesho

      Chiloz’s, it’s not about the “prostitute” punishment, it’s about the ones the who inserted the bottle. Just bcoz the woman went out with a married woman does not guarantee the women to do what they did. No matter how wrong the woman could have been, as society we have no right to take law in our own hands. That’s the lesson for us all.

      • Chiloz

        Those yes they there punishment and yes I know its not right to take the law in our own hands but accoding to the law any kind of offence has a prise both of those women needs punishment if you let that prostitute leave she’ll obviously be proud of here stupid work sleeping with married men
        And dont forget she is the causer of all these

  37. Umupondo

    Guys do u think it was fair

    • Castrol

      These women’s are criminals.18years sentence is good for them

  38. The gorvenor

    Warn them and tell them to forgive each other’s wrongs before Christ return ,because time is at hand.

  39. Castrol

    These women’s are criminals.18years sentence is good for them

  40. Castrol

    They supposed to be treated the same.it was a wicked thing to do.they supposed to feel the same pain they did to the other

  41. Chisomo

    18 years is very harsh! Imwe the pain caused to owner of the husband and children, somtimes can lead to someone loosing her senses, that is why there passion killings, chilakalipa to discover that your spouse is sleeping around, unless umuntu liule, whose conscience is dead is the one who will not react. Yes they were totally wrong, why not 18 months at least. Anyway as NGOCC rightly put it they can appeal to higher court

  42. Mwenya

    18years is just to much,unless if the victim was also charged with an offense of getting into other people’s husbands

  43. Richard

    That’s a lesson to such foolish women

  44. Rhoda

    Any way , the judgement is fair.But you should also come up with a stiff punishment for also those who broke pipos marriages

  45. Naked Weapon

    18 years is too much be fair guyz, who will fuck them in prison and those women have left some children, even a husband must be given a punishment other ways. He will enjoy sleeping with other ladies while his wife is suffering very stupid husband.

  46. Dorothy

    To all of you prostitutes, when you are found sleeping with another woman’s husband just know that you are dead, because you are the ones prompting us to react in the way our fellow ladies who have gone to prison over their own foolish husband. Tizayamba Kushoka Chabe Manje, Mwanyanya. You have heard. 18 years is just too much naimwe ba judge.

  47. Clarence

    NGOCC has rightly articulated the issue. They have condemned the act done by the two women, which no one can condone, and stated that, If the women feel the judgement is too harsh, they can appeal. We wait for their action.

    Women, keep your marriages. Be sweet and kind to your husbands, be humble. Do your best to care for your husband and keep praying for him. Husbands, love your wives, cherish them. Please let’s keep each other in this evil generation. God will ultimately see us through. God bless you all.

  48. coachea1

    giving them 18 years was unfair bcoz that woman was going out with someone husband, this women are innocent what they did was good i think they should have instead a knife in that sticking vagina,

  49. Joseph

    Men who are saying 18 years is more or little imagine if some one put a niddle on kamubo ka penis . How who would u feel?

  50. NGO

    If you plant a mango tree, don’t expect it to bear apples.

  51. Chiloz

    That was a small bottle I bet she has had sex with guys with bigger dicks intact that bottle was even smothe and they never forced the bottle in they inseterd the bottle by its smallest point

    That bitch is the causer of all this she also needs a punishment

  52. Adamson Goma

    To all the woman outside there , please late us not punish our children because of 2minutes motion,when something bad has happened late us first ask ourselves , especially this issue of hule in society late us not take the law in our own hand because of the influence of people around us .I feel the pain u are passing through bt one thing please gentlemen I know that we love sex more than ladies please late us control our feelings we not dogs that we don’t have feelings of self control we need to feel pit for our woman that they were once like the girl u are admiring right now ,late us love them has our own mother’s not treating them like this please ,sex of 10minutes has caused all these things how do you feel has a husband to these women please and that ka prostitut lady imagine a big bottle because of u big man late us think twice some we they don’t think much has we think ,it’s our duty to take them as our children .

  53. geolun

    the root causer who happens to be a man needs to be put behind bars too!

  54. Bro mazimba

    Mmmmm uyu mulandu ukulu so bafwile ukusambililapo cimo

  55. Sangwapo

    18 years is too much atleast 10 years would be fine now even when she gets out of jail the man will be married to the other woman. I think the court should reverse the judgment the damages has already been done .moreover the women have children’s.even if they have taken the prostitute to police those guys can release the birch in exchange of sex.have seen I t before. 10 years chabe

  56. McDonalds

    The sentencing of those two women 18 years in prison is just fair because what they did was inhuman, they took the law in their own hands

  57. Mr Peace

    You reap what you sow….

  58. Henry tambatamba

    18 years is just to big looking at the people in question they are all above 20 and with that 18years ………..mmmmm

  59. Mmj

    18 years is just ok may be they will be on presidential pardon in 2023

  60. Me

    But most of you,why are you not condemning the husband and the side chick as well.

  61. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Mmmmm too bad cage them


    8 years would have been ok, anyway the deserve what ever the throw at them for their actions.

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