Old Mushili to get Police Station

Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Dr Jones Chanda says the construction of a police station in Ndola’s Old Mushili will reduce crime levels in the area.

During the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a police station in Old Mushili, Dr. Chanda explained that the project will be financed by the Constituency Development Fund and other funds from the business community.

“K1.1 million is from the Constituency Development Fund ( CDF) and the balance of K1.6 million will be sourced from the business community,” he said.

Different companies have pledged their support towards the construction of the first-ever police station in the area, Dr Chanda disclosed.

Masala police station officer- in-charge Clarence Mpande thanked Dr Chanda for making the construction of a police station a priority.


  1. chief thief

    marubish upuba

  2. Choolwe miyanda

    Please PF government Y are constructing many police station instead of you renting the bag of meali meals which is 150 kawcha per bag please stop westing money for constructing police station how are the police officers going to work with hunger?

  3. The Seeker

    Pliz, someone to help me here. K500 thousand or k1milion, which one is greater?

    • Sangwapo

      Iwe can you compare thousands to millions

      • The Seeker

        @Sangwapo,do you know how many mansions can be built in k2.7m? How can a police post cost that much? This is what we are saying, these people are inflating costs! If K500 thousand can build a beautiful mansion, what of a police post in town ship compound like mushili?

  4. Concerned

    What is happening mu luanshya CDF nishi taisa.Wat is N
    athan Chanda and Steve Chungu doing.Are they asleep.Tapali ifilechitika mu luanshya in terms of development.We are seening other towns balewamya nishi chashupa mu luanshya

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