UPND Accuses PF Of Failing To Develop Ndola

The UPND in Ndola has accused the ruling party and its members of Parliament in Ndola of failing to develop the city.

Ndola district chairperson Joseph Phiri said during a media briefing on Saturday that the PF was only good at developing areas where there are by-elections.

He said Ndola City had been left out of the massive infrastructure development project being implemented by the PF government.

“Ndola is left out despite numerous promises that were made by the PF. To us, this is a sign that the Patriotic Front government has failed to deliver to the expectations of the people in the four constituencies all with PF MP’s in Ndola,” Phiri said who urged the four members of Parliament in Ndola to work on the suspended projects in the City. “It is wrong for government to work on these projects during campaign periods as it is a mockery on the Zambian people.”

Further, he said the the parliamentarians had failed to fulfill several of their campaign promises, among them the assurance that marketeers would have trading shelters constructed, but traders were still selling their merchandise in open places.

Phiri also bemoaned the high number of unemployment youths in Ndola, saying that was the cause of escalating criminal activities.



    NICHIKEMBO chaku CHIPATA, f i r e live bullets mwaice mpilipili ooo sory p..h..i..r..i, but don’t tel them that it’s me who was an agent when chilubar’s sold the mines, iwil buy you 5litre of kachasu and 3 bags of mbeba’s(rats)

  2. Frank Chombela

    Politics in btwn elections should be different from politics in an election season. In btwn elections it should be about what’s being done , wht is not being done and questions about wht shall we do. Zambian politics at the moment is the closest thing u can get to hopelessness.

  3. Choolwe miyanda

    PF government is just a fairly government and banch of criminals remember the words of my HERO I AM HAUNTING FOR THEM.now HH is HAUNTING for the banch of criminals and thiefs who are in the government now.

  4. Sunny Banda

    You can say what ever you want to, but remember Zambia is not one province.stop condemn the president, Zambia is about 18 000000 people

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