Intercity Hungry Lion Shut Down Due To Sewage

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has closed down a Hungry Lion outlet at Oasis Mall near Intercity Bus Terminus in Lusaka.

The closure  is due to sewage that has covered the food outlet’s entrance following a suspected blocked pipe.

Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager George Sichimba has stated that council’s health inspectors have assessed the situation and declared it a health risk to consumers.

Mr. Sichimba says the place will remain closed until the problem is worked on.



  1. What


  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    That’s a good move. Health should come first before serving food to Customers. Thanks LCC!!!!

  3. hungry lion

    some of the consumers ar cuming 4rom places were there alot of blocked sewers y not shut down ther homes

  4. King cool

    Garden compound kindly close all houses, the sewage system is very pathetic,, the new Bombay drainage is now a dumb site, where are the LCC inspectors to inspect the entire garden compound , everyone is living in sewer ?

  5. YURL

    Good job.

  6. Jomwa

    Good move but you must also inspect govt institutions

  7. 0974916618

    That’s a 100% great job done…….

  8. khuseni

    Why only hungry lion? when they’re other fast foods outlets what. About chicken fimo fimo just next to hungry lion hmmm???

  9. Leonard Siame

    Why only hungry fimo fimo, how about khuseni chicken

  10. Chendabusiku

    That place needs attention, serious attention. Flies are rampant there with no effort by management to control them. At one point I had to come out without eating because of flies especially the upstairs (eating place) it is pathetic.

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