Govt Says Corruption In Zambia Being Exaggerated

Zambia has called on countries worldwide to work together in coming up with laws to police and protect citizens from fake news and other cyber crimes brought about by the emergence of information communication technologies.

And the Government says the problem of corruption in Zambia is being exaggerated.

Meanwhile, Government says Zambians are a peace loving people who detest violence and tribalism.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya said this at her office in Lusaka on Monday when Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia Pamela O’Donnell paid a courtesy call on her.

Siliya said fake news and cyber crimes are a serious global problem affecting both developing and developed countries.

“The problem is also a serious threat to the survival of the traditional media such as the newspapers, radio and television,” Siliya said.

She said what is worse is that the mainstream media is also abandoning its agenda setting role by over reliance on social media platforms as sources of news.

“I am always receiving phone calls from journalists to comment on issues they have seen on the social media instead of issues that they themselves have investigated. This is unfortunate as journalists are regarded as the most intelligent people who are supposed to be conveyors of authentic information to the public.” Siliya said.

She said government is, however, happy that journalists in Zambia have realised the need to separate themselves from “quacks” by coming up with a mechanism to regulate their professional conduct.

“One of the priorities for Government has been to galvanise support from the media on self statutory regulation and now the media understands that this is the right way to go to save the profession,” Siliya said.

On corruption, Siliya said government has made tremendous strides in the fight against the vice as evidenced by the creation of institutions such as the Anti- corruption commission, the Drug Enforcement Commission as well as the enactment of the ‘Whistle Blowers law, among others.

She said there is, however, a deliberate campaign by some people to create public distrust in the said institutions and the ongoing crusade against corruption, in general.

And the Minister said Zambians detest and reject violence and tribalism and it is futile for anyone to seek political office by riding on these vices.

“What has held us together is that we are naturally a peace loving people and Zambians reject anyone who tries to promote violence and tribalism,” said Siliya.

Earlier, the Canadian High Commissioner said her country shares Zambia’s position on many global challenges such as the threat of fake news on humanity, cyber crimes, a free and professional media, ending child marriages as well as gender-based violence.

High Commissioner O’Donnell, who is resident in Tanzania, said she met the Minister to familiarise herself with Zambia’s national media agenda following the global conference on media and democracy co-hosted by Canada and the United Kingdom in London in July  this year which  Siliya attended.

Ambassador O’ Donnell, who is also accredited to Tanzania, Seychelles and the Comoros, was accompanied by head of office – Counsellor and Consul, Megan Foster.



  1. Bright munthali

    We all need to full responsibility in addressing corruption otherwise we shall be engulfed in trying to alarm the situation let professionals eg police ,acc,Dec and fic do their job .

  2. Man Jay

    Corruption is there in Zambia full time especially among high ranking officials. Twalafwa weh do something end it don’t jst talk Madam act & mother Zambia will become a better place and corrupt free

  3. puzzled

    imwe corruption is there what r u talking about

  4. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Corruption apa nomba yachilamo

  5. FP hold your fire

    Corruption has reached 99.9% in Zambia and the so called minister of information and broadcasting DOLA SILIA doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she’s just saying all that to please her master nonsense

  6. Chief mumbo

    Corruption is on you bosses and you are busy stealing Mwibala.You a criminal feel very strongly and happy when is eating what he steal but one day when they found him he feel very ashamed like a witchcraft who has been found no any clothes in front of door.So remember that corruption in Zambia is at 99.9% and the time is ticking.Remember the bible you lifted when you were being chosen as a leader and remember things you signed on.Remember the promises.Don’t steal mwibala.

  7. My 48 houses

    Its all over the world so nothing we can do,it was there during Jesus time so never complain about it.

  8. The Seeker

    This woman is beautiful,Dora, so sweet!

  9. Leonard Siame

    Just fight it don’t protect the corrupt.we all know what’s happening in zambia

  10. Herv Rena

    Dora is not a beauty,she s just full of a blubber of fat I we ka seeker

  11. Idiocy Detector

    How do you expect corrupt people to see corruption, it is like you are asking the mirror to see itself in the mirror. But when they will be queing in Courts, we will mock them and ask are you now able to see corruption?

  12. Clement Ncube

    Corruption is everywhere in this nation. Please don’t lie. Imaginalised people are facing it every now and then. Those from top government officials and high ranked private company position’s are just pretending as if it is not there. There the ones incharge of it.

  13. Tribalism Ochestrated Corruption Victim.

    Tribalism gangs are being formed in Zambia and Dora Siliya is even aware of how a Bemba criminal dynasty formed just because of their own corruption conspiracy orientations, and they mobbed a UN Diplomat for their own lust and envy of sabotaging her; and they pillaged her indiscriminately through several false claims , they took before their relative justices without out according her an opportunity to be heard. The main organisers of such judicial abuse pillaging were two lawyers from Dora Siliya’s own tribe, who even boasted of coming from the same tribe with the President of Zambia and the Chief Justice in their Organized criminality they inflicted on the Diplomat. They worked with a gang of Tongas, who also conspired amongst each other in aiding the pillaging, harassing and intimidating the UN Diplomat through their tribes ages, all the way from the UN; as their own way of interacting with people they are challenged with.

    To date, they want to get away with impunity of their illegality to the extent of them even abusing the jurisdictions of the Constitutional Court in such tribalist Organized hatred conspiracies and corruption.

    We just need an independent justice mechanism to come and do justice for us, and we urge the international community not to be misled about perception of corruption in Zambia. It is real and it is a war fare. It is the main form of intimidation, and the Attorney General has unacceptably and corruptly been eluding justice, he cannot even collect damages from the estates of the dead conspirators. This broadcast should not derail our efforts of the justice we are seeking from International mechanisms, and we have provided valid evidence, of the corruption.

  14. Asylum Seejer Due To Zambian Tribalist Corruption

    Dora Siliya must not cheat the international community and global worked at all, as Zambian corruption has turned us into stateless persons. We are seeking asylum from countries where we lived like human beings, and we asked for UN Refugee status and we wrote to the respective countries, including to Canada , USA, the UK, Europe and other African countries , for us to be relocated and resettled in optimal humane environments, because Zambia’s corruption conspiracies intimidated, harassed and pillaged us, in abuse of state machinery and they have been conspiring to kill us from hospitals when we go to seek medication. Even to Australia where we hope to file legal actions against the Zambian conspirator working there.

    They already killed our daughter by poisoning supplied by OP spy agents and the Police; and they induced a Doctor to ingest a concoction of drugs into our child so as to compromise the postmortem which they denied us. We can no longer live and dine with such inhuman people. Their hatred conspiracy of targeting a Diplomat to tribalist arrogance discrimination through the judiciary is abhorrent and ought to be condemned by the entire universe. Dora must stop misleading the Ambassadors in Zambia, as we have written to their countries seeking asylum., and we have evidence of the corruption intimidation. She should instead facilitate Reparations fir what Zambians corruptly Stole from us in tribalism Organized crimes.

  15. Disgusted Tribalist Corruption Victim

    We demand that Dora Siliya accounts for the sickening disgusting tribalism discrimination st which a female Diplomat has been subjected to, in pillaging her belongings, just because of her tribe and all because she previously investigated fraud and corruption in Zambia. Let Dora Siliya expedite the reparations due to the Diplomat than lying to the world about the perception of Zambian corruption.

  16. Black people

    Corruption in Zambia is our daily break fast, Madam please learn to speak the truth, God hate liers ,when you sworn, you were holding the Bible. 48 houses is still waiting to know the owner. Corruption is becoming a disease here in Zambia, if you’re not share with other countries pretending to be OK, it will be worsening, Napita ndimunshila,I just found people talking about it

  17. VLC

    Are you trying to hide what is already known? God will punish you. Waka! Corrupt people are in high ranking offices. Konkanyenipo ukulya mwibala kaili emomubomba.


    Hey pipo , corruption corruption. Yes corruption dic disease is very bad coz can not go anywhere n find dat its not there mayb even da dead can smile it, coz go to chingwele cemetry u gonna find it, makamaka in job hunting mamaa its da worst places nchekeleko, now where are we going to dic animal so called corruption been killed so dat we luv in peace, only God can hav a stop to dic fast sprading disease

  19. Angeline

    Her blonde wig must have made her delusional. Who owns the 48 houses? So corruption is there but is exxagerated?

  20. Chipata dweller

    Bafikala ba government, corruption is real in Zambia, you can deny it cos you are the one at the driving seat

  21. B Boy

    Corruption is present in Zambia and someone can wonder if it will ever stop

  22. Raphael Simatongo

    Uncle Edgar U Guys Ar Corrupt.Chitotela Nd The Fire Tender Guy Can Testify.No Wonder Harry Left U Guy Coz U Ar A Bunch Of Criminals Stealing Our Money.Aunt Dora Please Buy A Tv For Ur Office So That U Watch Ur Tang B4 Lying.

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