Lungu In India For Reciprocal State Visit

President Edgar Lungu has arrived in New Delhi, India, for a three day State Visit.


The reciprocal visit follows his Indian counterpart Shri Ram Nath Kovind’s three-day State Visit to Zambia in April, 2019.

This wad the first time an Indian President was visiting Zambia in 30 years.


The Presidential jet carrying President Lungu touched down at Air Force Base, Palam, in the Indian Capital New Delhi at 10:40 hours Indian time, 07:10 hours Zambian time.

He was received at the airport by the Minister- In- Waiting of India who is also In- Charge of Africa Murli Dharan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji, Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Christopher Yaluma and Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga.

The last time a Zambian President paid a State Visit to India was 16 years ago when Levy Mwanawasa visited from April 20 to 25, 2003.

While in India, the President is expected to hold talks with the President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and meet Zambians resident in India and address the India-Zambia Business Forum, among others.

This is contained in a statement released by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in India, Bangwe Naviley.

Meanwhile, Zambia and India are expected to sign various Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) aimed at enhancing further bilateral co-operation in various fields, Naviley has stated.

President Lungu will witness the Government to Government MOU signing ceremony in New Delhi, India, together with the Prime Minister  Modi.

An MOU on the Foreign Service Institute will be signed together with an MOU on health followed by an MOU on co-operation in the field of arts and culture.

Other MOUs will be on co-operation in the field of Agriculture and allied sectors, and an MOU on co-operation in the field of geology and mineral resources.

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is further expected to sign an MOU on textile with Sanjoo Dyeing and Printing Company of India during the India-Zambia Business Forum.

Notable projects and investments from India include the Lusaka Roads Decongestion Project, 650 health posts, Itezhi Tezhi Hydro Power Expansion Project, Maamba Coal Power Plant, Kawambwa Sugar Plant, Mansa Sugar, Bharti, Airtel Zambia, among others.

The Head of State is expected to leave India on Thursday, August 22, 2019.





  1. Kubeja Badaala

    …and meet Zambians resident in India, you mean students and embassy staff?

  2. Euro Bond

    Notable projects and investments from India include the Lusaka Roads Decongestion Project, 650 health posts, , Maamba Coal Power Plant….For goodness sake, this is the article filed by one 1st secretary press and tourism at the zambian embassy in Delhi. The Maamba coal plant is owned by Nava Bharat of Singapore NOT india.

  3. Gangsta grabs

    So kulibe navamene kayenda kuchita kamichene.Its just allowance yamene kafuna.Nzelu zozikonda nisemu na mavuzi panyelo who cares about them anyway. motherfucker my people are suffering,you deserve to a balls twisting death.

  4. puzzled

    dats what he is good at nowander we shall vote 4 him in 2021 viva chang lu show them

  5. Leonard Siame

    Wether you like him or not he is president.mind your language he is old enough to be your father idiot grabs

  6. Clement Ncube

    Let’s the visit to India not affect the on going KCM liquidation cause this is the home for vedanta.

  7. Clement Ncube

    Let’s hope the visit to India will not affect the on going KCM liquidation cause this is the home for vedanta.

  8. Chilankalipa

    This is how you apply austerity measures under Lungu-PF visionless masquerade.

  9. PWII

    Reciprocal visit? What is it they failed to discuss in zambia during Shri Ram Nath Kovind’s visit which needs discussion now? And dont bore us with “indian investors have expressed interest in the zambian market” We are tired of these stories.

  10. Big dee

    Indian s are not good invester the just aim at developing there country

  11. Chikalifya. Koswe

    Do we have laws in zambia to respect elders?kindly please those with powers must arrest this criminal. Gangsta. Grabs for insulting the president in this manner. We cannot let this criminal committing the offenses with impunity no police must take action now!

  12. Rozi b

    That is nice to vist india but dont sale kcm

  13. Asap


  14. Mk

    Gangsta grab just a reminder, the law will visit u soon. Don’t cry foul

  15. Umuvelevele

    Lesipuloko! Twai gan’ga bakamba. But stumoo ya Oyo, aka mutaka fye ukudula hope Ba nsamya will send relief food

  16. Batman

    Enjoy your state visit Mr. President!

  17. clint

    Hunger in zambia,please come back and save the hunger “leave lndia pliz.

  18. King power

    Next election I will not vote

  19. King power

    Next time you can go with me

  20. Walick

    Ignorance has got no diffence,the bible says says with your words you will be acquitted and with your words you will be condemned.so men will give account to every careless word they have spoken, as such let’s just pray for this brother, Jesus Christ came to save sinners,let’s not join him in insults but rather declare light in his life.

  21. Kapijimpanga

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  22. Fuseki

    Ukutemwa ukwenda enda

  23. Fuseki

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  24. Andisen


  25. Sylvester Moomba

    The massive and uncosted trips are more to fill the pockets of someone more than what the country is getting. These trips which have become monotonous are too costly to the nation.

  26. Chakulya matambo

    Chikubabe I we idiot lobe.

  27. Joe London

    Gangster, respect de elders,if days de way u insult your parents then am worried. If u don’t have food at home do u insult your parents? Just work hard my friend and have respect because those insults will put u in troubles and problems and u will cry de loudest. We are watching and following u.

  28. Joe London

    Bravo your Excellence. The international trips the president is making are bringing a lot of benefits to this country and it’s through de same trips that we big companies coming to help develop Zambia. It de foreign companies DAT making good looking infrastructures e.g. International Airports, Roads,Schools, Hospitals,Police houses,Soldiers houses Shopping malls and many other things.

  29. Joe London

    Without these Foreign Trips,Zambia will have buildings like Simpson building in Lusaka, Old government buildings near Ridgway, Misisi,chibolya,Kanyama compound in Lusaka.Kawama,Kaloko,Twapya,Kapisha,Luansobe,Kapoto and many other shanty compounds dotted around de copper belt.

  30. Joe London

    Yes trips have to be costly,because it’s far away,intact many miles by Land,by sea and Air,Tepakwenda namakasa,even at a parent who always stay at home will bring about poverty and hunger in de home.So Less tapela muminwe apalamikafye.

  31. Joe London

    Lastly no president will give free food to the citizens no matter how many and how much you change.just work hard and make yourself comfortable.

  32. Gangsta grabs

    Bana bama hule ambuye banu ni nfwiti monga lungu alowa economy ya Zambia.if u dont support me ukamena mavuzi pamukoshi.

  33. P Guardiola

    enjoy your state visit mr president

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