Mealie Meal Smuggling Worries Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says he is worried with the escalating levels of mealie meal smuggling on the Copperbelt.


Speaking in a speech read on his behalf by Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo during the pass out parade at Kamfinsa Mobile Unit in Kitwe, President Lungu directed the Police recruits to be deployed in border points to be on high alert to counter smuggling.


He said the ongoing smuggling of mealie meal on the Copperbelt has potential to result in an artificial shortage of the commodity.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has directed the Ministry of Home Affairs to train police officers in fighting cyber crime.

The Head of State said the country’s peace is being threatened by the dissemination of fake news on the cyber space.

And Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja has advised the newly recruited officers to remain disciplined in the course of duty.

Kanganja said the new recruits will help to meet the deficit of manpower in the police service.

Yesterday’s pass out parade saw 693 police officers graduating from the training programme while five were discharged for indiscipline.




  1. Ndindindi

    Katwishi,to fight smuggling just from pass out, try to think before you deploy,those chaps will find their bosses who are master minders of smuggling, and you think they will challenge them,,,

  2. AK

    The deployed Police men will go there to earn money from smugglers

  3. clint

    Wre in trouble zambians due to poor leadership,zambians pray hard this is the only way that may help us

  4. Dylan Chanda

    Does it mean smuggling is the cousa of high prise of mealie meal

    • wape

      thats gud question bro…just concerned on smuggling not workin at high price rate of foods..pf wake up…we are counting down…remember those days wen you wer in egypt…we are also humans

  5. Magicians mind

    Ubunga is too expensive him is busy visiting India instead of solving this big issue

  6. Bamwine

    That is a welcome move our president Mr Edigar changwa lungu to deploy police officers to be on the lookout for smugglers,but he was also suppose to instruct them to pass through all mealie meal shops and make sure that no one is selling a 25kg at more than k100.

  7. Black people

    The meali meal I’m smuggling is from my milling (1) and the maize is from my farm, Therefore, no one has got upon my m/meal,poor governance resulting in high price of meali meal

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