Ndola Council Shuts Down 11 Night Clubs For Flouting Law

The Ndola City Council has closed down six night clubs in the Central Business District and five others in Ndeke Township for operating beyond permitted hours.

Ndola City Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza said the local authority closed down Curious, East Point and E 10 night clubs.

She has named others as Viewers, Holings and Ethel Pashel pubs in Central Business District who were found operating beyond their prescribed hours.

Mwanza said the closed bars and night clubs were found without an approved extension of operating hours from the council.

“The Local Authority that recently warned liquor traders to operate within the confines of the Statutory Instrument No. 64 of 2012, of the Licensing Act, No.20 of 2011 on permitted hours will continue to police the district and will not take kindly to business owners expressing ignorance of the law,” Mwanza said.

She said the Ndola City Council also visited Ndeke Township and closed five bars at Chinda’s namely John Mulele, Brimas, Marvin Chanda, Collins Besa and Diason Bar.

Mwanza said all the 11 liquor trading places have been ordered to pay a penalty fee and will be watched closely.

“Ndola City Council would like to warn the 11 that the failure to comply with the stipulated regulations in the Act will result in the revocation of their liquor license,” she added.


  1. Chris

    That’s awesome for council

  2. Harrison

    E10 can sue ndola city council for false information that they have closed E10 coz that’s killing someone’s business club E10 pays the hours and they have receipts…….. Talking on behalf of E10 because I work from there

  3. Leonard Siame

    This ka lady is beautiful,who ever married her is a lucky guy.anyway you are beautiful young lady hope you are……

  4. drunkard

    Kkk kupushinga ma files

  5. kulibonesha

    @Leonard Siame, that “ka lady” is Amos Chanda’s side chic, he got her that PR job at NCC when he was still calling the shots at State House, so stay clear of her!

  6. Leonard siame

    @ kulibonesha taaaaa Amos is married,I am single hope that ka lady is single aswel.but if what you are saying is true,I have surrendered coz ummmmmhhhhhhhh I only have a willbarrow and my competitors have ……… I rest my case

    • Austerity

      They could even be the owners of the 48 houses,who knows? Anyway you could still be a competitor bcoz the houses have been surrendered and they have resigned. That wheel barrow can work. Hope you genuinely acquired it!

  7. Lungowe

    Job well done madam PR we need such firm decisions keep up the good work

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