RTSA Starts Placement Of Revised Speed Limits

The Road Transport and Safety Agency in collaboration with the Lusaka City Council has started the placement of revised speed limits on selected roads in Lusaka following concerns raised by stakeholders.

In a press release issued by RTSA Head of Public Relations Fredrick Mubanga, this follows the conclusion of the review process of speed limits by the committee constituted by the Agency to undertake the exercise.

The speed limits have been adjusted upwards for selected roads as follows: 40 KM/H to 60 KM/H; 60 KM/H to 80KM/H; and 80 KM/H to 100 KM/H.

He added that the process of installing the revised speed limits is underway beginning with Great East Road.

“This exercise will be rolled out to all the highways and the rest of the provinces once resources are available.  Motorists are advised to be cautious on the road and follow appropriate speed limits to avoid road traffic accidents,” stated Mubanga.


  1. Man Jay

    Good development! we hope resources will be available soon for all provinces

  2. Idiocy Detector

    It appear the devil and its demons were cast down to Zambia, how can any sane person expect a vehicle to move at 40kph? When you see speed limits like 40mph in UK, they are asking you to drive at maximum 64kph that may make a little sense, 40 do you want to damage the car?

    • Gang star

      I bought the vehicle using my own kwacha’s no one can control me,for me speed limit is 100kmph were theyz 40kmph,were theyz 60kmph for me is 150kmph.

  3. Gerald Swithurn

    We’re good at wasting resources or it has become a trend because people know they will make cash from there How much was spent on mounting the same sign posts to be brought down. how much will be spent on remounting them? who will be the beneficiaries? of course not me as a motorist

  4. Edwin

    Good move please consider removing some speed humps too, the ones on mumbwa road towards Nangoma are more of a death trap than a safety tool visit the area and see

  5. The Mist

    This is a great move by the RTSA.

  6. blair

    whoever thought of these speed limits must ve been out of his mind. In this day and age how do you expect a vehicle to move at those limits. this is what brings corruption

  7. Kalok

    Useless. Make sure you erect a lot of those signs. There are stretches where there are no signs and silly traffic officers harass unsuspecting drivers for nothing. Ifyabupuba lekeni mwe mpuku mwe.

  8. CJ

    Gud observation but plz work on the signage I think that’s were the biggest issue is and the other thing is the distance between one speed to the other shud also be observed not the ones we see in a space of 200 to 300mtrs we get to have two different speed limits it doesn’t workwell at times,thank u.

  9. ph

    Comment i wish u could leave it open as long as someone can handle his speed it’s cool we can have responsible drivers that way

    • Saz

      I saw no sense of improving road conditions (to improve traffic flow) and yet have reduced speed limits…??¿

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