Banda Orders Demolition Of Structures Built on Army’s Mawlaik Barracks Land

Minister of Local Government Charles Banda has directed the Kitwe City Council to immediately halt the construction on the Zambia Army land at Mawlaik Barracks.

Banda has issued the directive following escalated levels of encroachments on the said piece of land considered to be sensitive.

“It has come to the attention of my office that Mawlaik land on Stand No. Kt/3945 in Parklands, Kitwe, has been encroached by people who have started constructing around the area,” Banda said.

He said there is documentation and proof to the effect that the land in question belongs to the Zambia Army.

“I am instructing the Kitwe City Council to immediately stop all developments being undertaken in the said area,” Banda added.

He said where there are already developed structures, all must be brought down in order to save the Army land.

Banda said his Ministry will not allow illegalities to continue in as far as land management is concerned and that “all local authorities should take this as a timely warning”.



  1. Joezman

    Nobunga mubweshe immediately like HW u commended lol

    • Fonko fonko

      Just work hard. Don’t expect the govt to feed you.

    • Spartan

      Punkamo 👊

    • Empress

      But the question is where was Mr Banda all this time even before the construction started, what was the council doing and what was the Army doing too when they saw constructions been done on there land???
      This is a foul play and move Mr Banda,money was used to buy material not leaves🙄🙄🙄

  2. Kascol

    Also order the demolition of the 48 houses since the 72hour given by ECL to home affairs ministry to establish the owner has not yielded anything.

    • Fonko fonko

      Useless suggestion. Just keep quiet if you have no constructive feedback.

      • Kascol

        Pliz learn some good morals yr bad language can just cost u many things.
        All u need is to put forth yr ideas and not to counter attack on our views,it’s bad idea

    • kufahakurambwe

      Wow! Demolish the 48 houses…really! Lack of any sense from you.

  3. Angoni

    Demolishing of peoples houses carelessly like the minister is suggesting should not be condoned, what the Minister should encouraged the councils in Zambia to do is to become proactive instead of being reactive, demolishing of peoples houses after they have belt leads a Country and Citizens becoming to destitute in their own. I dont support such kinds of directives that affect majority Zambians so please Mr minister think before you land more Zambians into poverty mind these are the people that gave you that position from the Village you came from.

  4. Kanyembo

    That land is really sensitive to allow a mushrooming of residential structures, in future the council must be proactive instead of being reactive,acting after the fact.

  5. Kascol

    Problem with some pipo on this page is that they are political armatures who can’t differentiate real issues from crooked ones
    Lets all learn to respect our fellow citizens who comment on this page,rather air only yr sentiments on the matter at hand.
    We are one pipo .

  6. Fonko Fonko

    Demolish even those at Forest number 27 and 4……

  7. Damingo

    Also Mr minister seriously ask the investigate the Ndola City council,they have allocated themselves land at Dola Hill.Mayors, permanent secretaries,ministers,judges etc have drive out the poor who have been on the land for more than 50years and allocate land themselves. Quickly Mr Minister investigate.

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