Criminals Steal Ammunition, K80, 000 from Chipata Businessman

About six unknown criminals have stolen over 60 ammunition and more than K80, 000 from the owner of Kavulamungu Bargain Centre.

The criminals tied Mr Mitter and his six guards at his residence in Chipata, before getting away with ammunition and money.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala said the unknown criminals armed with an AK 47 riffle broke into Mr Mitter’s houseĀ  on Sunday night.

The Police Commissioner explained that Mr. Mitter, who was not at home when the criminals broke into his house, was later tied together with his wife when he arrived around 20:00 hours.

Mr. Sakala told Breeze FM News that the criminals also stole two pistols belonging to Mr. Mitter.

He said anyone with information leading to the arrest of the criminals will be given a reward of K25,000 as the matter is currently being investigated.

Mr. Sakala has warned members of the public to be alert and report any suspicious persons to the police.


  1. Frank Chombela

    Another very sad incident in Chipata. Whn criminals are armed with firearms which are for exclusive use by our men znd women in uniform , we all get worried. Where are such weapons coming from? Sadly when the police revover such weapons, no reports are issued as to which arm of the state the weapons may hv come from.

  2. Njala

    Please find a solution to meali meal prices

  3. Kubeja Badaala

    Is there such a description as “60 ammunition” ?

  4. Gangsta grabs

    Lungu is a corruption Sucker.If killing makes you eat,kill then,if stealing makes you eat,steal then.That michene idiot will never do anything 4you but remain rich.Mwabe mavuzi mumatu for not listening to me.

  5. money maker

    Iwe kolwe matako yobe why including lungu mufyamafi so ulicimutonga

  6. mr b

    gun for gun go and find them thats your job sir

  7. Mn

    Police officer are the real criminals in chipata no wonder they are covering Up for their crimes.How can they control the crimes when they are them killing innocent pipo. The recent killing of james bwalya chishimba was unjust

  8. Man Jay

    Find them please we don’t want such people in our society and country at large.They will be scaring investors if they get away with it. Thank God there was no loss of life.

  9. PAB

    Police should inform the residentsof CHIPATA were these firearms which are used by these criminals are gotten coz it’s strange for criminals to be in possession o f such weapons.If any officers from any security agencys are involved let them be flushed out of the system.Dont cover officers who are criminals like those officers who stole from the criminals who stole from a known bank in Lusaka.They are still moving in streets of chipata

  10. Fuseki

    Inside job,,,, I quess

  11. mumbi phiri

    Pf is a bunch of criminals

  12. Fwenku-Fwenku


  13. Fwenku-Fwenku


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